Sunday, August 19, 2007

okay - so I'm planning to sit down and post more later on tonight - but just had a request from alicia about crop*a*ganza, and thought i'd better pass on this information for the rest of you packing up this weekend for ganza........she was asking whether or not she should bring her solid colored cardstock with her???? Would we be bringing any in our booth for sale.......we will have the DISCONTINUED colored cardstock that Bazzill carried w/i the last year that we are closing out.....we'll have kraft, black and white - but that's it!!! In the past we carried as much Bazzill as we could when we'd vendor - but it never seemed to sell, and then it would end up getting bent up in the move - so just know that if you're wanting cardstock of certain colors - you need to bring those with you!!!!

Okay - I've got TWENTY ONE page kits put together!!!!! Three albums FINALLY organized by date - and put away..................................I've been trying to get my scrapbook book CRAP organized ALL DAY LONG!!! That and I've done SIX loads of laundry so far!! So, overall it's been a pretty productive day!!! Got lots more to do - so i'm off to target (the happiest place on the planet - for me anyway!): ))))).........and then i'll post more later!! I have been making a list ALL day long of things that I am remembering to bring to ganza, so I'll share that with you then too!! AND, I've got ANOTHER challenge for this week!!! So, check back later tonight!!!


Summer said...

WOW!!! Look at you!!! That is soooo awesome! WTG!!!

Liz S said...

WOW, I wish my day had been that productive. I got nothing accomplished!!


3divasmommie said...

I am doing most of my laundry tonite so I can do page kits ALL day tomorrow!

*Chelle* said...

Glad to know about the cardstock!!!

You have been one busy gal!! Can't wait to see your list. I'm sure it will remind me of things I've forgotten to pack!!

Kathy Johnson said...

Woooohoooo! I too am now pack full of page kits thanks to my sweet friend Alicia Day!!! I am almost ready to go to Crop-A-Ganza. I can't wait.
See you there.
Kathy Johnson

aday said...

ok I am ready for the new challenge. Where are you?