Sunday, September 30, 2007


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...........................this is {ME} exhaling!!!! (for only a brief second!)
What a weekend!!! WHAT A FUN WEEKEND!!! We had a GREAT group of ladies cropping this weekend!!! More than half of them I didn't really "know" before this weekend!! I have to say - that's probably the most surprising thing about this whole "scrapbooking "thing" " - the relationships that you build - just from having a HOBBY in common!! It's awesome!!! We had a lot of fun and I hope that everyone will be back in soon!!!

This is a group photo - now, not EVERYONE was able to be in the picture!! Christie (welch) had to leave early - Sandee and Janine weren't back yet - so I know this photo isn't complete - but it's a good one at that! (of course - FLOSSY made the photo!) (as I'm looking at this photo - WHERE IS KELLY!?!) Huscher - did you back up when I put the camera in front of my face!??!) HUSCHER?!?!?!

ANY crop with Jennifer and Keri is GUARANTEED to be a BLAST!! I swear - I seriously laugh SO hard when they're together!!! Here is just a preview of what I'm talking about!!! (poor KIM!! ha!! Kim had SO much fun!!! I'm sure she's glad that she got to meet Jennifer!)

I haven't really had a chance to "re-coop" - feel kinda like I just completed Crop*A*Ganza!!! Cleaned the store last night and today - so it should be nice and FRESHLY cleaned for a little while - YES that means that SOME things have "moved"!! But, trust me - it's looking GOOD!! If you can't find something when you're in - just ask us!! We will SO find it for you!!!

Okay - lets get to the REAL reason why you're all reading this tonight - REGISTRATION opens TOMORROW morning FOR crop*a*ganza!!! ARE you REadY?!?!

We ARE!! We have NO idea what to expect - we've not done it like this before - usually we just open up registration AT the previous Crop*A*Ganza event - but this time - we decided to "re-evaluate" everything and tweek some things. Thus the reason for the price increase.

First let me say - Crop*A*Ganza DID NOT increase $100.00 in price!!! That is a "rumor" that has been going around.......................YES, Crop*A*Ganza DID increase by $10.00 for croppers. And, we feel that it is STILL a fair price - while affordable as well. When we took this over from Theresa Hixon and Treasure Keepers, we tried to keep everything (for the most part) the same as she had!! But, it's just not possible to continue at the "rate" at which we were going!!! We want to continue to have these events for ALL of US - both YOU and US!! We feel that the Wichita area has DESPERATELY needed something of this kind for some time now, and we are so excited that we are able to provide this for you!!! BUT, we are also running a business.......and unfortunately - in order to remain "in business" we have to make a profit!! (or at least thats what our accountant tells us!!! ha ha!), we had to increase the price. That's the explanation!! Plain and simple - we're not trying to "rob" anyone - or "rip" anyone off!!! We really are wanting to just bring you a GREAT crop event - FUN, and GREAT!!!! (i'm getting off my shoebox now!)

So, if you're ready to register - we are READY for you!!!!!!

PLEASE print off the registration form....(you can get it via our website or on the upper right hand side of this blog - click on the link and print it off)!

Fill it out - in it's entirety!!!! You must PAY your full registration at the time of sign up!!! We accept VISA, Mastercard or Discover - Check and Cash!!!

Call with any questions you may have!!! 316-733-0029

We have the store "WOMAN-ED" and everything is a "GO" for tomorrow morning!! We will begin taking phone calls and registrations IN the store at 9:00AM sharp!!! First come, first serve!! We will answer the phones as the calls come in - if you call and we don't answer - we're on the other line with a customer and will answer it as soon as we can!!! Be patient!! We really DO want EVERYONE to come!!!!

Okay - gotta go to bed now - I'm EXHAUSTED!!! I'll post your weekly challenge tomorrow PROMISE!! (I will KIM!! promise!) :)

Friday, September 28, 2007

Well, the day is FINALLY OVER!! I can't remember a day like this one since we very first opened!!!! We were SWAMPED all day long!!! It didn't help that the (*!??# PDF file took about FOUR hours out of my day!!! But, with the help of my good friend Christie Welch we FINALLY have it up and running!! You can find it to the RIGHT of this post - on the TOP of the RIGHT hand side, you should be able to click on the "Crop*A*Ganza Registration Form" link and it will allow you to print it out!! HOPEFULLY!!!

Scrap*Pink is up and running and we are having a TON of fun!! Yes, there are TWENTY ONE croppers!! YES, it's a tiny bit crowded - BUT we are all having tons of fun - getting tons of cropping done - and even making some new friends!!! Here are a few pics from tonight!!Summer broke the sewing machine AGAIN!
Megan Lawrence (one of our new Crop*A*Ganza vendors) donated these items for give-a-ways!

Some of the yummy pink candies!!!Jennifer ALREADY completed ONE layout!! WOW!!!!

