Friday, August 31, 2007


Our Scrap*Pink weekend Event is FULLLLLLLLLL!!!

Sold out in less than an HOUR!!


Congratulations to those of you that were SPEED dialers and here at 9:00AM!!

For those of you that didn't make it, would you be interested in doing this on a regular basis??

I'm "toying" with the idea of having a "mini weekend crop" every 6 weeks or so?!?!?!

Let me hear your thoughts!!

If you don't want to comment here - email me at

Thursday, August 30, 2007

OKay - real quick - I just sent out a newsletter - via our site that we use - and it's blank......I don't know WHY!! but, I'm trying to figure it out - give me a little while!!




Happy birthday to YOU!!!

We love you lil' buddy!!!

WHAT: Scrap*Pink Weekend Event
WHEN: September 28-30
WHERE: Scrap*Funattic~229 N. Andover Road
WHY: To support Breast Cancer Awareness and the Susan G. Komen Foundation
HOW: We're going to have a crop from 5:00pm-midnight on Friday the 28th and resuming 7:00am-midnight on Saturday the 29th.
HOW MUCH: $30.00
WHAT DOES THAT INCLUDE: "Fight Like a Girl" T-shirt and goodie bag, some "pink" snacks - NO MEALS
WHAT ELSE IS GOING ON THAT WEEKED: We will be having various make-n-takes through out the day on Saturday..............AND a class on Sunday (more info. to come on that!)
WHEN CAN I SIGN UP: Friday August 31st at 9:00 am SHARP!
HOW CAN I SIGN UP: In the store.......on the MUST pay IN FULL at the time of sign up - we are anticipating a FAST sell out - so we are NOT able to "hold" your spot until the day of the class/crop.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I'm SUCH a DWEEB!! The entire time we were at dinner I kept thinking- I think I forgot SOMETHING important in that last post?!?!

Is the fee for the Scrap*Pink Crop!!
okay - i'm out for the night - gonna enjoy some family time and watch BLADES OF GLORY!! I could use a few laughs!!

Okay - it's official..........................we have our SCRAP*PINK weekend information ready!! And, for you LOYAL blog readers, you're the FIRST to know!!! Here's the "low down".........

we're going to have mini "weekend retreat"......from friday september 28th at 5:00pm through midnight.....then resuming on Saturday morning at 7:00am through midnight!!!!

We are having a CROP ONLY!!! No classes will be held on Saturday.

Your fee will include a "Fight Like A Girl" shirt................and a goodie bag of some sort.

WE WILL NOT BE SERVING any MEALS!!! We might have some fruit and pink snackies, but I don't really wanna "mess" with food!!! So, you're on your own for that!!! we have tons of great places to eat, and you'll want a break too!!!

Okay - so registration will open for this on THIS FRIDAY MORNING!!!!! August 31st.....FRIDAY MORNING!!! This will give everyone a chance to check their calendars and make arrangements to come!!

THEN......on Sunday - Jana has offered to teach a class with a "Survivor" theme for Breast Cancer survivors, AND she is donating all of her time and money to the Susan G. Komen foundation! This class will be $22.00 and will be held on Sunday September 30th at 2:00pm-4:00pm.........

there ya have it - I'll be back later - gotta get some dinner!!!
~peace out!

WOW!!! It's already Wednesday - as far behind as I am and tired - it still feels like it should be MONDAY!! Okay - so here are some pics from this weekend..................I'm gonna try and do a photo bucket of them as i get them, so you can enjoy ALL of them!!!! I don't have a "sketch" for you this week - but I do have some pics from the layouts that were completed AT ganza - so that should give you some inspiration!!!!

This first one was the SEVEN hour one that I completed at Ganza - but I blew it up a little bigger, cuz I had some of "ya'll" wanting to lift it!!! WOW!! I've never had anyone LIFT my stuff before!!! (i can't take all the credit though - it was a sketch that I lifted!!)

This was a PERSONAL favorite of mine!! I'd been wanting to use WHITE ON WHITE for a while - and I had some THICKERS (amy and summer - are you excited!??!) that i had been wanting to use!! So, I tried to balance the PINK and blue together.....look, I even used FLOWERS on this layout and there's a BOY in the picture!! mmmmmmm!!! It can be done! I used the Dot Dot Circle Circle template from the Crafters Workshop (that we have in the store).....LOVING those right now!

