Sunday, September 23, 2007

Happy SUNDAY!!!

How was YOUR last official weekend of SUMMER!??!

Ahhhhhh, FALL!!! LOVE IT!!!
We just finished up Kristy's FIRST class here at the "attic"!! And I think it went VERY WELL!! It's an adorable album and all the ladies were very pleased!!!! Good Job KM - I wish we had our camera so we could take pictures of it!!!!

Okay - classes coming up this week...........................Senior Review and Lifes Journey.

SENIOR REVIEW - people you are gonna KICK yourself for not taking this in MAY!!! If you've got a senior in high school, you're going to want to take this class!!! Bonnie is going to give you a month by month album ready for you to present to your child on graduation day!!! And if you've got a junior, sophomore or freshman - you could gear this class towards them as well, and have a completed HIGH SCHOOL year album!!! Bonnie has taken all the guess work out of this for you!! So, if you're one of those people that "just can't come up with layout ideas" for your kids - this is PERFECT for you!!! There are still seats available - so give the store a call today!!!

I have ALMOST completed my research on our digital class information!! I'm trying to find out how other stores are doing things, and tweaking it a little. So, hopefully - by tonight - if not then definitely tomorrow!!! I'm so excited - JANA is going to be teaching it - and if you've ever taken a class from her - you'll agree - she's so "matter of fact" and she speaks "scrapbooker"!! So, you will be pleased!!!!

Okay - I'm going to post a challenge on here later tonight - from the Scrapbook PLAY magazine - so check back later!!


B-squared said...

Hey - guess who's back in town! Did you know there are like a DOZEN or so scrapbook stores in KC?? Like wow!

SO please post the challenge soon Steff cuz I need some ideas on how to use up all these goodies I found!



Summer said...

Sooo needing a challenge bring it on sista!!

Liz S said...

I have enough to do, I don't need any challenges, LOL.

Okay, I was in Kristy's class and I must say WAY TO GO GIRL!! She did an awesome job. You'd have never known it was her first class!

Just a note to Steff though, if you ever have this class again (and you should), you should allow at least another hour for it. There is so much embellishing for this book, you need more time. I can't wait to sit down and finish it.

See ya soon,


JennK said...

My dd loved Kristy's class...she has been showing off her book to everyone that will look at it...LOL