Monday, August 13, 2007

Good Morning!!! How did you all sleep last night!?!? I did not sleep well AT ALL!! Today marked our first official "school preparations morning"!!! So, I was SO worried that I was going to oversleep and let the boys down!!! But, it went very well - we were up - laundry completed - dishes clean - beds made - breakfast eaten - teeth brushed - clothes on the right bodies and even time for a few video games!! HOOORAY!! We left the house on time and made our first official "dry run" to schools!!! yep, I said school(S)!!! Kord will be in first - Cottonwood, which is three miles down the street! And Hayden will be going to pre-school at Noahs Ark in Benton - about 9 miles down the street!!! And we made it ON TIME!!! But the boys were VERY confused as to why they didn't get OUT of the car :)!!!! So, we've hit the "big time" kids - Kord will be at school ALL day LONG!! I'm am SO not ready!!! The album is ALMOST completed.........ALMOST!!!! I'll let you know when it's completed - I'm sure you're DYING to know!!!

Okay - for your WEEKLY challenge.........I'm going to re-visit the blog post that we had from Renee last week (that she got from Elsie's blog) are to scrapbook (with our without a photo!) your "age" and that amount of goals before your next birthday! Does that make sense?!?! So, I'm going to be 33 in October......mine would say 32 things to do WHILE I'm 32...OR you could do 33 things to do before I'm 33........OR you could say - 32 things to do BEFORE I'm 33?!?! You get the idea, I'm sure!!! BUT, the FIRST person to email me a copy of your layout OR bring it into the store will receive a special PrIzE!!!! So, hurry!!!! Here's a picture of Summers Goal Challenge for your viewing pleasure!!!

I will post another blog sketch challenge later in the week - I have one already picked out for you!!!


B-squared said...

so glad you were successful on your dry run today steff! we tried to get up with alarm clocks this morning, and well, good thing school starts thursday rather than TOMORROW! LOL

i'm feeling up for a challenge this morning; i got a title for my l/o too: "29 things to do before i turn 29 (again)"

whaddya think?


aday said...

Ok Kelly should win just for that comment.

B-squared said...'ve always been one of my fave's alicia...

and i just finished the l/o, and you are included in one of my "29 things".