Tomorrow is going to be CrAzY fun!!! Here are the SALES were havin!!!

*Cricut Cartridges $59.99 and $69.99

*ALL XYRON (excluding wishblade) items are 20% off!

*Bazzill Cardstock - buy TEN get FIVE free!

*ALL Fiskars Hand punches - 25% off!
*ALL Autumn Leaves stamps are 25% off!

*ALL Stamping Supplies are 15% off!

*Komfy Kushion is 25% off!

*ALL of our kits - Class Kits and Store Kits - are 25% off!!! (there are some awesome kits)!

We are punching punch cards too!!!

Renee's make n take starts at 9:00 am - it's $10.00 and you make a 12x12 fancy pants layout! There are only 25 of them available - so you'd better get here early!!!

Cards make n takes start after noon and will run all afternoon!!!!

join us at the lodge for another make n take from 1:30-2:30!!

NOW - don't forget that JANA is teaching her Survivor class from 2:00-4:00 on SUNDAY!! This class is not yet full and has ROOM for YOU!! You will make a two page layout!! ALL PROCEEDS go to Susan G.!!!

***FIGHT LIKE A GIRL shirts are HERE!!!!!*************************

******CLIP it UPs are back in STOCK!********************

***********NEW We R Memory Keepers foil kits are here!******************

books are HERE

Okay - after going to be "fat and happy" thinking that I had CONQUERED the ADOBE "hell" (excuse my french) that I SOOOOO don't loook forward to...................................I get up this morning only to see that it was only good for TEN MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soooooooooooooooooooooooo, FINALLY after spending $100.00 and ONE more hour - it's FINALLY (cross your fingers) up and ready!!!!

Lets hope that this works - otherwise it's gonna be a LONG four months!!! ha ha!!!

But PROMISE me - you will not submit your registration forms UNTIL MONDAY morning!!! We cannnnnnnnnnoooooooooottttttt take forms THIS WEEKED!! In order to be fair to EVERYONE!!! If you fax it in - please don't fax it until Monday morning!! PLEASE!! It's only fair!!?!?!?!?

Now - I'm off to find my earrings!!! I was so frazzled this morning that I forgot to wear my earrings!!! I NEVER forget my earrings!!!!

Crop-A-Ganza Registration Form

We are not sure what the problem is with the PDF File for Crop-A-Ganza Registration... We are working on it, and will let you know AS SOON AS WE GET IT UP AND WORKING!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Okay - just a few more pics from today!!!

Renee and I went on a HUNT for some FUN PINK candy - we were a little disappointed with the "Candiopolis" in the mall.....but we did manage to sift through and get some good stuff!! I'm on the hunt for the PERFECT display for them!

We also had to stop by Build a Bear and get "Flossy" a new "top" for the event!!! She is going to look "SMASHING BABY"!!!

We completed the Goodie Bags this evening and I am SUP-A excited!! I hope you like them too!!!

We spent the evening at the carnival! ~ Good family fun!!! We had tons of it!!! Here' a pic for your enjoyment!!!

For you SCRAP*PINK attendees: the fun starts at 5:00PM on Friday night and runs until MIDNIGHT........resumes at 7:00 AM (coffee will be READY!) on Saturday and runs until MIDNIGHT!!!!!

Make N Takes start at 9:00 and pretty much run ALL DAY LONG - or until SUPPLIES RUN OUT!!!

Sale begins SATURDAY MORNIN!!!!

btw - come closer - c l o s e r
........shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh don't tell EVERYONE - this is OUR little secret!!! a LITTLE closer!!! THERE that's good..........................the Crop*A*Ganza registration form is on the website!!! You can click HERE to get there the fastest!! GOOD LUCK!!! - but listen - DO NOT TRY AND BRING IT IN BEFORE MONDAY!!!! DON'T DO IT!!!! I'm SERIOUS!!! Yeah - I mean YOU - I'm talkin' to YOU!!! SERIOUSLY!

We are FULL for Scrap*Pink!!!

Okay - I know, I know - THREE posts in ONE day!! SHUT UP!!! But, we've got LOTS of stuff going on right now!!!

Here is the makeNtake that KELLY will be doing for us at the GAD lodge from 1:30-2:30 - and kelly would like starbucks if you're coming her way!! haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! CuTe!! Kids and Big kids of all ages can participate!!! This makeNtake is FREE!!!!! And such a great embellishment to ANY scrapbook page - or even as just a sweet little note to someone special!!!

THEN - back at the store - KELLY will also be creating THIS adorable HALLOWEEN CARD!!! this makeNtake will be held after her makeNtake at the Lodge!!! Once again - supplies are limited - so get out here EARLY!!! (donations are being accepted for THIS makeNtake - ALL going to Susan G. Komen)

This adorable layout was made by Kelly (this seems like the "Kellyshow" doesn't it!?!?! I mentioned to her yesterday that I was anxious to see the new Bazzill Shaped Eyelet cardstock ON a layout - and she delivered!!! I bet her daughter is LOVING this!!!!!!!!

