Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sweet Escape Shirts!

Sooooo here's a picture of the Sweet Escape Crop*A*Ganza apparel that we're going to have!!! The very last day to order is Saturday January 31st!!!! The pants are in the store if you'd like to come and check them out!! I LOVE THEM!!!!

Also - guess what came in YESTERDAY!?!?! BITTERSWEET by BASIC GREY!!! :) (krusty is soooo happy she was here to roll in it!!) :}

We will be open tomorrow 10:00am - 2:00pm and CLOSED on New Years Day!!! Check back for a lil' something that I've been working on for you blog readers!!!

Monday, December 29, 2008


HOW can it be only THIRTY EIGHT days until GANZA?!?!? HOLY *******!!!!! I thought i still had like 60 days to work with!! ahhhhh.....okay - so i jumped on here to just give a quick post......

we are looking for a new person to join our ATTIC FAMILY!!!

we need someone who can work WEEKENDS!!!!! ONLY WEEKENDS!! how cool is that!??! How cool would it be to work somewhere where you're surrounded by SCRAPBOOKING SUPPLIES, the BEST customers around and FOUR PINK WALLS!!! :)

Seriously - if you're interested - please contact Debbie at the store!! We are looking to hire someone ASAP!!!

I'm working on the newsletter for the store AND for GANZA - so be looking for that - updated calendar for classes and crops too!! :) talk more soon!

Monday, December 22, 2008


ALSO we're trying out the COPIC markers!! We've had a few requests for these, so we're gonna see how they "fly"!?!?! We have Brown, Blue, Pink and Black in!! Come check these out!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

pictures - if ya care?!?!

FINALLY - here are just a few of the pictures that i wanted to follow up with from previous posts'. just a little recap from the weekend!!

we have been wanting to get a family photo taken of ALL OF US together - but getting all of us organized, matching - in the same place - WITH a photographer and everyone happy and in harmony.....that's not so easy!! SOOOOO, my sister in law and i just said - to heck with it - lets just get together - hang out - and take a picture!!! SO - we did!! We all got together for lunch after church last sunday and set up the camera(S) - set up the SHOP lights from dads garage, and set the timer and had a BLAST!! We spent only like 20 minutes - and got some FABULOUS pictures!!! Here is one of the best ones!! Not to shabby for a self timer, huh!?!! (BIG thanks to my lil brother for setting all of the "stuff" up!)

Last week we went and picked up our very first REAL christmas tree - rocky was VERY content cutting down a LITTLE tree.....for the kiddos - OUR big tree was a LOT bigger!!!

okay - so we had our attic xmas party - kristy drew mom's name....here's what she did for her!! right above her desk - this is what it says! ahhhhhh so sweet!! :)

okay - so we still have some of the gift card tins that we've pre-made for sale at the store - you can pick those up next time you're in!! makes it SUPA easy for gift giving in a rush!!!

also - sale items - i've been wrapping again!! :) if you're wanting to pick up a gift it's already wrapped up for you!! I LOVE TO WRAP!! let me wrap your STUFF next time you're in!! :)
Album in a day!! coming up in January - monica's gonna help you create an entire christmas album!! 16 pages!!! using My Minds Eye - here are just a couple of the two page layouts that you'll complete!! there are only FOUR spots available for this class - so call and sign up for it today!! $45.00!!!

OKay - so our PHOTO 101 class is complete and they are looking to you to help pick a WINNER!! there are four photo boards back in our crop shop on the kit wall - if you would vote on one of them next time you're in - that would be AWESOME!! come look at how awesome their pictures are!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


okay - so it seems that there is a HUGE vacuum sucking all of MY time out of my day!! anyone else experiencing this?!?! I have a TON of photos that i wanna share with you guys - but time is NOT on my side lately!!! Between getting teacher gifts made and ready, family gifts, holiday gatherings, cooking, merchandising the store for the holidays, planning store sales, family photo shoots, and getting the kiddos to and from wrestling practice......whew - i just don't have much time left - but ENOUGH with the excuses - I WILL GET TO THE PHOTOS TOMORROW!!!! AFTER i get the 19 kids in Kords class stocking stuffers made!!! :)
But, in the meantime, for those of you that read the blog - here's the SALE that we're going to run from wednesday through Christmas Eve. Hopefully there's something you're wanting under your tree on this list!!!
ALL Xyron products (excluding the xyron 150 "the X") are 40% off!!! This includes the MACHINES as well as the adhesive refills!!!
Cricut Expression Machine $299.99 (limited to qty on hand)
Cricut Machine $199.99 (limited to qty on hand)
ALL Organizational Products 25% off - Everything from Paper Files to Rolling Totes!
ALL Albums 10% off
ALL Clip It Up Products 15% off
ALL Calendars 10% off (this includes the 12x12 hanging calendars, desk calendars as well as the Advent Karen Foster Calendars)!
The SLICE!! ALL accessories and Disc's for this wonderful new die cut machine from Making Memories are 10% off!!!
****now - if you're sending in your hubby - let him know that he can call ahead and prepay for what's on your list and we'll have it ready, wrapped and even deliver it to his car for him!! We're all about making it EASY on the MEN in our lives!!!****
We will be OPEN on Christmas Eve from 10:00AM - 2:00PM!!!
I will be back on here again tomorrow - gotta go and read to the kiddos before bed!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

