Sunday, September 9, 2007

Okay ladies - HALT!! I did NOT get the scales or the recipe holder at Target!!! I WISH!!! I got them on EBAY!! Summer sent me an email last week and I immediately bought them!!

Here is the link to look at more from the company I bought them from!! SCALES I thought of Huscher - since she always has that HUGE Close to My Heart book with her when she crops!!! (which I so badly want!).....YES, they do come in other colors!!

OH my goodness,.....while finding the link for ya'll - I came across THIS!!! This would be PERFECT for my BUTTONS!! OH MY GOOD-NESS!!! Mom, Sarah - MY BIRTHDAY!! HULLO!?!?! In case any of you are looking for a gift for your NEW BFF - ME - my birthday is October 8th!! OH MY GOSH - I'm IN LOVE!!!

The file cabinet - WALMART!!! YEP!! And if you find one - EMAIL ME, cuz I want another one!!!

I am SO proud of myself!! I completed ELEVEN layouts this weekend!! 1-1!! E L E V E N !!!! I am on FIRE!! I wish I could lock myself in my house EVERY weekend!!! And what makes it even better, is that my DH was home ALL WEEKEND to help out with the kiddos, so I didn't have to deal with the guilt of neglecting the kids!!! As long as dinner was on the table, and we had our "tv time" in the evening - it was ALL GOOD!!! So, that was nice!!! I don't like spending so much time away from the kids all week, and then away from them mentally all weekend!!! Speaking of kiddos - I am SO close to being "current"!! And I am STOKED for that to happen, so that I can TOTALLY focus on the aweso{ME} class!! I feel a tiny bit guilty working on stuff for MYSELF when my kids last three birthday's weren't even in the books!!! So, that will be nice!!!

Jodies FIRST Tin class was SUPERB today at the store!! I couldn't be there for it - but have heard GREAT things!!! So, I'm sure she's happy to have that one over, and on to the next one!!! We're meeting on Tuesday to finalize the information on World Card Making day - I will post it HERE first, so be looking for that too!!! I'm also meeting with another instructor on Tuesday for some EXCITING news, but can't mention it YET until it's a GO!! So, be watching for that as well!!!!!

If you've been in the store this week - I'm sure you've seen that our "appareal" section is SMALLER! We're making room for the new shirts that we've got coming in!!! So, bear with us!!! I've ordered the New SCRAPALICIOUS from "Scrappin Boot Camp".....and I'm meeting with Christie on Thursday to order some new ones from 2chicks as well!!! (Melissa Kelly - I will HAVE A CROP LIKE A ROCK STAR shirt for you BEFORE you leave for KC this weekend - I PROMISE!!!) :)

I snuck into the store this evening to get some adhesive and saw the new Creative Imaginations paper!! OH MY GOOOOODNESS!! The COWS are ADORABLE!! Kate was right!!! It makes you just wannt frame the PAPER!!

Speaking of Kate - she is working on a "Heritage" album for you!! Be watching the calendar for more information on that!!! AND, back by popular demand - she's bringing us the HALLOWEEN CANDY CAN!!! This class was a TWO TIME sell out last year - and we're gonna do it again this year!! So, I'll post pics of that later this week!!!

Okay - while doing all my cropping today - I found myself repeatidly having the same dillema!!! JOURNALING!!! I have SO much I want to say when I scrapbook (I know - you're SHOCKED!) but, how do you get it ALL out in such a short amount of space? Or do you compromise your photos to make room for your journaling??? THIS is your challenge!!! This can be a layout that you've already completed or one that you've been "putting off" me a layout that has a TON of journaling and a small amount of photos - or a TON of photos and a little bit of journaling - but your "story" is still told?!?! Does this make sense?!?! HELP ME OUT HERE!!!

Okay - no photos to post tonight - but GET YOUR CHALLENGES in to me!!! I have some GOOD "goodies" to give those of you that partici-PATE!!!!

PS - thank you ALL so much for your sweet words and emails and prayers for our family while we're going through this hard time!!! We are SO thankful for YOU!!


Brynn said...

Our prayers are with you today.

~*BuzyKeriBee*~ said...

Girls, girls, girls.... ya'll type soo fast I am 3 blogs behind... OK... first of all.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to CHASE and ROCKY!! Hope they had a great day for ach of them. I do have to say all of the new items are AWESOME!!! The lil giraffs are soo cute!!!! STEFF!!!!! OMG... coming from one pinky girl to another... OMG... I HAVE TO HAVE THAT PINK COLLANDER... I love all of the pink stuff.. simply love it!!! Next, I am so sorry to hear about your grandma. My thoughts and prayers are with your family. Ya'll spread your arms out wide and then wrap them around you.. I'm giving you all hugs...
Love the ticker on the home page... tooooo cute!!! Well all take care and I will jump on here moore often to keep up! Hugs and misses to you all!!!!! buzykeribee :0)