Wednesday, September 5, 2007

WHERE has the time gone??! I feel as though a few days out of my normal routine and it's all gone down hill!!! I am a ROUTINE girl!!! If I don't have a normal routine each day - then I just might as well not even have ANY obligations!! Anyone else that way!?!? Okay - well I'm SURE you're DYING to know where the "attic" has been lately!!??? Let's see......we've been FINDING our desks!! ha ha!! It seems that the closer we get to ganza - the "fuller" our desks get!!! So, I (steff) spent last week returning calls, faxes and emails - and re-merchandising the store!! (thats my FAVORITE part!! We received quite a bit of NEW stuff last week as well!!! Let's get that posted on here!!
We got some ADORABLE new stickers from EKSUCCESS!! The ZOO jolees are ADORABLE!! I'm serious - Jolee's has REALLY outdone themselves this time!!!


Okay - so, that being posted - I want you to know that I was actually posting yesterday - but couldn't get it finished, so if the date reflects differently - thats why!! I've been in a FUNK lately!?!? After reading SUMMERS blog, I think it MUST be in the air!! So, I want to apologize to ALL THE GIRLS at the "attic" this week!! I've not been "myself" lately and I don't want any of you to think that it's anything personal!! I, occassionally, just have to "disconnect" with the outside world and be alone, then it all seems to be better!!! (anyone else have those days?!) So, just so you know - I'm alright - You're alright and We're gonna be alright!! :)
I know, I know, that I have let many of you down with the BLOG lately!! I tell ya and tell ya and SCREAM at ya to read the blog and then I vanish for a week or so!! I'm sorry!! I was accused by Brynn today of being like "Heidi" and not blogging!! NO!! I'm not moving to CHINA, so I don't have any grand excuse for not blogging!! So, enough with the excuses and apologies - lets get down to the "happenins" around here!!
Summer's class went GREAT!! Flawless (unless you ask Summer, and she'll agree with Jana - the sewing machine STINKS!!) ((although we might wanna try it again, cuz Janine brought us HER sewing machine to use! thanks janine!)).......this was her FIRST class - aweso{ME}, and we ALL had a great time!!! The next class is ALMOST full!! That's AWESO{me}!!! Here is a pic. of next months l/os for the class!!!

Mom and Me are coming up this weekend - and I'm, personally, excited b/c I have the perfect pictures of Kords first day of school for these!!! This class is ONLY being offered from 2:00-3:00 this saturday - so get signed up!!

Then, on Sunday - Jodi is kicking off her FIRST "tin" class at the attic!! This tin can be designed as an organizational tool for YOUR child in school OR for his/her teacher!!! This is a great class for the $$ !!! You get the entire completed tin, including the in"erds" for only $25.00!!! Which reminds me, we need to get those tins spraypainted this weekend!!!!

But, what I'm MOST excited about right now - is our UPCOMING WORLD CARD MAKING DAY CLASS!!! It's October 6th (which is TWO days before my birthday - if anyone cares!) Jodi has been working VERY hard on these amazing cards!!! She has been emailing them to me as she completes them, and I'm ready to get our class ideas and guidelines posted for you - so be watching for that later on this week!!! This is going to be ANSWERING ALL OF those "Card making" classes questions!! (and YES, she will be also having a Christmas Card making class!)
I WILL post tomorrow - I PROMISE!!!!


Summer said...

Okay first off I am soo the same way. Ask Michelle when we lived across the street from each other!! If my blinds were closed she knew I was down & out and needed my space. I didn't even do it intentionally, it was just my mood. I would just close the world off for a while! And after I did I felt better! We all have funks (or my case Kevin:)LOL!) And we get through it and then we move on!! No worries right???!?!?!?! ha! Glad to see all the great goodies! I am loving the EKSucess Curvy cutter!!! LOVING IT!!!!!

~BuzyKeriBee~ said...

Girly I soo know what you mean!!! Since Cropganza I have been soo out of it. I think one weekend with a good margarita and a cabana boy (swaying the large leaf for a fan) ;o) Will be the right medicine... heheheh ON a better note, Love the goodies and I want to see more.. guess I will just come and visit!!! Happy Days Girls!!! Hugs and misses

wolffx5 said...

So glad to see you up and in the swing of things. The products look great! I have been holding out on the perfect cutter and I think I just found it! So glad to see you are an October Girl!!! ME TOO :)~

aday said...

oh darn it!! I changed my mind on my kit for next month. I want the Steff not the Sarah can I change?

Liz S said...

No Alicia, you can't change. Anyone else can change but not you!! LOL (just kidding).

I can't wait for the next class in October.