Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Good evening my friends!! How was your day?!?! Got my hair cut, my eyebrows and lip trimmed -- so, I'm feelin' better!! ha ha!!! K - it's all coming together!! Programs are printed, signs and all the &*@#)#*@&(#@ glitter are completed!!! Goodie bags are packed up and completed - give-a-ways are done - table treats, name tags, and newsletter - finished!! Ahhhhh, but why don't we feel like we can exhale yet?!?!!

Okay - so I've sent out a newsletter that pretty much states all of this - but I HAD to copy it for those of you who may not get the newsletter - this is from Laurie Turner......HILARIOUS!! You have to just read it!! It'll make you chuckle!!!

Crop-a-Ganza August 24th, 25th & 26th

O.K. the time is near… Crop-a-Ganza is only a few days away. Wooo-Hoooo!!! Time to finish planning and packing for our big weekend escape. The more organized you are, the more pages you’ll get done. Let’s all get packed early, so we will be relaxed and be ready for a great time – no stress allowed! Check-in begins at 4:00 p.m. on Friday. Remember there will not be a meal on Friday night, so plan accordingly (pack something or pick-up something on the way). There will be vendors selling scrapbooking and stamp supplies, apparel and other products. There will also be a massage therapist for a bit of indulgence if you wish. A sign-up sheet for massages will be available when you check-in. Below is a list of items you may not want to forget. Remember to mark your tools with permanent marker when possible, to avoid confusion with your neighbors.

Scrappers Checklist

Scrapbook Supplies: Lots of Photos, Page Kits, Paper, Cardstock, Vellum, Trimmers, Scissors, X-acto, Cutting Mat, Punches, Adhesives w/refills, Vellum Spray w/Spray Box, Ruler, Undu, Burnisher, Die Cuts or Personal Cutting System, Extension Cord, Stamps, Inks, Cleaner, Wet Wipes, Chalks, Paint, Idea Books, Stickers, Embellishments, Eyelet Setter, Paper, Templates, Markers, Ribbons/Fibers

Lamp – if you need extra task lighting (i.e. Ott Light) – the ceilings & lights are high.

Bed Sheet – to cover your table & supplies if you need to leave or feel it necessary to take time to sleep :)

Cushion or Pillow – to provide extra comfort for delicate bums or your back.

MP-3 or I-POD - If you feel so inclined to have some alone time with your favorite tunes. (we will NOT have music playing this year - so if you'd like to have a radio at your table, you may bring one!)

Favorite Snacks and Drinks - Most importantly chocolate – there will be some drinks and snacks provided.

Overnight bag - Crop wear (comfy clothes), PJ’s, a sweatshirt or sweater – for temperature control, slippers or socks, swim suit, favorite pillow and your “blankie (if your name is Linus).

Toiletries - make-up (not that you’ll need it – everyone is too busy looking at layouts – they won’t take time to admire your unnatural beauty), toothbrush & paste, shower supplies, & deoderant – PLEASE!, a curling or flat iron or a hat if you must (why waste those precious moments curling your hair – it could mean getting another page done)!

Drugs – Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, Antacids, Inhalers, Allergy Meds, RX, etc….

Cup Holder & Cup with Lid - Open containers on the tables are a no-no – Scrapbooker’s don’t just cry over spilled milk – they SUE!

Camera - Hellooo! What kind of example would we set if we didn’t have pictures of ourselves and our friends’ scrapbooking! Besides you know we always need another page to scrap.

T.V. or Breakfast Tray - (although we've since been told it's called an "accessory tray"!!) there is no such thing as having enough space!

Money - Cash, Checkbook & Credit Cards for the vendors you may frequent or other “necessities”.

Okay - what else!?!? I spoke with Brynn tonight - Massages - how could I forget to talk about massages all this time!!?!? HELLOOO!?!? We are there to enjoy some time to ourselves aren't we?!?! I had one last year - the VERY LAST one!! It was so nice to look forward to!! We have her set up in a Suite off the main floor. You are behind closed doors - and the lights are dimmed - music and all!! It's AWESOME!! And, if you don't wanna talk - she'll shut her mouth!! It's awesome!?!?!?!?!? So, it's first come first serve - you can sign up at 4:00!!! Prices - $50.00 for an hour.....$25.00 for 1/2 hour.....$1.00 per minute for chair massages.

Heidi drama - I'm in the Year to Remember class - but (embarrassingly) have not been following along with the, I will research exactly whats going on with all of THAT drama and let you know!!!

And, I'm SO surprised that you guys didn't check out Renee's blog - as of 6:30 tonight - she hasn't sold it yet?!?!

Ohhhh, I have some pics for ya - and YES, I know they are NOT the best quality - but they were taken from a message that I received via my cell phone - so I just took a picture of my PHONE!?!? But it's still newsworthy!!!

Here ya go:!!

this is THE ELVIS!!!!

and this is a sneak at one of your goodie bag donations from 2chicks!!!!

DON'T FORGET TO WEAR YOUR PINK ON FRIDAY!! IN SUPPORT OF OUR WONDERFUL FRIEND SHERI BEANE!!! The more support she has - the better her weekend will be!!!
Okay - I'm headed home to get caught up on my own stuff and I'll check back later on tonight!!!!


aday said...

OMG!! I so LOVE LOVE LOVE the Crop Like A Rockstar!!

And Elvis is pretty hot too!

beckyg said...

Thanks for the update -- didn't know about the sheet or the ext. cord!!!!
Will run go add that now before I forget.
Too excited for this first for me!

Brynn said...

I usually only talk in the first half! Looking forward to seeing everybody again. Be sure to get signed up right away-spots fill FAST!

3divasmommie said...

I loooove that clean feeling!!! Brynn-I can't wait fot that chair massage!