Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wednesday Challenge #29

HERE'S your Wednesday Challenge for this week!!  

And your words to ponder this week with this challenge......A grandma is a mom with extra frosting!!  (compliments of!)

DID YOU KNOW that THIS challenge is the #29th challenge for this year?!?!  That means if you've done EVERY ONE with us - you've created at the VERY LEAST 29 pages!!!  AWESOME!!!  I would LOVE to hear from anyone that has done them all - or even MOST of them!!!  I know that many of you print them, or file them away for a later date, and that works too - just good to hear from everyone, knowing that i'm not doin' this for NOTHIN, ya know!! : ) 


Kayla Cure said...

I've done 28!!!! Actually missed two because of family in town, but one challenge I did two layouts :) Keep them coming!!! I think I might get the baby books completed!!!!!