Wednesday, August 15, 2007

ONE MORE DAY!!! School starts for us, here in Andover - elementary, in one more day!! We had "meet your teacher" night last night!!!! There were lots and lots of kids there - I feel for those teachers!! But, the good news, for me anyway, is that I FINALLY finished Kords book yesterday!!! It feels good to have it completed - as simple as it turned out to be!!! But man, I'm still feeling "lost"!! Does that make sense to any of you out there?!?! I feel "out of sorts" the last few days. I'm assuming its cuz he's starting school FOR REAL this time!! ALL day school - GONE, under the influence of others ALL DAY LONG!!! I'm just a little down, I guess you could say!! So, for all of you out there that are NOT looking forward to school starting - I'm feelin' ya!!

OKay - enough personal sad stuff!! Here are a few of the layouts that were submitted from our challenge, both yesterday and last week!! Danica Spencer, who is EXTREMELY talented (i must say!) ........was the winner of this weeks challenge!! I love these layouts, to see what all of us are wanting to achieve in the next year!!!

Here's Alicia's blog sketch challenge!! Alicia - kudos to you - but get YOUR JUNK organized !!! (ha ha!!!)

Kelly (bsquared) Huscher brough HER challenge layout in......LOVE her humor in this!!!

Also - we have ONE layout of the month for August left at the's your sneak peak for September LAYOUT of the month!!! Done by "bsquared"!!! This is all you get - "sneak"!

And I just HAD to post the latest layout from Renee!!!! This is going to be hanging in our "heidi" section!!! This is her actual hand writing!! Come in and she'll show you how to do that!!!!

Okay, so alicia wanted a Ganza teaser!?!?! Ummmmmm, this Friday we're spending most of the afternoon assembling YOUR page challenges for YOUR goodie bags!! Once again, we're using some BEAUTIFUL papers and bellies from Heidi Grace!! We're going to be beginning the stuffing of our goodie bags next tuesday......and Sarah and Renee loaded up on soda and snacks for YOUR hospitality room, yesterday at Sams!!!

This next week, while you're packing and organizing your stuff....if there's ANYTHING you can think of that you would like to see us have in our vendor booth (or ANY of our vendors for that matter...) please email us at and let us know - we're doing our best to get YOU what you will need for your time at Ganza!!! And. as usual - we'll be sending out emails reminding you of things you might not have remembered to bring with you......feel free to email those ideas as well!!!
Thats it for now!!! OH - the Clip It Ups arrived yesterday!!! HHHOOOORRAAAYYY!!! (or, the "twistie turnabout things" as Dana would say!)


aday said...

OH CHIT! My forehead looks humungous!!

Thanks for the teaser I am slowly getting packed then heading over to Kathys to help her too.

I am ready to see everyone and hang out and chat and eat!!

jodie said...

Loving the layouts!! Lots of talent in the Attic "family"!! Steff-I had to take my "baby" to 7th grade was alittle sad...:(
She's growing up tooo fast!

Liz S said...


I had to miss taking my kids to their first day of school today. I'm a bus driver now,(I know, I know, CRAZY) and I couldn't leave my bus to walk my kids to their new school with their new teachers.
VERY SAD for me. I did get to see them and watched them walk in with their daddy but it's not the same ;-(



*Chelle* said...

LOVE everyones lo's!!!! Great stuff!!

I'm so stoked for Ganza, it's my first and love the "sneaks" you're giving us!!! I'm so, so, so VERY EXCITED!!! Didn't know if you could tell!!! ;) LOL

Summer said...

OMGosh!! Loving' the layouts everyone has been sending in!!!! The teaser looks awesome!! Can't wait to see the whole thing!
School starts next week for us. This will be Johnny's first year of "real" preschool. He will go everyday!!! I am super excited for him but I know I am going to miss my afternoon craft time buddy...

aday said...

thank goodness we live no where Liz and she doesnt ride a bus GHEESH!! LOL just kidding Liz love ya chickee!

We are behind you all. Carlee goes back Monday and I am as excited as her, babysitters for the summer are expensive$$$$

mom2cms said...

My 2 older ones had their first day today, my baby girl starts her first day of "big girl" school tomorrow. Sad but boy am I ready.

mom2cms said...
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mom2cms said...

Well crap that didn't work, lets try this one:


mom2cms said...

Well, obviously I don't know what I'm doing. LOL!
Okay, I found this cool product today but can't get the darn photo posted. So, if you wanna see it, you can click on the link and go to my photobucket act., it's the 1st picture shown, called chinese ribbon.

Expressions by Jenn said...

I love the pages..make me come in a buy the owl paper...LOL

and the kitty paper ...from the pole LO ....

I have a paper addiction...