Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Okay- so the goodie bags are PACKED and ready to go!!! We spent the ENTIRE day and JUST finished TONIGHT!!! HOORRAYYYYY!!!! You're gonna be SO happy!! They retail (on average) at about $30.00!!!! Can't beat that!!! Ran to Sams for the FOURTH time in three days today - they're probably wondering WHAT we're up to!??! So, tomorrow is just tying up some lose ends, returning some phone calls, buying dillons out of their soda!!! (ha ha!) I don't really have any photos for you tonight - cuz I'm so stressed out about a million and one things that I still need to do - finish up the program so Sarah can print them out........get a newsletter out......add more music to my IPOD!!!.......pack my suitcase......finish my organizing.......clean the bathroom........get my haircut.....WHAT ELSE!?!? I know there are so many of you out there feeling the same way!!! Let's all just stop for a minute and BREATHE!!! okay - feel better now?!? NO!!!

Anyway - I promise to update more later - just wanted to let you know the progress so far......pjs have been ordered.....shirts are here......donations are ready to go....oh, and ELVIS has rsvp'd and he WILL be arriving on SATURDAY evening for a photo shoot!!! You're gonna DIE when you see HIM!!! HILARIOUS!!!! Oh - Keri came by with the menu for food this time- we're having her cater ALL of your meals - you WILL NOT be disappointed!! I PROMISE!! Her cooking is to DIE FOR!!! YUMMY!!!

Ohhhh, by the way - among many of our WONDERFUL vendors - we will have ALBUM EMBOSSING there!!! So, if you'd like to have any of your albums personalized - bring em with ya!!! I don't know a whole lot about this - but have heard wonderful things about Becky and her mom, so I'm looking forward to seeing this in action!!!

Okay - i'm logging off for now - but will be back soon - PROMISE!!!


aday said...

is it young hot elvis or old elvis. I gotta know what to wear ya know

*Chelle* said...

Oh, YES!!!!! Elvis!!!! Can't wait!!!

Summer said...

okay now I am really upset w/ Kev for golfing that weekend!!!! I sooo want to be there!!!! It sounds like so much fun!!!!