It's official!! Chase, my nephew, has been "born" in my scrapbook album now!! hoRRAYYyy!!! Even though he turns TWO tomorrow - he was finally born and delivered in the Thompson scrapbook album!!! This was a very simple layout that i had been wanting to do, i am digging kraft paper right now!!! love how it can be used for something so sweet!!!

Okay - these weren't done at ganza - but are some of my FAVORITES from this past month that i have completed! (and I don't usually have favorites of my OWN....i don't take the time to make them favorites!!? does that make sense!?!?) but these are some that I'm pretty proud of!!!...................................................

I had a TON of pictures from Fathers Day, but I didn't want to make SIX pages of fathers day - so I shrunk my favorite photos down and used a LARGE photo of "dad" in the center.....I thought this layout was SO self-explanatory that I didn't even journal!!!

This was the first time that I used the Chip Chatter - FUZZY letters!!! I thought they were perfect for the guys jumping!!! Plus - I even used some BLING! This layout was SUPER fast!! I was so proud that I didn't spend HOURS on this one and turned out pretty decent!!!

Okay - this was the first one that I completed using the WISHBLADE to cut out my title!! ALL ALONE!! Renee didn't have to DO IT FOR ME!!! But, I love the story behind this layout - I have to say that most of my layouts are about the stories that I love to, for me anyway, the journaling makes or breaks a layout for me?! Wierd?!?! I don't think so!!!

And this layout was done by Jana U.......I love this!! I am really starting to get used to WHITE SPACE?!! It's hard, but once you've done it - it's hard NOT to!!! I loved the simplicity and the detail of this layout all together! She even handstitched above the scallops - HULLO!?!?!

Okay - so there are some layouts to inspire ya!! I hope they do!!! And, since I LEFT THIS OUT OF THE NEWSLETTER yesterday - (I'm so mad at myself for that!) is a little sneek peek of just SOME of the cards that Jodi will be bringing to the world card making day class!! Seriously you guys - these cards are AWESOME!! You will not find a cart at target or hallmark of this kind!!! Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Okay - a quick question for you today......before i get to posting some FANTABULOUS photos from the weekend!!! (finally have the uploaded onto my computer!)......trying to get the plans for the SCRAPPINK weekend going.....(from ONE crop - to another!....TOUGH life!).......for those of you who MIGHT be thinking about coming.....would you rather have classes and make n takes for YOU throughout the day......................or would you rather come to CROP ALL DAY with no interruptions?!? (other than a few give-a-ways and of course, passing of "Flossie"!?!) Let me hear from you SOON!! If you don't want to post a comment here - email me at!!!


~peace- steff

(PS - I just COULDN'T resist NOT posting ONE pic. from this weekend!!! This *@#)(*$# Whoopie cushion KEPT making its way UNDER my komfie Cushion....................thanks to Bonnie, Amy, Jaki and LouAnn!!!! ........ so, here's a pic. of Dana TRYING to blow it up!)

Monday, August 27, 2007

Okay - first of all - I'M TIRED?!!!!!! Anyone else out there still having a hard time "snapping out of it"??!!! I thought I was doing pretty good - got home last night - got ALL the laundry done - meals "cooked" for the week - grocery shopping - house cleaned - even watched an episode of my favorite show - "Family Jewels"!!! ....... woke up this morning EARLY for school - and WHAM!!! TIRED!!!
T * I * R * E * D!!!!
So, I just finished typing up the newsletter - THAT took about an hour - so I'm TIRED!!! I'm going to bed!!! It's not even 10:00 and I'm READY FOR BED!!! But, I promise I'll be back tomorrow to post more pics from ganza - more store info - and more challenges for the week!!! So, stay tuned!!!

PS - I am SO appreciative of the comments that you guys are leaving for us on this blog - it's SO nice to hear them!!! We all really do LOVE YOU GUYS and think of you as friends - so thank you !! We had a weekend we will NEVER forget!! I'm STILL laughing at things that I remember from this weekend!!!! Even laughing at things that I wasn't "around" to witness!!! :)


Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hey Renee, What time is it?!?!?!

