Thursday, April 15, 2010

Weeee'rrrrreeee MOVING!!!!

Have you HEARD?!?!?!?!  If you have read yesterday's newsletter this post MAY seem pretty redundant *just sayin* but I thought this BIG news was worth the REPEAT!!  If you DON'T get our newsletter follow the tab above to get it emailed to you when it is sent out!  **Those puppies are FULL of Attic info!! besosbesos, dc
PS If you have ANY questions/concerns/well wishes for the Attic Team leave them in the comments and we will be happy to answer them for ya!!  We would LOVE to hear from you and we HOPE that you are as excited about this transition as we are!! 

We've been talking about "change" quite a bit lately around here, and it's finally time to share our good news with you!!! WE ARE MOVING!!

CHANGE IS GOOD!! That's what we believe!! Here's the "411" on whats going on around the attic, and the changes that you will begin seeing over the next few months!!

We started out in June of 2006 with 1500 square feet! We KNEW that this space would be tight, but we hoped that we would be able to GROW with time! BOY were we right!! (and thank YOU for helping to prove that to us!) November of 2006 we expanded to a total sq footage of 3100. We have been in this existing location for 4 years (in june!)! Our existing lease is up at the end of May so we knew now was the time to decide if we would stay where we are or make some changes!!

Our NEW address will be 624 N. Andover Road!! No worries, you won't have to "Map Quest" or type that into your GPS ((!!)) we are only moving 1.5 blocks up the street!! We will be "taking up space" in the Andover Plaza!! For those of you that aren't familiar with Andover, this is the shopping center where Tuesday Morning and Wendy's are located!! (as well as Benjamin Moore Paint, Simply Silver, Plaza Barbers, Computers Plus, Evolution Tan, Pure Performance, Curves, Dollar General, Golden Garden Rest., and VIC'S Popcorn!.....gotta help our new neighbors!)

This new location will give us LOADS of benefits!! We will have LOTS MORE parking!! I'm talking LOADS compared to where we are now!!! More square footage!! We'll be able to have a LARGER crop room that is ALWAYS set up and ready to take on twice as many croppers!! An EXTRA bathroom!! .... now before you go back and read that again - yes, we said it! An extra bathroom!! We know how frustrating it is (especially on crop nights), when there are 20 women with ONE bathroom!! Plus - Renee is SUPER excited that she now gets to clean ANOTHER bathroom each day!! (now, before you start saying that-that sounds mean - just a minute - she LOVES to clean the bathroom!!! REALLY SHE DOES!) So, we hope that you'll be just as happy as we are about our new CHANGE that is coming!!

More changes coming......we've hired a FABULOUS new member of our Attic Team!!! Her name is Laura...and you're gonna love her!! We'll be introducing her to you in the next day or so, so be watching for that!! We're going to be offering a "kids craft camp" this summer.......more info on that coming soon too! MORE weekend ORGANIZED crop events AT THE STORE!!! More classes......NEW product...not only NEW to YOU, but new to US as well!!! AND, we'll be working on launching a FULL ON LINE STORE !!

We know that this is a LOT to digest, and commit to memory - so we'll be sending you more updates (some with repetitive information) just to make sure you don't forget!

So, please be patient with us as through this transition .... the store might seem a TAD bit messier than usual, and we may be "out of stock" on a few items, but have no fear - we are here to stay (as long as you'll have us!!), and hoping for a bigger and brighter future in the scrapbooking industry!!!

We are so excited, eager, nervous, apprehensive, and READY for the future - and we hope that you'll be right along beside us for the ride!!!


Annuli said...

Yaaa I am so excited for you guys. I remember going into the store when it first opened. It seemed so big at the time. I am happy for all of you that you have been able to expand and out grow this place. I can't wait to see the new place. Jumpin for joy!!!

P.S. I LOOOVE the Pic.

Lindsay said...

WOW!!! You guys are moving?!? Congratulations on the BIG expansion! I can't wait to check out the new place.:)

Kirsten said...

Hooray! Cannot wait to come check it outt!!