She also brought in this CUTE CUTE "ACMS" (andover central middle school) mini album - of her daughter "cheering"!! Isn't it cute!?! I think she should have a class on how to make it - anyone else?!?!

THIS book is called "Kellys Kids......WHERE are they and WHAT are they doing?"!!! She created this little album with the "Maya Road" altered book and the Cosmo line (she's a Cosmo LOVER!) But she can flip to the divider of her child - and pull out of the pocket - their class schedule and meetings or appointments for the week!! CUTE!!

Okay - LASTLY!! From KELLY!! (the kellyshow!) I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS LAYOUT!!! and not JUST because it features BUX!!! I have been WANTING to see this in "real life" - she took snapshots of the coffee cup and put them together like a puzzle - making it a HUGE photo of the cup! I LOVE that her name is also on the cup!!!
Then this is the second page - participating in our challenge - she used "memorabilia"!!! LOVE IT!!
We are so lucky and grateful to have such AMAZING girls at the attic!! We love you guys!


Renee and I are leaving to head in to "town" to pick up some goodies for Scrap*Pink!!!

More later!!!

We have ONE spot oPeN for Scrap*Pink weekend!!!! ONE SPOT!!! ONNNNEEEEE!!!

Call the store FAST!!! 733-0029!!!!!!!

$30.00 - includes donation to Susan G. Komen - AWESOME goodie bag - Fight like a Girl T!!

Here's the picture of the Survivor Layout that you'll be completing on Sunday - BOTH pages!! $20.00 - with ALL of the proceeds going to Victory in the Valley!!! You could change the title to something else if you'd rather it not say "Survivor"!! We still have spots left if you're interested in this one!!! 733-0029

Okay - newsletter that I sent out yesterday - the sale begins SATURDAY MORNING!!!

Here's a sneekie peekie for you Scrap*Pink ladies!!!!

Christie is working on the shirts AS we speak!!!

And I'm out to Target to get some goodies and snacks for you guys!!! CANNOT WAIT!!!

BTW - those of you that are attending Scrap*Pink - Keri (our Caterer extrodanaire!) is going to be bringing some snacks of her own - HOMEMADE!! You're more than welcome to bring snacks if you'd like to - you are not, by any means, required to!!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Okay - it’s OFFICIAL!! We finally have the information for our Digital Scrapbooking class!!!

Gettin “Digi” with it!

Our very own Jana is going to teach you how to Digitally Scrapbook!!! This will be a SIX SESSION class!!
The cost is $120.00 - which averages out to be $20.00 per class. BUT, after the 2nd we will not offer it again until January!! So, if you want to get in on our FIRST EVER DIGITAL class - now is the time!!

Jana is only accepting TEN students for this class - giving you more one on one personal attention!!

You must have “SOME” computer skills!!! Meaning, if you aren’t able to navigate a tool bar, this would not be the best place for you to start!! (obviously if you’re reading this blog - then you can do that!!!) :)
If you have a laptop BRING IT WITH YOU!! If you don’t have one - you can still take the class we will have a LCD Projector - but it would be best if you could bring a laptop with you!!!
You will also need to have Adobe Photoshop!! You can download a free trial online.
Each class - you will complete a 12x12 layout!!! The last class being COMPLETELY digital!!! Jana is going to help us learn how to INCORPORATE digital into our “normal” scrap booking!! Everything from journaling, cropping a photo, resizing, altering and more!!!

We’ve already had a few ladies sign up - so there are approx. 7spots available!! If you’re interested - you need to get signed up TODAY!!! 733-0029

Class Dates: Tuesdays - October 2nd, October 16th, October 30th, November 6th, November 27th, and December 4th. All of these classes will begin at 6:30pm and end at 8:30pm!!

**please note** if you aren’t able to attend one of the classes in this session - we can make arrangements for you to come in during store hours and one of us “attic gals” can walk you through the class that you missed!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Guess what WE did today?!?!

Sarah and I (with the help of the "attic" gals too!) have spent the last four days making 1,080 kits for WORLD CARD MAKING DAY!!! YAHOO!!!

Lemme tell ya - I would be totally fine if I NEVER saw a card again - or so I thought - and then Jodie brought in the two cards that she is doing for her FREE make-n-take on the 6th of October - they are SO CUTE!!

