Wednesday, August 8, 2007

GOOOOOOD MORNING!!! Hows your Wednesday going!??! Mine has been SUP-A fine!! TWO mornings in a row that I've not had SCREAMING children waking me up!! They have spent the night with their Uncle Pack and Aunt Ty Ty and it's been NICE!!! Which in turn has given me some EXTRA EARLY working time at the store!!! I've been "up to it" again!! Moving and cleaning!! The Boy section is COMPLETED and FULL!!!! I'm sooooooo excited!!! AND, I just rememberd that I have ONE more Boy Line that we ordered at the show to fit in there......hmmmmmmm, never had this problem before?!?! WHERE to put MORE boy stuff!?!? The girl section is underway - they both have gotten a FULL COMPLETE makeover!!!! And, I must say - it looks pretty darn good!!!! Baby, outdoors and travel are updated. Still waiting on two new baby lines, and some more travel/summer paper!! We have replenished our Girl Scouts "stuff"!! So, today we'll be working on our "Lifestyle Section"!!! FUN FUN!!!

OH, we got our NEW DAISY D'S Autumn Collection!!! It's gorgeous!!!! I'm going to start stuffing Goodie Bags towards the end of this week!! So, for those of you Vendors that have your donations/goodie bag "goodies" ready - send them my way!! You have until the 20th to get them to me!!! I'm SOOOOOO excited about Ganza!!! I'm gonna take 10 page kits and I WILL COMPLETE THEM ALL!!! I can't help but get all "emotional" when I talk about my page's all THANKS to Alicia!!! I am NOT kidding you!!! There's something AWESOME about being able to just pick up and go to a crop at the drop of a hat!! I don't have to do any "packing" or planning!! That's because I took Alicia's Organizational class last year and it's changed the way I scrapbook, shop and plan!!! SERIOUSLY!!! I have about 30 page kits already made up and packed in my "ready to crop" bag!!! I just grab my tool tote and my ready to crop bag and hit the door!!! I LOVE IT!!! It's AWESOME!!!

Okay - so, lets talk a little more about what classes are coming up!! Cuz, I know that there are those of you out there that are READY for school to start so you can get back to classes and cropping time!!! So, we have our Disney classes - as always, Monica is STILL going strong and coming up with unique and original Disney themed layouts!!! Year with Baby!! This class is STILL amazing me!!! Each month it gets stronger and bigger and better!! Jana really has done a great job keeping the excitement of scrapbooking your baby!!! (and, some insider info - she's got some FUN and FABULOUS classes coming up beginning this fall and next year as well! - that's all I can say at this time)!.......Lifes Journey....Kelly has such a refreshing and inventive way of scrapbooking!! I love that she uses something as simple as COFFEE STIRRERS (did I spell that right?!) on her layouts!! (I also love that I had to make SEVERAL trips to Starbucks to get them all!) Kelly makes scrapbooking LOOK and BECOME so easy!!! We also have our Back to school tin coming up in a few weeks. This tin would make the PERFECT back to school gift for yourself, your childs teacher or a friend!!! You've been asking for classes using these cute tins, and here it is!! (I will post pictures later!) :)...........if you're interested in seeing when our classes are offered - you can see that on our website - or by clicking here!!!

And, speaking of classes, we've got some other things up our sleeves - I'm REALLY excited to tell you - but I have to have ALL of my ducks in a row first!!!

Okay - so for those of you that have purchased the Karen Foster planners - I call KF yesterday and they are releasing the refills for the planner at Winter CHA 2008!!??? So, just hold tight and they'll be ready then!!!! Oh, we also got our THIRD shipment of "101 things to do with your scrapbooking supplies" magazine BACK IN STOCK!! This is a MUST have - seriously!! I tear all of my magazines apart (learned that from ALICIA as well!)......and I DID NOT TEAR this one!! It's THAT good!!!

Okay - I have to get back to work - but FIRST, check back here later on tonight - remember that sketch that I put on here Monday?!?! Well, Dana Klaasan was the FIRST to bring her challenge in!! I will post it later tonight!! It's ADORABLE!! She's only been scrapbooking for about SIX months?! I was NOT this good when I started!!!! (I don't thinkg I'm this good NOW!?) But, I wanted everyone to see how you can take a basic sketch - and "lift" it - and it's not EXACTLY the same!?! It's NOT stealing, cheating or copying folks!! It's OKAY to have a STARTING POIINT!!! So, that will be later on tonight!!!

I'm gonna leave you with some inspiration for the day:


aday said...

WOW I am loving the posts lately they are soo inspirational and fun and informative. Can't wait for Grop Ganza!!