Last Night was CRAZY here at the Best Western Hotel and Suites in Park City!!!! There were about 2 hands full of people up around 2:00 am..... This is the time that the early birds turn in and the party animals come out!!! If you want to have a good time Gina, Brynn, Liz, Tracy and Paula....... SIT BY THEM!!!! If you want to be inappropriate, sit with Dana, Kristy, Renee, Jennifer, Michelle Babcock/Fletchall/Babcock/Fletchall, Heather, Tracie, Alicia, and I!!!! GOOD TIMES LADIES, GOOD TIMES!!!!!!!!!

"Where Did Steffanie Go????"

Its the FINAL day of CAG, day 3!!! It is a little bitter sweet! We have worked up to this weekend for months, and it seems to be over so quickly!!! I hope everyone enjoyed their time, and got "some" work done! I got much more done that I thought I would, but not as much as I would have liked!!! Get rest this next week..... I AM OFF ALL WEEK!!!!! Well.... I say all week, but I have some classes I have to get caught up on, so I will be there a little. But if you see my beautiful face, you dont really, right?!

Peace and Chicken Grease.........SMYERS

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Corrections and announcements that we mentioned we'd post on the blog for you ganza goers!!!

Creative Memories All Day Crop
Saturday October 20th
9:00am - 8:00pm
Jeflang Building

Creative Impressions - Carolyn McGowen & Becky Eck
Correction of email address:

GINA Scarbrough was our winner of our last BLOG give-away!!! She found Jennifer Roeder, and won a Brand New Scrapbook TOTE and Lazy Susan!!! ROCK ON!!

Anyone else interested in winning via the blog?!?!?!

GGGOOOOOODDDDDD afternoon!!! I KNOW......I KNOW!!! I have failed you TERRIBLY!! I have received PHONE calls....................emails.......................and verbal threats for not updating the blog!! I'm tellin ya - we've been SO SUPA busy here at CROP*A*GANZA and the internet is SUPA SLOW!! So, it takes me nearly three hours to upload my photos and commentary!! BUT,,,,,,Jana and Renee have been updating their blogs - WITH pictures that I DID NOT AUTHORIZE!!!! Remember girls......................what happens at CROP*A*GANZA STAYS at CROP*A*GANZA!!!!!

But, the foods smellin' wonderful........Keri has fixed TACOS for all of us - and we each have our own taco shell!!!!!!! AREN'T THESE ADORABLE?!?! Anyway - here's some photos from the last day!! We're having a BLAST!! We're not even gonna talk about the HEAT!??! That will just bring us down a little - but besides that - I (personally) think that this is ALMOST perfect!!! (did I just say that?!?!)
Renee LOVES her WWHD shirt!! (What would Heidi do!??!)........MOVE TO CHINA!?! :)

Kathy GETS TO SCRAPBOOK!! (these are the Crop Camp ladies and its so nice for them to get to come and be pampered instead of DOING the pampering!)

DANA - SMILE!! She REALLY is havin a good time!!!

Things that make me happy!!!!

Can anyone SEE Renee?!?! People REALLY do bring ALL this stuff!! (this is Jennifers!! aka: ELVIS!)

Ganza also gets you SO excited that you FORGET to check your SHOES before you leave your room!!!

DICE in honor of the WEEKEND!!!

Jana is REALLY enjoying her weekend!! She wore this for like the ENTIRE evening!!!

KATE and KELLY - OUR WONDERFUL "booth" keepers!!!

Dana completed these ADORABLE door hangers!! AREN'T THEY CUTE~!!?!?!?

THIS is the layout that I spent SEVEN .....7......S*E*V*E*N hours on!?!? What the heck!?!?

I walked by one of the croppers "casinos" and saw this sitting on the table!! LOVE THIS!!!

I can't believe we're HALF way through the weekend - SADNESS!! lets not think of that!??!
OKAY - opens shopping "opens up" in about an hour - so we hope you all come out and see us!!
Now, for all you "ganza" goers........THE FIRST person to find Jennifer Roeder in the room and tell her that she's a "hunk-ahunka-burnin love".........gets an AWESOME door prize!! AWESOME!!! PROMISE!! GO!!

Friday, August 24, 2007


WE ARE (NOT!) Just kiddin' - it's coming together!! These are just a few pics from the last day I wanted to share with you all!!!

ALL the UPS boxes that arrived THURSDAY ----- JUST in time for GANZA!!!

Rocky and Renee - Working HARD for the money!!!

Renee - she gets a LITTLE excited when we get new stuff in!!!

The NEW Glitz - we are bringin some to ganza - and leaving the rest at the store for those of you who aren't attending this weekend!!! there's enough to go around!!!