So, we all got together (minus Debbie - she wasn't feeling real well) and made 23 of the 40 cards tonight - in TWO hours. We wanted to "dry run" through it and HOPEFULLY get out all the kinks and bumps!! Hopefully we did that!! We hit a few hiccups - but I think it will be a BLAST!! Renee (smarty pants) finished ALL 23 cards in LESS than an hour and a half - followed closely by Kristy - Kelly and Kelli tied and had to leave early - (kiddos!) - I finished LAST and only finished ELEVEN cards in an hour and 1/2!! And I was the one that thought twenty cards in two hours would be a "piece of cake"!! WRONG!! But, just know that you'll have PLENTY of time to complete your cards!! NO RUSHING!!! (renee!:) )

I don't know WHY Kelly always RUNS from the camera!!!

few things that you'll want to make sure and bring with you to WCD:

*Adhesive "runner" (we will provide you with glue dots and pop dots where needed!)

*Some fine tipped scissors!!

*Your camera!!! (in case you don't finish your cards and want to take a photo!)

Other than that - don't bring other items - it will only slow you down!!! You could bring your tool tote with you if you insist - but theres not a lot of room at each "station"!!

We had a BLAST!! Lots of talking, laughing and just FUN to cut loose!!! Maybe too much fun!! We learned which card we loved the most and which ones we never want to see again!! The boys even got to do a few of the cards - and they approve!!

After all of the card making was over - Jodie brings out these BEAUTIFUL cupcakes!!! She recently completed a cake making course and baked us YUMMIE WHITE ENORMOUS CUPCAKES with PINK FROSTING with DAISIES made out of MILK CHOCOLATE!! OHHHHH MYYYYYY GOOOODNESS!!! They were AMAZiNG! Thank you SOOOOO much Jodie - they were GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGreat!!! (tony the tiger for ya there!)

Something new that came in today:

WE HAD to take a minute to open the box from Bazzill - it's the Creative Escape Idea book from Heidi Swapp and the gang that puts on Creative Escape EVERY year!! They only make a limited number of these - so if you want it - you'd better get it now while you can!!! They'll go FAST!!!

Here's a picture of the $10.00 make and take that Renee has re-created from Fancy Pants - she'll be doing it while supplies last on Saturday beginning at 9:00AM!! ALL of the proceeds from this make-n-take will go to Susan G. Komen!! Come out and support a GREAT cause and make a beautiful page at the same time!!!

Also - Janas Survivor class on Sunday STILL has a few spots remaining!! This class is $20.00 and ALL proceeds for it go to Victory in the Valley!! Jana is even donating her "earnings" from that day to VITV as well!! You will complete BOTH pages of this layout - using the new GLITZ line - "Hot Mama"! Don't miss this class - it's a great way to honor the "survivor" in your life!!!

(I will post a picture of the layout tomorrow!)

Scrap*Pink ladies - I'll be updating you with some "teasers" tomorrow - I PROMISE!!!


I HAAATTTEEE that!!! Especially when I think of all that I have coming up this week and I NEED at least EIGHT hours of sleep every night - AHHHH!!!!

So, here's your challenge for THIS week!!! Taken from Scrapbook Play~

We all have "memorabilia" laying around that we just CANNOT throw away - either you THINK you'll scrapbook it SOMEDAY or you just "can't" (well, Summer could throw it away! blog!) but others of us just can't let it go!!! :) SO, this is your challenge for the week. Scrapbook IT!! Either in a one page LO or a two page LO - get it on a PAGE and out of that box - "to scrap"!!! I will scan this page from the magazine first thing when I get to the store in the AM to give you an example. The LO itself is not necessarily the "challenge", although you could "lift" it - but just get that memorabilia onto a page!!!

For example - I found a wedding napkin from my cousin Ticey's wedding from 2004 in my bible this morning in church!! And I have the pictures from her wedding that I have been waiting to crop - so that's what I'm using!!! But you could also use a hospital "id" bracelet - movie tickets - plane or concert tickets - a program from a performance of some sort!!!

That's IT!! Get busy - and I PROMISE you will be happy with your "reward"!! The first person to either email a photo of their completed LO or bring it in to the store will receive a goodie bag!!! So, get busy!!!!

~welcome back KH - did you have a good time!??! Were you able to hit ALL the LSS on your list??!?!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Okay - so for those of you who don't stalk Jana's blog - you should - but I HAD to RE-COPY - post this from her blog and answer her burning questions regarding Crop*A*Ganza registration - which I might add is only ONE WEEK AWAY!!! STRESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steff is putting a tremendous amount of STRESS in my life with all these Ganza postings!!! So I am quitting my job and will be pitching a tent Sunday night in front of the store so I can get signed up. Dear Lord, have mercy on Renee, Kristy and Kelly on the 1st of October!!!!