TEN DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!!!!???? Why is it that the OLDER "WE" get - the FASTER time goes!?!? Remember when you (maybe you weren't QUITE AS excited as my brother, sister and I were....) were younger how LONG it took for the months of NOVEMBER and DECEMBER to END!! :) It seemed that Christmas would NEVER EVER get here!!! Now - no matter HOW much planning and PATIENCE you seem to have - it's approaching at LIGHTNING speed!!!

This year we (my family) purchased our FIRST EVER REAL CHRISTMAS TREE!!! My mom says I used to have one all the time (for 3 years) before my little brother was born...(he was allergic, so it was FAKE from that point on!)....well - we (I!) decided this year that I would like to EXPERIENCE a real tree at LEAST one time in my children's' HOME lives!!! We headed out on Tuesday of last week....remember last tuesday!?!? SNOW!!! WIND!! COLD!!!! :) Yeah, Rocky was THRILLED to say the least!! BUT - he drove us out there (at 30 miles an hour!)......walked around the tree farm (for 20 minutes!) and cut down not ONE - but TWO trees for us!!! So far - I LOVE IT!!! It smells wonderful - and is VERY forgiving when it comes to LIGHTS!!! I like a LOT of lights on my tree and have been known to spend up to 4 hours on JUST THE LIGHTS!! But with a real tree - you don't have to HIDE the odd colored strands!!! The kids have their own miniature tree in their room too and so far - we've kept it watered and it's looking really nice!! I haven't noticed any needles falling off,,,,,,,,but i'm told to wait for the DISPOSAL of the tree to be sold on the the whole experience?!?! We'll see!!!!

So - all of the presents (for the most part) are purchased, wrapped and under the tree.......now it's time to tackle the HAND MADE gifts that I plan to make!! Each year - i wait until the week BEFORE christmas to tackle these, and then i end up resenting the actual gift because i'm so tired, and stressed and MAXED out!!!! Hopefully that won't be the case since everything else is done this year!!! But i am working on a few projects, and if i remember before i wrap them up - i'll take pictures of them for you to see!!!!

How are your holiday plans coming along!??!! I hope that everyone is enjoying themselves this holiday season!!! We had our "attic holiday christmas get together" on friday last week - we cropped until 2 AM - it reminded me of the "old" days when we all used to get together more regularly and hang out and crop - it was alot of fun!! Sarah was able to join us and we got a lot done!! We watched the Griswolds Christmas Vacation!!! Thanks to Renee - i hadn't ever seen it before and apparently it's a MUST SEE every christmas!! And now - it will be for our family!!! It's HILARIOUS!!!! Of course - NO ATTIC celebration would be complete without a trip to the ER!!! Poor Krusty was trying to UNCLOG her Stickles and STABBED herself in the index finger....no stitches were needed - but a TETANUS shot was in order!! ahhhhh, gotta love her!!! To know Krusty - is to LOVE krusty!! :)

Okay - now on to STORE stuff!!! I know you don't read this blog JUST to hear about PErSONal goings on around here!! :)

The Glue Glider Pro's are selling like HOT CAKES!! I purchased one at the crop and must say that i think i just might be sold!!! I think it holds JUST AS well as ZIP DRY but without the mess!!! :) So - if you're shopping for a new adhesive - this just might be the ONE!!!

The SLICE!! OMG!! One of my goals is for us to be able to KNOW all there is to know about this machine and teach YOU before you purchase it!! Renee is in love with it, and has it on her christmas list!!! We received the desktop storage system for it this week and it matches the desktop carousel that Making Memories makes, so thats always nice when things match!!! :)

Okay- so i had some great friends in the store last month asking me about "skittles" or "dew drops"!!! THIS is how we find out about some of the great products on the market - YOU!!! So - we did a little research and have found them!! We ordered just a small sampling of them and got them in last week and have already sold out of more than 1/2 of what came in!! So - i'm thinking these might be a hot item right now!!! Check those out next time you're in!!!.....we are sold out of them now - but have ordered more!! :)

Soldering!! We have expanded our section!!! We've got some DO IT YOURSELF charms for those of you that enjoy the craft - and then we have the "ALREADY ASSEMBLED" charms - so you can just slide your photo right in!!! Check those out as well!!!