THE CROP ROOM at BEST WESTERN......awaits you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alicia - this is where you and your "crew" are sittin - HULLO - HOW perfect is this for you and Shandra and Kathy - "hard rock"!!!!

Does THIS make anyone else happy??!?!

The internet is SOOOOO slow here- i'm hoping all of these photos up load!!! I don't have ALLLL DAY LONG!!!

WE will have a LIVE remote tonight - so those of you that are cropping "remotely" - log on and lets have a P-A-R-T-Y!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Here's a few pics from the Ganza Preparations week!!!!!!! You just have to LAUGH at these things after you've worked as hard and long as we have!!!
I have some more -but it's late and I HAVE to get some sleep!! We have been working SO HARD!! ALLLL of us!! Renee, Kristy, Sarah, Mom and I - and now we are SO excited to welcome KELLI MARTIN back!! She's gonna help mom out at the store this weekend so we can have the rest of us girls here all working together!! I'm really REALLY happy and feel SO fortunate to have WONDERFUL girls as part of the "attic family"!!
I've taken some photos of the crop room here at BW and will post them in the AM - so look back for those - but I HAVE to get Kord to sleep - hes got school in the AM!!! Hope you're all sleeping soundly - packed and ready to go!! We're ALMOST ready for you!!!!
btw - check out janas blog (life at almost 40) for some SERIOUSLY important scrappers info!!

Okay - earlier I mentioned that I would get the "DL" on the Heidi issues with Big Picture Scrapbooking.....I haven't been taking the class with the rest of the group - I'm a "tad" my lovely Kristy (thank you so much my dear!) researched it for me.....apparently - in a nutshell there are SOME people in the class that are not happy - as you read below.........

(this is from Kristy):.......It was sent to the BPS Heidi class after they complained about getting very old product in this quarters kit, ghost clocks 4 packs, credit cards, old stamps things that most all of them already owned. I think the tone of the email was dismissive on SJ part, like so what, be glad we let you take the class. It only cost you 300.00 the whole thing is posted at the smack blog... here is the content with email adds removed:

(this is the email that was sent out from Stacy Julian - apparently only intended internally - and was sent "reply to all"!?! oopsies!!):....."I'm am not familiar with the original "concern" but I think you Paula have done an excellent job of responding point by point. I think this workshop is slowly weeding out people bent on being unhappy at any cost (personal opinion here) and I just want to go on the record with a great big Thank YOU to Heidi, to Advantus and to everyone that is making this course happen. We are doing something here that has never been done and I personally think that rocks. I'd much rather take risks and try new things that do what's safe and likely not "change" anyone or anything. so there. sj"

Okay - now - I just want to say (not that ANYONE cares what Steffanie Thompson in po-dunk KS thinks......but still - I paid my $300.00 just like everyone else!).....I have not stayed "current" with the class like some of the crazies out there that have time for this stuff!! (it's easier to call them crazies, cuz then I feel a little more normal being so CRAZY right now)!!!!.....But, I am "satisfied", I guess with the class. I love Heidi......I'm not taking this class to get FREE STUFF!!! I am taking this class to learn more about Heidi Swapp,to learn more about how she "thinks", "works", "designs", where she gets her inspiration, and quite honestly - how she stays SO SUPA organized with FIFTEEN kids!!!! So, I feel that those people that have been so "rude" to Heidi - are not being fair! We are ALL HUMAN!! She has a LOT going on in her life right now - HELLOOOOOO she's moving to CHINA for goodness sake - she HAS TWO CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF ONE!! (well, Capri JUST turned ONE!) can't we all just GET ALONG!?!

Sorry- off the soap box!! I just feel sometimes that people are just too quick to think that EVERYONE owes THEM something?!?! Sorry!! Have a wonderful day - and if you get a minute - check out Heidi's blog - and lets all pray for her -wow, it's amazing that she's still getting out of bed every day!!!! What would YOU do in her shoes!?!

