Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thursday Eye Candy!! Get Excited!

Ooohhhh Mmmmyyyyy Gooodneesssss....As if our day CAN'T get ANY better---look at all of the new and fuuuuunnn arrivals in the store.  So many goodies, so little time!!  But please take a minute to ooh and ahh and then get to the store (or call to have your name put on something you see here) cause there are MANY things I see that I know will go QUICKLY especially with SUPA Scrappin Saturday coming up this weekend!!!  I am calling Steff now cause I MUST HAVE the Twilight and New Moon die cut titles for the pages about the addicts at my house!!  My 5 year old is the worst!!! 

On that you subscribe to our newsletter???? If so you have seen all of the ROCKIN' deals going on Saturday along with Krusty's caauuuttteee make-n-take, Layout of the Month by Dana, AND last but MOST IMPORTANT September Ganza sign up beginning at 9am!!!!  Do you all have sitters lined up so you can get to the store EARLY and reserve your spot?!?!?  I promise you it WILL sell out and FAST, it always does so if you really truly want to go...and TRUST MEEEE, you do!!!  then you need to be on the ball EARLY Saturday morning so you don't miss out on all of the fun we are going to have ROCKIN' it out in September!!

If you have any questions about anything seen or mentioned here today call or email the store and we'll get ya HOOKED up!!!!  Did you see the little tabs across the top???  They are still under construction but will hopefully at this point they will get you where you need to go...our contact info, fb page, newletter, calendar, etc.  If there are other links you would like to see up there PLEASE do not hesitate to ask!!!  Happy Thursday chicas!!  besosbesos, dc