Monday, December 29, 2008


HOW can it be only THIRTY EIGHT days until GANZA?!?!? HOLY *******!!!!! I thought i still had like 60 days to work with!! ahhhhh.....okay - so i jumped on here to just give a quick post......

we are looking for a new person to join our ATTIC FAMILY!!!

we need someone who can work WEEKENDS!!!!! ONLY WEEKENDS!! how cool is that!??! How cool would it be to work somewhere where you're surrounded by SCRAPBOOKING SUPPLIES, the BEST customers around and FOUR PINK WALLS!!! :)

Seriously - if you're interested - please contact Debbie at the store!! We are looking to hire someone ASAP!!!

I'm working on the newsletter for the store AND for GANZA - so be looking for that - updated calendar for classes and crops too!! :) talk more soon!