Friday, April 9, 2010

Featuring Jenn's Scraproom!

NEAT!!  Thanks Jenn for sharing!!!  I will be drawing from the submissions I have had so far later today.  But no worries...if you still plan on submitting yours but just haven't had time I will do another drawing next week or so depending on how many entries we have!!  besosbesos, dc


JennK said...

Sorry I didn't add anything about my room.. I originally was going to do all antique desks, cabinents, and such, then decided to do more of a pottery barnish look.. with the black furniture. So kept black furniture and added more. Like the cubes. Finally found them in black :) Made my work table (no pictured) with 2 9 cube shelves and added top to it and had glass cut for the top. Under the glass I have made a collage of pictures. My closet I had redone, used to be with the wire shelving. Took them out and installed the wood shelves. Using the black totes, but hard to see what I have. Thanks for looking at my room :)

Jenn Kingsley :)

Lindsay said...

I LOVE the stars in your room! I need to take some notes to add to my newly developed crop room. Thanks for sharing it!