Thursday, September 13, 2007

HI!! How is your week going??!?!?! Anyone else feel as though it's FLYING BY!?!? Why is it on BEAUTIFUL days, such as the one's we've been having, seem to just FLY by!?!? I am LOVING this weather - L O V I N G IT!!!!!

Debbie (mom), Sarah and I had a brief meeting tonight about Crop*A*Ganza in February.......vendors - be looking for an email from me coming very soon.........registration will open for the next one on MONDAY, OCTOBER 1st. Sarah is going to have the registration form (pdf) on the website soon. BUT, DO NOT MAIL IT IN!!! We are accepting phone registrations and IN PERSON registrations beginning at 9:00am on MONDAY OCTOBER 1st - FIRST. Mail will not be opened or checked until after 9:00 AM on Monday!!!! So, if you send your registration in via fax or mail - please know that!!!! We are anticipating another SELL out!! and that is EXTREMELY exciting!!! We are having SO much fun meeting so many new people through Crop*A*Ganza and hope that you all are as well!!!

I have received TWO submissions from the Challenge that I posted on Monday from ya'll!! I will post the pics from those tomorrow!! Thank you ladies!!!

A little "teaser".......I met with Jana on Tuesday - we are gearing up for DIGI!!! Check out our class calendar for more information - as soon as i have the "specifics" I will letcha'll know more!! BUT, I PROMISE you - you want to JUMP ON THIS WAGON as soon as you can!!!

Okay - in-laws will be here around 6:00AM in the morning - so I've GOT to get some sleep!!! I'm meeting with my good friend Christie from 2chicks tomorrow - so hopefully i'll have some sneaks for you then too!!!

OH - HEIDI FINALLY updated her blog!!! It's a long one - but I am SO going to CE next year!! Anyone wanna "carpool" with me?!?!?!


B-squared said...

pick me! pick me! i was just reading heidi's blog about it last night and like wow! could probably only afford to do it once lol!

we could plan our roadtrip around starbuck stops and scrapbook stores along the route, you know, for "research purposes"!!

and i'll bring all my oak ridge boys cd's to listen to in the car! and chocolate - you know i don't travel without chocolate!

aday said...

I may be interested we can chat all about it!

~*BuzyKeriBee*~ said...

WELLLLLL.... My week has been going pretty fast itself. Just to let you know I have now gotten the official SENIOR PICTURE date set...OMG.. I don't know if I am really ready for this.. my oldest is graduating!!! AUUUGHHH!! Those of you who have little ones, KEEP THEM SMALL... don't let them grow up.. Ok.. enough of that... I want to say that I have talked to Sarah and it is official... I will be doing the food for Cropaganza!! YEAHHHH!!! I have some pretty yummy stuff in the works so spread it around and give me some feedback... OH and for the record.. I WILL NOT BE RUNNING BACK TO THE KITCHEN this next time... I SOOOO PROMISE!!!
:o) Anyway... The weather is sooo Beautiful I wished it would stay like this forever!!!!

OMG... starbucks??? Did someone say starbucks?? I am sooo there.. yea, the trip was a bit pricey so I will pass on that one but I would love to see the pictures... ;o)
Well everyone have a great day and I will stop by later. ~ TTFN ~

Christie said...

Ok, so do we really have to carpool cause that would take a long time...arizona is a long ways away!!! But if that's how you are going, then I guess that is how I would go too. I have to find another Heidi opportunity because the first one is not looking like a go for me!!!!