Thursday, September 27, 2007

Okay - just a few more pics from today!!!

Renee and I went on a HUNT for some FUN PINK candy - we were a little disappointed with the "Candiopolis" in the mall.....but we did manage to sift through and get some good stuff!! I'm on the hunt for the PERFECT display for them!

We also had to stop by Build a Bear and get "Flossy" a new "top" for the event!!! She is going to look "SMASHING BABY"!!!

We completed the Goodie Bags this evening and I am SUP-A excited!! I hope you like them too!!!

We spent the evening at the carnival! ~ Good family fun!!! We had tons of it!!! Here' a pic for your enjoyment!!!

For you SCRAP*PINK attendees: the fun starts at 5:00PM on Friday night and runs until MIDNIGHT........resumes at 7:00 AM (coffee will be READY!) on Saturday and runs until MIDNIGHT!!!!!

Make N Takes start at 9:00 and pretty much run ALL DAY LONG - or until SUPPLIES RUN OUT!!!

Sale begins SATURDAY MORNIN!!!!

btw - come closer - c l o s e r
........shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh don't tell EVERYONE - this is OUR little secret!!! a LITTLE closer!!! THERE that's good..........................the Crop*A*Ganza registration form is on the website!!! You can click HERE to get there the fastest!! GOOD LUCK!!! - but listen - DO NOT TRY AND BRING IT IN BEFORE MONDAY!!!! DON'T DO IT!!!! I'm SERIOUS!!! Yeah - I mean YOU - I'm talkin' to YOU!!! SERIOUSLY!


Kathy said...

Darn! I can't open it....what am I gonna do?????....OMG...HELP!!! Maybe I should call in sick to work and run up there to get one...oh what's a girl to do???????????????

Sandee said...

I am jumping out of my chair.....
I can't open it either!!!!! Help, Help, I have to fax my registration in so I need, needn need, need the form. Oh, my what is a girl to do.... I have it FIGHT LIKE A GIRL! Love Ya