Questions regarding signup:

Will you be installing extra phone lines? NO!! I wanted too - but Debbie says it's NOT IN THE BUDGET!!
Do you think you'll have port-a-potties in the parking lot???
NO!! But, we do have TWO bathrooms - if you HAVE to go - we would probably let you in - but don't think that will gain you any closer to the front of the line!!! (HA HA!)
Can we call it "Pink Monday?" (Obscure reference to Black Friday)
As a matter of fact - Renee and Christie Welch are already "all over it"!
What about crowd control? What if a riot breaks out and innocent scrappers are trampled?? We will do our best to keep all women happy and smiling!! We usually do!! But, should tempers flair - we do have "Mr. Taekwondo" next door!
What if some poor "scrubbie" gets sent to Scrap*Funattic to signup his wife??? Will he file for divorce that afternoon???
Absolutely not!! If anything - he might just get a wonderful greeting from us for being "Husband of the Year!"
Do instructors get PRIORITY signup?? (wink, wink, nudge, nudge!!!) Hmmmmm, whats it worth to ya?!?!
Is "scalping" your spot at Cropaganza illegal?? If not how much would you be willing to pay???
I can't answer that question - but if it does happen - I'd like in on a cut!
Will you have the number of a Crisis Hotline available for those who don't make the cut?
We should have a Crisis BLOG LINE!!! That's a great idea!!! But, NO - those that REALLY want in - WILL get in!!
Will Sarah spend hours glueing glitter to the pdf registration forms?

*(#$#$##@^& that's what I think of all that GLITTER!! We will NOT be having GLITTER this Ganza - but there WILL be lots of BLUE eye shadow!!! (and if Huscher puts anymore baggies of random glitter that she finds around the store - on my desk I think I might jump!)
Will Christie be making a t-shirt that says, "I survived Pink Monday!"
Close!! But, you must be there on "Pink Monday" to see for yourself!
The answers to these burning questions are locked in the minds of the Scrap*Funattic Tower of Power(aka, Mom, Sarah and Steff).

Jana is SO in the wrong profession!! She could be writing for comedy sitcoms!!! HILARIOUS!!! You'd better read below - I've posted one more time today!

Happy SUNDAY!!!

How was YOUR last official weekend of SUMMER!??!

Ahhhhhh, FALL!!! LOVE IT!!!
We just finished up Kristy's FIRST class here at the "attic"!! And I think it went VERY WELL!! It's an adorable album and all the ladies were very pleased!!!! Good Job KM - I wish we had our camera so we could take pictures of it!!!!

Okay - classes coming up this week...........................Senior Review and Lifes Journey.

SENIOR REVIEW - people you are gonna KICK yourself for not taking this in MAY!!! If you've got a senior in high school, you're going to want to take this class!!! Bonnie is going to give you a month by month album ready for you to present to your child on graduation day!!! And if you've got a junior, sophomore or freshman - you could gear this class towards them as well, and have a completed HIGH SCHOOL year album!!! Bonnie has taken all the guess work out of this for you!! So, if you're one of those people that "just can't come up with layout ideas" for your kids - this is PERFECT for you!!! There are still seats available - so give the store a call today!!!

I have ALMOST completed my research on our digital class information!! I'm trying to find out how other stores are doing things, and tweaking it a little. So, hopefully - by tonight - if not then definitely tomorrow!!! I'm so excited - JANA is going to be teaching it - and if you've ever taken a class from her - you'll agree - she's so "matter of fact" and she speaks "scrapbooker"!! So, you will be pleased!!!!

Okay - I'm going to post a challenge on here later tonight - from the Scrapbook PLAY magazine - so check back later!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Some more new mags came in yesterday!!!
For you CARD makers!! This one is cards for kids!!!!!!!!!
We have these BACK in stock!!
This is COMING SOON!!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Hi there!! How was your week?? This is a quick and short post - but I HAD to tell you about this magazine!!!
I spent and ENTIRE HOUR on the treadmill on Wednesday reading this from cover to cover!!! I haven't done that in a LONG TIME!! I laughed OUT LOUD, cuz the layouts and articles were SO FUNNY. AND, I didn't want to tear ANY of the pages out - I want to keep the ENTIRE magazine in my collection!!!

It's DEFINITELY worth the money!!!

So, if you're looking for a great inspirational mag. - this is the one for you!!! I'll post more later - I PROMISE!! (ya I know!!)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Some NEW stuff at the ATTIC!!
FINALLY our specialty SCHOOL paper and stickers are FINALLY - FINALLY back in!!! And I must say - out of all of them - the AUGUSTA is my favorite!!!! It's beautiful Orange and Black swirls!!!
BAZZILL - I think I can FINALLY say that ALL of our colors are BACK IN STOCK - with the exception of a few - that will be here w/i a week!!!

Okay - so, I've had a few questions about World Card Making Day - first of all - Jodie Smith is our Card Maker Extraordinaire.....and YES all FORTY cards are different!!! There are all sorts of "levels" of difficulty in this class and it will be set up in stations - so you will be able to work at your own lesiure! We are having a "dry run" of the class here at the store for the employees, giving Jodie a chance to practice and for us to see how smoothly it will all run. So, after that - we'll have more information on what we reccommend you bring with you!!!

