Friday, April 23, 2010

It's GARAGE sale time! :)

Put on your comfy flowered dress and grab you coin purse!!!!  CAAAUUUSE.......

We alllll KNOW what tomorrow is RIGHT????  It's the BIG Scrap*Funattic Garage SALE!!  WAAAHOOOO!  So get up early (sale starts at 9am SHARP!) but the line begins to form ??????  Here are some SNEAKY PEEKY pictures for you to eyeball and search for TREASURE!  So get out your magnifying glass cause the pics are SMALL and kinda all over the place
(can ya tell I let Steff edit the blog?!?!?!!  :)  Love ya Steff!!!! 

Sooo much good stuff is out already and they are adding to the stash AS I TYPE AND YOU READ!!  How exciting---I LOVE garage sales anyway, and combine that with doesn't get any better!  There is some REALLY great stuff this year so come on out!  And if you can't make it tomorrow, don't worry there will still be PLENTY of scrapbooking goodness for you to choose from all week long!! 

Okay - some other FUN things that are here and NOT garage sale related - cuz let's be real - the store IS still open and we do STILL love some NON garage sale items too, right?!?! :)
I hope you are all having a WONDERFUL Friday and we hope to see you tomorrow or throughout the week checking out the sale and other non-garage sale goodies as well!!! 
***Remember the garage sale ends at the close of business next FRIDAY (and Fri. is 1/2 price day!!) besosbesos, dc