Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hey Renee, What time is it?!?!?!

Last Night was CRAZY here at the Best Western Hotel and Suites in Park City!!!! There were about 2 hands full of people up around 2:00 am..... This is the time that the early birds turn in and the party animals come out!!! If you want to have a good time Gina, Brynn, Liz, Tracy and Paula....... SIT BY THEM!!!! If you want to be inappropriate, sit with Dana, Kristy, Renee, Jennifer, Michelle Babcock/Fletchall/Babcock/Fletchall, Heather, Tracie, Alicia, and I!!!! GOOD TIMES LADIES, GOOD TIMES!!!!!!!!!

"Where Did Steffanie Go????"

Its the FINAL day of CAG, day 3!!! It is a little bitter sweet! We have worked up to this weekend for months, and it seems to be over so quickly!!! I hope everyone enjoyed their time, and got "some" work done! I got much more done that I thought I would, but not as much as I would have liked!!! Get rest this next week..... I AM OFF ALL WEEK!!!!! Well.... I say all week, but I have some classes I have to get caught up on, so I will be there a little. But if you see my beautiful face, you dont really, right?!

Peace and Chicken Grease.........SMYERS


Liz S said...


We had sssssssooooooo much fun. I can't wait for the next Crop A Ganza!!. For everyone that couldn't attend this one, YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT TO THE NEXT ON!

We can't tell everything that went on after hours, because what happens at Ganza stays at Ganza, but we are still wondering where Steffanie disappeared too?

Sara, you snuck out too and I want to know where you went?, LOL!!!! (next time ladies, we follow her)


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Life is so busy it's nice to have a time and place to come together with old friends (and make new ones) and just let loose and have a good time without any worries.
You all make it look so easy, but I know it's not. THANK YOU!!!!


aday said...

"Where did Steffanie Go"

we should so do a Wheres Steffanie mini book that was hilarious!

OH and the late night McD's

And Kristy and I wanting to do nacho cheese wrestling

wow my tummy hurts from all the laughs

Liz S said...

Nacho cheese wrestling, I missed that one, that would have been a sight to see.

Alicia, you're stomach doesn't hurt from laughing, it's from that 1/2 cheeseburger you shoved in your mouth, LOL.


babsbrown said...

It's time to get down, time to represent!

Paula said...

WOW! What a great weekend of scrapping, laughing, creating, laughing, scraplifting, getting massages, laughing, buying, buying and laughing some more! It was a wonderful time!
A special thanks to Liz for making a weekend to remember for my "boys". We had so much fun showing the pics to Dad when we got home!! :)

The "Attic" gals did a super job with the whole Ganza! No snags as far as I'm concerned. And Steph- I personally enjoyed your music last time, but will admit the room was quieter and easier to have discussions without it. Sorry.

My only regret is that I did not get a chance to go around the tables and see what everyone else was up to :(
Maybe we can have a display area next time. That way when we walk in and out of the room we can get a look at all the wonderful work going on a Crop-a-ganza!!! Hint Hint Steph.

Thanks again gals for all the fun shared this weekend. Can't wait til next time!!!!!!!!

Kathy Johnson said...

I just want to say thanks to Steff and Sarah and all the Attic girls for making Crop A Ganza such a terrific event. I had a wonderful time and laughed my a__ off! I even got 15 pages done!!! Wooooohoooo! I will be back in Feb. ready to crop til I drop!
Love you all, Kathy Johnson

danelle said...

WHOOHOO! What a great weekend we had! I just want to say Gracias to all of the Attic girls for being so awesome and helpful this weekend. I had a great time with my croppin buddies: Heather, Suzanne, and Tricia. And Alicia... thanks for the late night laughter!

One more thing, a pair of shout outs:

"We're bringin' buttons back, yeah! The other girls won't know how to act, yeah!

Heidi/ESU Chi-O love to you, EEEEEE!