Scrap*Pink - we have been getting the stuff ready for the goodie bags and I'm SUP-A excited!! ALL pink stuff - and NOT what you'd expect!! So, that's cool!!! The shirts are coming along (I hope!) :)........We will be having give-aways and contests and OF COURSE - Flossy will be here as well (giggle!).

Crop*A*Ganza - I'm going to go ahead and say (without checking with Debbie and Sarah) that we will have the registration form for Ganza on our website on FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 28th. If that changes I'll letcha know!! We are in the process of getting our Shirt for the next ganza designed!! Anybody have any IDEAS?!?! It's an "80's" theme!!! I was thinking something with GOLD on it - not the "glitter" gold -but you know, you remember the gold slick stuff?!? What was that stuff? Kinda vintage looking?!?!?!

Okay - I'm just rambling now - my mind is going in 20 different directions right now - so when I can FOCUS on ONE thing at a time - I'll get back with you all!!! Have a great day!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

How many women with MENOPAUSE does it take to change a light bulb?

Woman's Answer:

One! ONLY ONE!!!! And do you know WHY? Because no one else in this house knows HOW to change a light bulb! They don't even know that
the bulb is BURNED OUT!! They would sit in the dark for THREE DAYS before they figured it out.And, once they figured it out, they wouldn't be able to find the #&%!* light bulbs despite the fact that they've been in the SAME CABINET for the past 17 YEARS! But if they did, by some miracle of God, actually find them, 2 DAYS LATER, the chair they dragged to stand on to change the STUPID light bulb would STILL BE IN THE SAME SPOT!!!!! AND UNDERNEATH IT WOULD BE THE WRAPPER THE FREAKING LIGHT BULBS CAME IN!!! BECAUSE NO ONE EVER PICKS UP OR CARRIES OUT THE GARBAGE!!!! IT'S A WONDER

I'm sorry. What was the question?!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyone else have that kind of day!??!?!!? ha ha!! just a little MONDAY humor for ya!!! :)

Friday, September 14, 2007


Come in and get it while you can!!!

(no worries - we have more coming next week if we run out!)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Free Comments and Graphics at

Steff, Here is a comment I found........JUST FOR YOU!!!! - Smyers

Look what we got today?!?!

Are YOU the new design member for Reminisce?!?!

YOU could be!!!!

Check this out- any takers?!?!

Real quick......there have been several people that were requesting the play lists from us "attic girls" from Crop*A*Ganza!!! I'm working on getting a list compiled for you - but the BIG music item of THAT weekend was figuring out WHO sang "this" song......(picture me (steff) singing this to everyone alllll weekend long!) ........let's see how far we've come.......I velieve the world is coming to an la la la!!!! ......... FINALLY sister sarah came to the rescue!! (she's like th musical genius!! she can tell you WHAT the lyrics are! and WHO sings it!).....ANYWAY - get to the point right?!?! It was Matchbox 20 - ROB THOMAS is BACK with them!!! :) BUT, I couldn't buy it until October first - SO I THOUGHT!! So, I get on line this AM to download the NEW brittney spears song ( I HEART HER!) and the new Kayne West song (I know......??!?!) and I FIND THE NEW ONE BY MATCHBOX TWENTY!! And I love it so much, and feel that it is a good cropping song - so wanted to share it with you!!!

I hope that link works!!!

So, that's the topic of the day - let's start to share our FAVORITE cropping music!! We could even have our very OWN PLAYLIST on ITunes for croppin' like a rockstar!!! OHHHHHHH!!!! Renee - WE HAVE TO GET GOING ON THIS ONE!!! AND, someone help me get the new brittney song - do I have to do it the old fashioned way and go BUY it from TARGET!?!?!?!


HI!! How is your week going??!?!?! Anyone else feel as though it's FLYING BY!?!? Why is it on BEAUTIFUL days, such as the one's we've been having, seem to just FLY by!?!? I am LOVING this weather - L O V I N G IT!!!!!

Debbie (mom), Sarah and I had a brief meeting tonight about Crop*A*Ganza in February.......vendors - be looking for an email from me coming very soon.........registration will open for the next one on MONDAY, OCTOBER 1st. Sarah is going to have the registration form (pdf) on the website soon. BUT, DO NOT MAIL IT IN!!! We are accepting phone registrations and IN PERSON registrations beginning at 9:00am on MONDAY OCTOBER 1st - FIRST. Mail will not be opened or checked until after 9:00 AM on Monday!!!! So, if you send your registration in via fax or mail - please know that!!!! We are anticipating another SELL out!! and that is EXTREMELY exciting!!! We are having SO much fun meeting so many new people through Crop*A*Ganza and hope that you all are as well!!!

I have received TWO submissions from the Challenge that I posted on Monday from ya'll!! I will post the pics from those tomorrow!! Thank you ladies!!!

