Thursday, December 18, 2008

pictures - if ya care?!?!

FINALLY - here are just a few of the pictures that i wanted to follow up with from previous posts'. just a little recap from the weekend!!

we have been wanting to get a family photo taken of ALL OF US together - but getting all of us organized, matching - in the same place - WITH a photographer and everyone happy and in harmony.....that's not so easy!! SOOOOO, my sister in law and i just said - to heck with it - lets just get together - hang out - and take a picture!!! SO - we did!! We all got together for lunch after church last sunday and set up the camera(S) - set up the SHOP lights from dads garage, and set the timer and had a BLAST!! We spent only like 20 minutes - and got some FABULOUS pictures!!! Here is one of the best ones!! Not to shabby for a self timer, huh!?!! (BIG thanks to my lil brother for setting all of the "stuff" up!)

Last week we went and picked up our very first REAL christmas tree - rocky was VERY content cutting down a LITTLE tree.....for the kiddos - OUR big tree was a LOT bigger!!!

okay - so we had our attic xmas party - kristy drew mom's's what she did for her!! right above her desk - this is what it says! ahhhhhh so sweet!! :)

okay - so we still have some of the gift card tins that we've pre-made for sale at the store - you can pick those up next time you're in!! makes it SUPA easy for gift giving in a rush!!!

also - sale items - i've been wrapping again!! :) if you're wanting to pick up a gift it's already wrapped up for you!! I LOVE TO WRAP!! let me wrap your STUFF next time you're in!! :)
Album in a day!! coming up in January - monica's gonna help you create an entire christmas album!! 16 pages!!! using My Minds Eye - here are just a couple of the two page layouts that you'll complete!! there are only FOUR spots available for this class - so call and sign up for it today!! $45.00!!!

OKay - so our PHOTO 101 class is complete and they are looking to you to help pick a WINNER!! there are four photo boards back in our crop shop on the kit wall - if you would vote on one of them next time you're in - that would be AWESOME!! come look at how awesome their pictures are!!