Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hi everyone! This is "MOM" aka Debbie. I know, it is freaky that I am "blogging"! (you'll get over it! I did.)

I just wanted to take a minute to express my appreciation for my girls ! They have all worked so hard on Crop a Ganza! I hope those of you that are going will enjoy the fruit of all the hard work that has gone into this event! It is impossible to please EVERYONE when you are working with 150+ women, but I think the girls have sure tried !

Steffanie and Sarah have spent many loooong laaate hours at the store trying to get everything ready, and making sure nothing is forgotten.

I hope you all have a good time and remember that you are there to have a good time and to spend quality time with your fellow scrapbookers !

Happy Scrapping !


SMyers said...

Aw!!! Thank You Mom! Thank you for taking care of the store while we are gone! We, too, could not do any of this without YOU!!! <3

aday said...

I know coming from the same side of the fence that we all TOTALLY appreciate the hard work from all 3 of you and everyone in the "Attic" family.
I have been looking forward to this for months and months and will have to take a Valium just to get any sleep this evening in my excitement.
Thank you for giving us a chance to be spoiled and spend time with our friends.
I know its hard work but you all will never go unappreicated from myself or any of the Crop Camp Chickees we love all of you!