Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Upcoming THANKFUL class!

Check out the latest class Laura has created!!  These fabulous WOODEN blocks are the PERFECT addition to ANY decor - holiday or not!!  These lovely's can stay out all year long!!!

The blocks have officially ARRIVED at the store!! Come in and check these out IN PERSON!!! 

This class has been set for Tuesday November 2nd 630-930...you'll complete all 10 WOOD blocks, covered on all 6 sides with paper, and each block is embellished with dimensional goodies!! PLUS - this class will be the first to purchase BLANK blocks, if you would like to make MORE to give as great holiday gifts!!

 $35.00 reserves your spot!! 

Hurry - seats are limited!!! 


Lots of dimension on each block!! These are WOODEN blocks! So they'll look great year round!! You could even come up with another "phrase" or "word" or even your last name and put it on the back to change things up a tad!!

a little closer look at the detail of these blocks!! Love these warm colors! They'd look great in your living room, dining room...think of all the possibilities!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wednesday Sketch Challenge UPDATE!!!!

Okay - so you might have read on Facebook already....but for those of you that don't "do" facebook....i wanted to update ya'll on the new LOWDOWN on the Wednesday Sketch Challenge!!

Since so many of you have said that you LOVE the sketches and all that jazz, but you just can't make every single week....we wanted to make it a little easier on you (and us too!)....to be involved!!  We're going to start putting all the entires that are submitted into a "jar" each week.....then at the end of the MONTH we'll draw ONE winner from the MONTH!!  If you are doing the challenges WEEKLY this, obviously, will increase your chances of winning...yet at the same time (hopefully) entice SOME of you to participate once a MONTH, at least.....which was more than you MAY have already even considered attempting?!?! 

Sooooo, come on !!!  JOIN IN!!! You won't be SORRY!!!  PROMISE!!!

***now for those of you that are scratching your head and saying...."huh?!!  what IS the Wednesday Sketch Challenge?"....well,,,,,real quick, lemme tell ya!!!

Each wednesday we (really, it's just ME!!  I do it!!  Lets just be honest!) post a sketch for YOU!!  It's just a sketch that I've chosen...from several of my favorite sketch sites....sometimes it's one pagers - sometimes double pagers....i try and go back and forth!!  I also like to attach a "quote" or title idea, poem, statement...just something to peek your interest....use it...don't.....doesn't matter - either way - you now have a sketch and some WORDS to START somewhere!!!  

The whole idea behind the WSC, is to get YOU to scrapbook MORE OFTEN!!  So many times, we hear "i just don't have the time"  "i just don't know where to start"  "i'm not creative"  "all of my pages look alike".  So - i thought this might be a great way to SPARK some creativity and jump start some of you busy scrappers out there!!  PLUS - seeing everyone's "take" on the sketches reallllly is fun!!!

So - NO RULES....lift the sketch exactly as you see it - or don't use it at all!!  NO RULESS!!!!!  just scrapbookin'!!!  And Inspiring!!  And encouraging!!!  We'd love for you to JOIN US!!! : )   you can email your challenge entries to scrapfunattic@cox.net OR post them directly to our facebook page!!  

Thursday, October 7, 2010

February Crop*A*Ganza 2011!!

The Crop*A*Ganza Registration form for February 4-6, 2011!!!

I KNOW - don't be SHOCKED - it's a TAD bit early!!!  Registration OPENS Saturday October 30th at 9:00am!! 

You can register via Telephone: 316-733-0029      Fax: 316-260-2559   Or IN PERSON at the store!!  If you have any problems downloading the form - email us at scrapfunattic@cox.net and we'll get it sent to you individually!!!

**maybe i'll even get the countdown ticker back up on here pretty soon!?!?!? ; )

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wednesday Challenge #29

HERE'S your Wednesday Challenge for this week!!  

And your words to ponder this week with this challenge......A grandma is a mom with extra frosting!!  (compliments of scrapbook.com!)

DID YOU KNOW that THIS challenge is the #29th challenge for this year?!?!  That means if you've done EVERY ONE with us - you've created at the VERY LEAST 29 pages!!!  AWESOME!!!  I would LOVE to hear from anyone that has done them all - or even MOST of them!!!  I know that many of you print them, or file them away for a later date, and that works too - just good to hear from everyone, knowing that i'm not doin' this for NOTHIN, ya know!! : ) 

Friday, October 1, 2010

FIRST Annual Love, Chloe - VIP Event in Wichita!!!

Registration opens up for the First Annual Love, Chloe-VIP event in Wichita!!!  Are you able to join us?!?!!
Here's the Registration Form (if you have troubles downloading/printing it - email me (scrapfunattic@cox.net) and i'll get it to you personally!)

Let's get this crop FULL and SELL OUT !!!!  Support a FABULOUS cause, and CROP at the same time with some fabulous friends!!  What could be better than THAT?!?!