Friday, December 5, 2008


OMG!! I have SERIOUSLY missed blogging!! Never thought i'd say THAT!! But, i had "kinda" gotten on a roll over the last month and have been missin' updating everyone....even though this is kind of a ONE WAY conversation, i still missed it!! ;0

Soooo - how was your Thanksgiving?!?! mine was SPECTACULAR!! I mean it!! We had SO much fun in Austin!! I LOVE AUSTIN!! I do NOT like to travel!! YEP - i said it - don't like it! (hubby LOVES to travel!! :( ) Sooooo, i was NOT anticipating enjoying myself so much - but besides that TRAFFIC and gettin' around - LOVED AUSTIN!!! It did help that Rocky's aunt was SUPER hospitable, and the food was OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! (the 5 pound weight GAIN can prove that!!) the ONLY sad part of it all was that i did NOT get to go to IKEA....(and see my wonderful pregnant with twins cousin Ticey) ..... but i WILL go to IKEA someday and I WILL see Ticey this weekend!! So - all is well! !:)
I hope everyone had a very THANKFUL Thanksgiving.....and that you all got some FAHHHBULOUS Black Friday sales!!! We did - we were out there at 3:45 AM - KOHL'S!! Rocky even went with Janna and I!!! He did very well!! PLUS it was nice to have someone there to hold your spot in line!! :)

So - here are a few pics from the trip - not too many to bore ya - after all this IS a Scrapbooking BLOG!!! But - just a few of my fav's!!! Two of my "BOYZ"!

Aunt "Bossy" made Turkey Cupcakes with all the kiddos!!! (Gus, is our nickname for Hayden!)

Hayden peelin' "tators" with Ruru!!

And where else can you play PING PONG OUTSIDE on Thanksgiving day!??!


Okay - down to business!!! Here's a picture of TOMORROW's LAYOUT OF THE MONTH!! Only limited supplies of these - and they USUALLY sell out QUICKLY!!!! $12.00 - everything you need to complete the kit - EXCEPT for the stickles...

New Stuff.....let's see.....the GLUE PRO is in........My Minds Eye....Quite Smitten!!! KITS of the Laundry Line and Simply Irresistible........Creative Imaginations FUN Birthday line...Candles & Cake!! I think this might be MORE fun that the KI Pop Culture line!!! :) ..... Simply Swank is FULLY COMPLETELY RESTOCKED!!! Renee picked out some pretty spacers for you to use on your charms as well!!! The Creative Imaginations Holly Berry line - LOVE THIS - might be my ALL TIME FAVORITE LINE!12x12 WHITE and Barn wood Frames are back JUST in time for the holidays!!! These make PERFECT gifts for you to showcase your layouts in for friends and families!!! Clearance Area has been re-organized and marked down a little further on SOME items, plus i added a few more items today!! Ohhhh, all of our IN STOCK Cricut Cartridges are marked down PERMANENTLY!!!!

My brain is fried - i had SO much more i wanted to share - but it's not coming to me!! Maybe i'll hop back on here soon and update ya some more!!! Hope you all have a great weekend!!!!