Saturday, August 25, 2007

GGGOOOOOODDDDDD afternoon!!! I KNOW......I KNOW!!! I have failed you TERRIBLY!! I have received PHONE calls....................emails.......................and verbal threats for not updating the blog!! I'm tellin ya - we've been SO SUPA busy here at CROP*A*GANZA and the internet is SUPA SLOW!! So, it takes me nearly three hours to upload my photos and commentary!! BUT,,,,,,Jana and Renee have been updating their blogs - WITH pictures that I DID NOT AUTHORIZE!!!! Remember girls......................what happens at CROP*A*GANZA STAYS at CROP*A*GANZA!!!!!

But, the foods smellin' wonderful........Keri has fixed TACOS for all of us - and we each have our own taco shell!!!!!!! AREN'T THESE ADORABLE?!?! Anyway - here's some photos from the last day!! We're having a BLAST!! We're not even gonna talk about the HEAT!??! That will just bring us down a little - but besides that - I (personally) think that this is ALMOST perfect!!! (did I just say that?!?!)
Renee LOVES her WWHD shirt!! (What would Heidi do!??!)........MOVE TO CHINA!?! :)

Kathy GETS TO SCRAPBOOK!! (these are the Crop Camp ladies and its so nice for them to get to come and be pampered instead of DOING the pampering!)

DANA - SMILE!! She REALLY is havin a good time!!!

Things that make me happy!!!!

Can anyone SEE Renee?!?! People REALLY do bring ALL this stuff!! (this is Jennifers!! aka: ELVIS!)

Ganza also gets you SO excited that you FORGET to check your SHOES before you leave your room!!!

DICE in honor of the WEEKEND!!!

Jana is REALLY enjoying her weekend!! She wore this for like the ENTIRE evening!!!

KATE and KELLY - OUR WONDERFUL "booth" keepers!!!

Dana completed these ADORABLE door hangers!! AREN'T THEY CUTE~!!?!?!?

THIS is the layout that I spent SEVEN .....7......S*E*V*E*N hours on!?!? What the heck!?!?

I walked by one of the croppers "casinos" and saw this sitting on the table!! LOVE THIS!!!

I can't believe we're HALF way through the weekend - SADNESS!! lets not think of that!??!
OKAY - opens shopping "opens up" in about an hour - so we hope you all come out and see us!!
Now, for all you "ganza" goers........THE FIRST person to find Jennifer Roeder in the room and tell her that she's a "hunk-ahunka-burnin love".........gets an AWESOME door prize!! AWESOME!!! PROMISE!! GO!!


Summer said...

love all the pictures!!!! Your l/o turned out soooo good! :)~ Also Love those door hangers ADORABLE!!!!

jodie said...

You guys look like you are having a BLAST!!! I'm so going next year! Great layout...see that's how long it takes me to do a layout! LOL

Liz S said...


Lan said...

Love your page Steff, gonna lift it! Glad you girls had an awesome time.