Monday, August 13, 2007

Okay - two posts in ONE day!! What's up with that?!?! Just a few things - first of all - Heidi has FINALLY updated her blog.....not that I don't understand WHY she hasn't, I don't know how she does it!! But, she's going to be on QVC tonight and tomorrow - so watch for that!! I reallly wish that we had cable at the store - for SPECIAL OCCASSIONS like this!!! ha ha!! :)......

I will post the "Challenge" layouts tomorrow - but so far - I'm LOVING them!! Huscher's HAS to be the funniest so far!! I love her humor!! It really shows through in her work!! Dana sent one via email - and it's ALL DIGITAL!! This layout is from last weeks challenge - using the sketch!! I love the use of the wings!! Kristy did the first one (using our NEW buttons!) and the second was submitted by Lan Amphone!! I just love the way all of these layouts have looked so different, from the SAME sketch!! I LOVE THIS!!!

NEW stuff today - CAROLEE'S AdornIt!! We got some new SCHOOL stuff, Band themed, and Halloween as well!!! PLUS some great donations from some FABULOUS vendors for GANZA!!!

Okay - here's your sketch challenge for the week!!! Knock yourself out - show me what you got!I love the SMALLER photos that line the larger photos in this layout!!

So, for those of us that are gearing up for Ganza - get ready - we're working on some special sales for this weekend to help you prepare for GANZA!! So, be watching for more information on here as well as in your in box!! Talk to you tomorrow!!!


aday said...

How crazy is this I am packing for Crop Ganza right now. Organizing and gathering that is and checking the awesome layouts!!

mom2cms said...

You're not alone. since the organization class I have been on the ball. I am packed, except for swap things I'm working on now, page kits done, even have snacks packed and ready. LOL!
Thanks Alicia!