Thursday, August 9, 2007

Check out these CUTE pj's that Christie from Two Chicks has designed for us!!!! They can be yours!!! We're taking pre-orders for these jammies and will deliver them at Crop*A*Ganza!! If you're not able to come to Crop*A*Ganza, we can have them at the store for you to pick up!! If you're interested in getting your hands on these cute flannel jammies - give us a call at the store!!! 316-733-0029. The price is $34.99, and they come in the following sizes:
S 4-6
M 8-10
L 12-14
XL 16-18
2XL 18-20 ($3.00 additional)


aday said...

HOLY SCRAPOLI!! Those are rockin' all her new jammie sets are maybe I should quit sleeping in just panties and a tank huh?

3divasmommie said...

TMI!!!! TMI Alicia!!! LOL
I love these jams...I must have them!!

TGH said...

I love the PJ's. I just order mine. I'm counting down days until Crop-a-Ganza.

Liz S said...

Alicia who are you kidding, I KNOW what you really sleep in (or actually don't)! ;-) JK LMAO

I love those jammies but can they be ordered in bigger sizes for us fat women?

PS: Love the Kumfy Cushion or as I like to call it the Tushie Cushie.