A little "teaser".......I met with Jana on Tuesday - we are gearing up for DIGI!!! Check out our class calendar for more information - as soon as i have the "specifics" I will letcha'll know more!! BUT, I PROMISE you - you want to JUMP ON THIS WAGON as soon as you can!!!

Okay - in-laws will be here around 6:00AM in the morning - so I've GOT to get some sleep!!! I'm meeting with my good friend Christie from 2chicks tomorrow - so hopefully i'll have some sneaks for you then too!!!

OH - HEIDI FINALLY updated her blog!!! It's a long one - but I am SO going to CE next year!! Anyone wanna "carpool" with me?!?!?!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

this is going to be a SHORT post!! i'm on my dh computer and don't have ANY of my pics that i wanted to share - plus I'm frantically trying to clean my house and catch up on my beauty issues (you know - wax, cut, color and fill!!!!).....the in-laws are coming in the morning so i have to make them think i actually keep the house CLEAN for their only SON and grandsons!! :)......but, wanted to give you the DL on the World Card Making day class!!!!

I PROMISE TO POST PICS THIS FRIDAY!!! (Jodie took ALL FORTY 40 (!!!!) cards back with her and is bringing them with her on Friday!)

Here's the "411"........

WHAT: World Card Making Day!
WHERE: The attic of COURSE!
WHEN: Saturday October 6th.....FREE make-n-takes beginning at 9:00 AM and running until suppplies are GONE!
FIRST card making class 10:00-12:00
SECOND card making class 2:00-4:00
WHY: Cuz ya'll have been DYING for a good card making class!
Specifics: Each class is $25.00.......with that $25.00 you get TWENTY awesome ONE OF A KIND cards.................IF you sign up for BOTH classes - you get FORTY DIFFERENT ONE OF A KIND cards...............PLUS - a FREE decorated "CARDS" tin to store all of your cards in!!! I'm thinking that this would be an awesome class(es) to take and give as a gift - all of the tins in a pre-made tin!!!!
So, there ya go!! Sign up begins today!!! LIZ - you need to let me know WHICH or if BOTH class you want me to sign you up for!! ( i didn't forget you this time!)

These cards are AWESOME!! SeRIOUSLY!!! Everything from sympathy - to birthday - good luck - tooth fairy - SCHOOL - the list just goes ON and ON!! There are NO repeats in the FORTY cards!!!
We'll wait and see the response from this class before we schedule our NEXT card making class - so if you're one of the THOUSAND (:}) that have been hitting us up for cards classes - get signed up TODAY!!!!!!
More pics and posts later!! And Brynn, I will post more info. about the garage sale later too!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Okay ladies - HALT!! I did NOT get the scales or the recipe holder at Target!!! I WISH!!! I got them on EBAY!! Summer sent me an email last week and I immediately bought them!!

Here is the link to look at more from the company I bought them from!! SCALES I thought of Huscher - since she always has that HUGE Close to My Heart book with her when she crops!!! (which I so badly want!).....YES, they do come in other colors!!

OH my goodness,.....while finding the link for ya'll - I came across THIS!!! This would be PERFECT for my BUTTONS!! OH MY GOOD-NESS!!! Mom, Sarah - MY BIRTHDAY!! HULLO!?!?! In case any of you are looking for a gift for your NEW BFF - ME - my birthday is October 8th!! OH MY GOSH - I'm IN LOVE!!!

The file cabinet - WALMART!!! YEP!! And if you find one - EMAIL ME, cuz I want another one!!!

I am SO proud of myself!! I completed ELEVEN layouts this weekend!! 1-1!! E L E V E N !!!! I am on FIRE!! I wish I could lock myself in my house EVERY weekend!!! And what makes it even better, is that my DH was home ALL WEEKEND to help out with the kiddos, so I didn't have to deal with the guilt of neglecting the kids!!! As long as dinner was on the table, and we had our "tv time" in the evening - it was ALL GOOD!!! So, that was nice!!! I don't like spending so much time away from the kids all week, and then away from them mentally all weekend!!! Speaking of kiddos - I am SO close to being "current"!! And I am STOKED for that to happen, so that I can TOTALLY focus on the aweso{ME} class!! I feel a tiny bit guilty working on stuff for MYSELF when my kids last three birthday's weren't even in the books!!! So, that will be nice!!!

Jodies FIRST Tin class was SUPERB today at the store!! I couldn't be there for it - but have heard GREAT things!!! So, I'm sure she's happy to have that one over, and on to the next one!!! We're meeting on Tuesday to finalize the information on World Card Making day - I will post it HERE first, so be looking for that too!!! I'm also meeting with another instructor on Tuesday for some EXCITING news, but can't mention it YET until it's a GO!! So, be watching for that as well!!!!!

