Sunday, August 19, 2007

Criminal Check......

Hey... its Sarah! I just have to put a 'lil posotive note:

It is now 1:15 am, and I am at the store working on Crop-A-Ganza stuff....(no way). I get a phone call, hesitant to answer it, I look at the Caller ID, and it says "Andover City Of..." Out of my element, I say "Hello" (No Good Evening Scrapfunattic).... I hear..."Yes, this is ____ with the city of Andover, A few police men have drove by there tonight, and noticed a car in the parking lot. I wanted to make sure everything was ok?" Trying to sound like it really was me, and not a criminal that had broke in our store.... I said, "Yes, it is me... (like she knows who me is...), Sarah. I am an owner of the store, I drive a Dodge Durango, everything is fine". She said ok... are you sure?" Yes.... everything was good." She reassured me that a police officer would continue to drive by until I left, to make sure that everything stayed ok....!!!!!!!! How AWESOME is that!!!! There are so many times that I get nervous being up here by myself, but that just reassured me that we are being taken care of! So, if anyone has or knows someone on the Police Department, or at the City.... tell them THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!

Ok..... back to work on CAG that is in less then a week, and I am not ready!



Liz S said...


That's awesome!! How weird too, you were just talking about getting the heebie jeebies staying late at the store, some nights. Nice to know you are being watched but by the right people. :)


aday said...

that is soo reassuring. I couldnt imagine being up there alone I freak myself out when I am alone at home.