Monday, April 5, 2010

Rebecca Crabbs' Crop Room

Quoting Rebecca "Here is my mess! I would like to add that I have only spent around $30 for storage. The desk was from my bosses old office, the "shelves" are an old entertainment center and my daughters old dresser. The book shelf from a garage sale for $2. The paper rack on 40% off. It doesn't match and I really need to paint but it works."

"The plastic shoe boxes came from the same bosses remodel that my desk came from free of charge. I got so lucky. The bins on top of my desk came from dollar general. Got out cheap, more money for the good stuff."  

Thanks Rebecca for letting us have a peek at your space!!!  I have one more for today....I think I will put it in a seperate post though cause each room deserves it's own write up, I think!!  Don't you?!?!?  So check back in a bit.......  besosbesos, dc


LindaN said...

I am so glad you sent pictures of your crop room. I am getting inspiration from what you have. Thanks.