If you've been in the store this week - I'm sure you've seen that our "appareal" section is SMALLER! We're making room for the new shirts that we've got coming in!!! So, bear with us!!! I've ordered the New SCRAPALICIOUS from "Scrappin Boot Camp".....and I'm meeting with Christie on Thursday to order some new ones from 2chicks as well!!! (Melissa Kelly - I will HAVE A CROP LIKE A ROCK STAR shirt for you BEFORE you leave for KC this weekend - I PROMISE!!!) :)

I snuck into the store this evening to get some adhesive and saw the new Creative Imaginations paper!! OH MY GOOOOODNESS!! The COWS are ADORABLE!! Kate was right!!! It makes you just wannt frame the PAPER!!

Speaking of Kate - she is working on a "Heritage" album for you!! Be watching the calendar for more information on that!!! AND, back by popular demand - she's bringing us the HALLOWEEN CANDY CAN!!! This class was a TWO TIME sell out last year - and we're gonna do it again this year!! So, I'll post pics of that later this week!!!

Okay - while doing all my cropping today - I found myself repeatidly having the same dillema!!! JOURNALING!!! I have SO much I want to say when I scrapbook (I know - you're SHOCKED!) but, how do you get it ALL out in such a short amount of space? Or do you compromise your photos to make room for your journaling??? THIS is your challenge!!! This can be a layout that you've already completed or one that you've been "putting off" me a layout that has a TON of journaling and a small amount of photos - or a TON of photos and a little bit of journaling - but your "story" is still told?!?! Does this make sense?!?! HELP ME OUT HERE!!!

Okay - no photos to post tonight - but GET YOUR CHALLENGES in to me!!! I have some GOOD "goodies" to give those of you that partici-PATE!!!!

PS - thank you ALL so much for your sweet words and emails and prayers for our family while we're going through this hard time!!! We are SO thankful for YOU!!

OH MY GOODNESS!! Have you BEEN outside this morning?!?!?! I got up and ran to Target (the happiest place on the planet!) to get some "choc-oat milk" (as my youngest says!) and some bagels and it is GORGEOUS out there!!! 68 degrees, slight wind - SUNNY!!


Okay - so I have the entire weekend off!! My ONLY goal for myself (not really, but if I achieve only ONE goal - then I feel like I've done really well!) :)......but anyway - my only goal was to get my scrapbook "space" better organized!!! I haven't really unpacked since that was a big task!!! After seeing Lauries TALL table at ganza - we went out the next day and bought me one - so now I can scrapbook STANDING UP!!! IT'S AWESOME!!! I scrapbooked last night for THREE hours and didn't sit down once - my shoulders didn't hurt and my lower back was FINE!! I LOVE IT!!! Anyway - I also got this awesome new PINK file cabinet and PINK scales (initially intended to hold my buttons !! HA!!! so, now they hold all of my journaling spots and 7gypsies tags!!.....which I am allowed to buy NO MORE of!! - I had a TON of those things)! and PINK recipe stand (for my sketches!).......I purged a TON!!! I'm talking like SIX laundry baskets FULL of stuff!! Including some bags/totes!!! But, I'm not showing you that stuff, cuz I'm putting it in our garage sale at the store - end of October!!!!

My hope was to be able to eliminate one clip it up (cuz I have two - full!)......but that didn't happen!! I TRIED!! REALLY TRIED!!! But, I'm not buying ANYMORE until I have ALL of my pictures CAUGHT UP!! I'm only about a year behind so that shouldn't be hard!!! I am also not buying ANYMORE class kits - unless I'm TAKING THE CLASS!! I have kits still in the packages from JULY of 2006!!! HELLO?!?!!
Anyway - my crop space is SMALL!! I'm used to my own entire BEDROOM!!! But, the house that we're living in now (which is temporary) doesn't allow for that to happen - so I have a small corner in our basement!!! But, hey - I can leave my stuff out and not have to worry about tearing it down - so I'm not complaining!!! But, it was AWESOME to scrapbook last night!! I have been itching to do so for a long long time!!! Danica - I FINALLY used the beads that you gave me!!! The layout turned out really cute!!!!

So, I didn't leave the house ALL DAY YESTERDAY!! Didn't even change out of my jammies until I showered at 10:00pm last night!! I LOVE THOSE DAYS!!!! So, needless to say - I didn't make it up to the store to get a look at the new stuff that came in!! Kristy said that ALL of the FANCY PANTS stuff is FLYING off the shelves!! Some of it is already sold out!!!! I'm bummed - b/c I didn't get to see it - but never fear I will be re-ordering it next week!!!

Urban Lily has shipped !!!! YEAH!!!
The new Creative Imaginations (Farm animals) is here!!!
More May Arts ribbon is on the way!!!
The speciality school paper has shipped!!!

We're going to be out tomorrow (Debbie, Sarah and I) Grandma Largen's Kristy and Renee have agreed to run the store while we're away!! Thank you girls!! We love ya!!

I'll be back later on this evening to post your challenge for this week!!! It's gonna be a good one!! I PROMISE!!!