The distress stickles have really taken off and we finally got ALL of the colors in stock!!

The rolling work stations are HOT this year!!! We only have TWO LEFT in the store until after Christmas - so if that's on your list - you'd better get in while you can!!!!

I went NUTTY on the flowers again - i've ordered more prima flowers - so those are RESTOCKED!!!

KAISER - the altered BEYOND THE PAGE items are back in - however we've had so many special orders on those - i'm not sure HOW many of those actually made it to the floor!!!!

Our ROCK BOTTOM CRICUT PRICE section is slowly dwindling away!! We've lowered all of our INSTOCK cricut cartridge prices to $39.99!!! There are a few left!

Calendars - we've replenished that section - wow - calendars are STILL a hot christmas item!! (wink wink renee!)

SALE!!! We're kicking off our FINAL sale before Christmas!!! You're hearing it HERE on the blog first!!!.......i'm working on some great sales for you coming up this week/weekend - so be watching the blog for more information on that!!!

okay - i was hoping to add some pictures to this post - but they are all at the store and i'm at home!!! :( soooooo.......if you're back on here tomorrow - i'm gonna upload them!! there are some good ones!! hope you're all having a merry holiday season!! thanks for staying connected with us!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008


OMG!! I have SERIOUSLY missed blogging!! Never thought i'd say THAT!! But, i had "kinda" gotten on a roll over the last month and have been missin' updating everyone....even though this is kind of a ONE WAY conversation, i still missed it!! ;0

Soooo - how was your Thanksgiving?!?! mine was SPECTACULAR!! I mean it!! We had SO much fun in Austin!! I LOVE AUSTIN!! I do NOT like to travel!! YEP - i said it - don't like it! (hubby LOVES to travel!! :( ) Sooooo, i was NOT anticipating enjoying myself so much - but besides that TRAFFIC and gettin' around - LOVED AUSTIN!!! It did help that Rocky's aunt was SUPER hospitable, and the food was OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! (the 5 pound weight GAIN can prove that!!) the ONLY sad part of it all was that i did NOT get to go to IKEA....(and see my wonderful pregnant with twins cousin Ticey) ..... but i WILL go to IKEA someday and I WILL see Ticey this weekend!! So - all is well! !:)
I hope everyone had a very THANKFUL Thanksgiving.....and that you all got some FAHHHBULOUS Black Friday sales!!! We did - we were out there at 3:45 AM - KOHL'S!! Rocky even went with Janna and I!!! He did very well!! PLUS it was nice to have someone there to hold your spot in line!! :)

So - here are a few pics from the trip - not too many to bore ya - after all this IS a Scrapbooking BLOG!!! But - just a few of my fav's!!! Two of my "BOYZ"!

Aunt "Bossy" made Turkey Cupcakes with all the kiddos!!! (Gus, is our nickname for Hayden!)

Hayden peelin' "tators" with Ruru!!

And where else can you play PING PONG OUTSIDE on Thanksgiving day!??!


Okay - down to business!!! Here's a picture of TOMORROW's LAYOUT OF THE MONTH!! Only limited supplies of these - and they USUALLY sell out QUICKLY!!!! $12.00 - everything you need to complete the kit - EXCEPT for the stickles...

New Stuff.....let's see.....the GLUE PRO is in........My Minds Eye....Quite Smitten!!! KITS of the Laundry Line and Simply Irresistible........Creative Imaginations FUN Birthday line...Candles & Cake!! I think this might be MORE fun that the KI Pop Culture line!!! :) ..... Simply Swank is FULLY COMPLETELY RESTOCKED!!! Renee picked out some pretty spacers for you to use on your charms as well!!! The Creative Imaginations Holly Berry line - LOVE THIS - might be my ALL TIME FAVORITE LINE!12x12 WHITE and Barn wood Frames are back JUST in time for the holidays!!! These make PERFECT gifts for you to showcase your layouts in for friends and families!!! Clearance Area has been re-organized and marked down a little further on SOME items, plus i added a few more items today!! Ohhhh, all of our IN STOCK Cricut Cartridges are marked down PERMANENTLY!!!!

My brain is fried - i had SO much more i wanted to share - but it's not coming to me!! Maybe i'll hop back on here soon and update ya some more!!! Hope you all have a great weekend!!!!