Sunday, August 12, 2007

Where did the weekend GO?!?! I'm tellin ya - when I work the store through the weekend, it just FLIES by!!! Lets see......we got a few new things in since I last blogged.......OH!! We got some GREAT new buttons in!!! And they are SO BRIGHT AND FUN!!! Don't lie and say that you don't want to do this with YOUR favorite scrapbooking supplies!!
The Komfy Cushions are here!!! And they are SELLING FAST!! These are going to be GREAT for Crop*A*Ganza!! They are SO soft and "cushion-Y"!! PLUS, they have pockets on the side that velcro off - so it will fit ANY chair!! I love to put my trimmer in the pocket - seems like that's the ONE thing I can never find when I'm cropping.

We are ALL OUT OF Page in Progress boxes!!! I hope you got yours!!! The Clip It Ups will be here tomorrow, as well as our new shipment from Carolee's Adornit!

We are less than TWO weeks away from Ganza - I will be posting more about that VERY SOON!!
Jammies - yes, they are available all the way up to 5X!! So, give us a call if you're interested!!
I'll post more tomorrow!!!


3divasmommie said...

I LOVE these buttons. I must tell ya if you dont get them you are just MISSING out!!! I have been using them alot! Check my blog for some cool pics of my buttons.

Summer said...

I just bought some buttons!!! I am LOVIN' them!!!! The colors are just soooooo awesome!!! Love them! Love your pic STEFF!

aday said...

I totally would love to make a booth like they do at bingo that the money flies around but put like primas and ribbon in it and give each person a minute to stuff all the scrapbooking supplies into where ever they could!

Liz S said...


That's too funny!!! I would love to be in that booth.

Steff, love the buttons.


Liz S said...

Everyone must get a Tushy Cushy, they are the bomb! I'm actually using one on my puter chair cause it's one of those folding metal kind and boy oh boy it makes a HUGE difference.

Thanks for getting it Steff.


mom2cms said...

LUV the buttons. I promised in the store I'd log in and say 'HEY', sorry it took so long.