******* just an FYI - I have NOT had time to blog about this TODAY - I typed it last night, knowing I would be SSWWAAMMPPED today!! And I have been!!! Guess what all came in today!?!!........................................AMM totes - ALL our BAZziLLLL finally!!! Lots of stuff we've been out of for a while........but we got some NEW buttons!?!?.........ALL of our OPEN UP ALBUMS from Melissa Frances came today!!AND some new ones!!!....yes, we're bringing ALL of it to GANZA!?!?.............................................AND....drum roll PLEASE?!! GLITZ arrived today!! HOORRAYYYY!!! (Jodi - I put the create-a-card cd in your box in the employee room, next time you're out!!)...................and the scrapbook trends september issues came - both cards, magazine and the holiday idea book!! okay- i gotta pick up the kiddos and then i'm off the "wild wild best western"!?!?!!?!! Talk at cha later!!

Okay - here's one for ya!!! I was at Wal-Mart this mornin' pickin Renee and I up a PINK FILING CABINET!!! (thanks to Summer!) and came across this - I have one (actually "stole" it from my momma!) :) .....these are AWeSoME and compact enough to put at the end of your crop table - IF you're seated on the end?!?! PLUS, they're only 20.00 buckaroos!!! So, if you're needin' one - go get it!! There are also all KINDS of lamps there too!!! So, get PACKED people - we have less than 48 hours until GANZA!!! YAHHOOOOO!!!! Can you hear me screaming!??!?!

Oh, if you're like me and wear your contacts - don't forget your glasses!! And, don't forget your cell phone charger - wait have I already said that - you just wait - I WILL FORGET MINE!! AND, if you looked at Renee's blog - {Drama Llama} - you will see the white wire rack - we bought those at walmart while at crop camp last spring - LOVE IT!! It adds so much SPACE on your table!! You can PILE more crap on that!! It's AWESOME!! I have TWO that I stack!!! (does that mean that I have a problem!??!)
Make sure you scroll down - mom posted a comment this mornin' LOVE to hear POSITIVE feedback!! Thanks mom!!! (I have three posts ready to send out later on as our day gets crazier - so check back!!)

More later!!!

Hi everyone! This is "MOM" aka Debbie. I know, it is freaky that I am "blogging"! (you'll get over it! I did.)

I just wanted to take a minute to express my appreciation for my girls ! They have all worked so hard on Crop a Ganza! I hope those of you that are going will enjoy the fruit of all the hard work that has gone into this event! It is impossible to please EVERYONE when you are working with 150+ women, but I think the girls have sure tried !

Steffanie and Sarah have spent many loooong laaate hours at the store trying to get everything ready, and making sure nothing is forgotten.

I hope you all have a good time and remember that you are there to have a good time and to spend quality time with your fellow scrapbookers !

Happy Scrapping !

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Okay - I have to say real quick - if you're new to our "blog stalking" - then you need to read down a few entries - cuz I've been on a ROLL lately and have been posting like twice a day - so I don't want you to miss anything!!!

I was logging on tonight to exclamate my WONDERFUL excitement and post a photo of my PACKED scrapbook junk and how I'm SO excited that I'm packed and ready to GOOOOO!!! I am soooooo excited about how well I've planned this out!!! So, I go to Renee's blog while I'm waiting on my photos to upload......and on her blog - she has HER photo of HER stuff posted!!! How wierd is that!?!?! So, anyway - here's the photo - it's official - I'm READY for Crop*A*Ganza!!! I know it looks like a LOT of stuff - but I have DOWN SCALED TREMENDOUSLY!!! Ask the ladies at Crop Camp - it SERIOUSLY took me at LEAST SIX trips in and out to get my stuff UNLOADED!!! But, my goal is to come back with LESS!!! Cuz, I'll have my page kits completed and put away in my albums and my bags will get packed INTO my rolling bags!!! (all I need to pack in my overnight back are two of my FAVORITE pairs of CROP CAMP sweat pants, toothbrush - Ganza shirts.....oh - and my slippers!!!)

But, while I was packing, I cleaned out my tool tote - you know - the thing that you NEVER leave without - I had THREE paper piercers, TWO staplers, THREE bottles of zip dry, FOUR paper piercers and SEVEN Scrap*Funattic pens!!!!!! HELLO!??!

Okay - don't forget these things: Phone charger, Camera charger, Memory cards, chapstick/lip gloss, favorite gum or mints..........album extenders and page protectors. These were just a few of the things that I remembered while packing!!!

Here's a photo of Sarah - FINALLY finishing up these @#(*(#* GLITTERY signs!! She looks a little crazy here doesn't she?!?! (you ain't seen NOTHIN yet!)

And these were just a few things that are REALLY making me happy tonight!!! (and I like being happy!) :)