Thursday, April 30, 2009

Only TO ME!

okay - so i wake up this morning to find MY inbox FULL of "funny" emails!!!! ha ha!!! Okay - so the newsletter that i was CUSSING at last night DID indeed go out - FIVE FREAKIN TIMES!!!!! WTH!?!? it's one thing to make an a** out of yourself in front of 2 or 3 people - but to do it in front of a few THOUSAND?!?! R U KIDDIN ME!?!?! So - just wanted to publicly say that i'm REALLY sorry to be clogging up your email box......if you haven't already checked your inbox - just read the LAST one that says READ ME!! :)
Have a great day!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Happy THURSDAY!

if you'll notice it's NOT really thursday YET - but i'm certain we'll be B I Z E A H tomorrow with it being HALF off garage sale items, i wanted to get this posted for you all!!!

i've sent out an email newsletter about our NSD celebration, in case you don't get that - here it is!!! I hope you plan to come out and join us on SATURDAY for National Scrapbooking Day!! OUR VERY OWN HOLIDAY!! I THINK THAT IS TOTALLY WAY COOL DUDE!!!!

So, yesterday was my day off - and i reallllly did stay away - only to come back in and see that our had put out alllllll the my minds eye!! anddddd i think it looks pREttY good if i do say so myself!! thanks a MILLION renee nee!!! Here are some of the FABULOUS die cuts that they have for us scrappers of BOYS!

Here's a sneak of ONE of the make n takes you'll be doin with ME on saturday for only $2.00!!

These are photos of some of danelle's work that you can expect on Saturday's make n takes too!

Renee is putting the finishing touches on her's tonight (gah - she can't do it ALL in one day!), i'll HOPEFULLY post that later!

Here's a sneak of the GOODIES you'll receive with your purchase of $50.00 or more on Saturday!

We are expecting an UNexpected EARLY arrival tomorrow - but i'm not tellin ya what it is YET!! so be watching for that!!!

Update - October Afternoon - i spoke with samantha today - ours is due to ship NEXT week!! (cross your fingers!)

Also - don't forget - May 2nd, National Scrapbook day is also the FIRST Saturday of the month, and around here that means LOTM!! So - here it is!!! Kristy had the honors - cute cute!

Here's the info on the Creative Imaginations Stiumuls Plan!!

Stimulus Promotion for
National Scrapbooking Day
May 2, 2009

The President
(of Creative Imaginations, that is)
is doing his part to stimulate the economy!
He offered a great stimulus deal on fabulous Creative Imaginations’ products
and many participating local scrapbook stores are ready to pass the savings on to you!

In honor of his daughter, whom he affectionately calls "Beanie",
Jack has created the "Beanie Bucks" coupon which entitles you to a 50% savings*
on a great selection of Creative Imaginations’ products!
*Some Stores' Programs May Differ.

It’s so easy to save
on the products you love!

Bring in your Beanie Bucks and receive 50% off ALL Creative Imaginations Products!! (please limit 10 items per person!)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Finally!! I think this MAY be one of my favorite lines SO FAR from My Minds EYE!!! i love it!!! Come in and see it!!!!

AND we've got some great new "random themed" papers from Creative Imaginations too!!! AND!! Sofie and Tara - we got THESE in too!!! The Border punch system from Tonic!! Pretty cool!!!

Call me if you want me to set one aside for ya'll!! These are SUPER neat!! I'm tryin' to talk Renee (ass. man!) into demo'n these for NSD!! We'll see!!!

Danelle's workin up some FAB make n takes for you i'm SURE!! That is if she's not FLOODED in, are you?!?! You'd better not be!!!

so - mom and i are finalizing the sales and give aways we're having for you today, so be on the lookout for that post tomorrow AS WELL as a mini newsletter!!


also - on thursday, i'm (crossin' my fingers) these SHOULD be arriving!! i canNOT wait! Puffy is makin' a COMEBACK!!!

Promotion!! :)

Okay - with all the NEGATIVITY in today's economic market....we thought we'd share some POSITIVE news with all of ya'll!!!

As you may or may not (and if not, shame on you!) but "we" (Scrap*Funattic) have had a very successful THREE years (coming up on 3 years!). However, there is NO way we could have been AS successful without (well, without a TON of factors,,,,,YOU, wonderful employees, supportive family, YOU, oh and YOU!)....however, we'd like to take a minute to focus on ONE PERSON that has contributed GREATLY to our success!!!!

The one, The only, BABS BROWN!!!! Also known as, Renee-nee, or Renee Brown!!! let's recap exactly WHAT "Brown" has done for us!!!

**works well in just about ANY situation, screaming girl scouts, grumpy senior boys, scared senior moms, blushing brides, frantic mother in laws, dazed new name it!! She can create a "Peach" for your scrapbook page, fuzzy and all!!! She can concoct the most believable ice skate, complete with laces!!! There is no task she isn't willing to take on!!!

**she has NEVER once been late, NEVER not ONCE!!!! She has NEVER called in sick....NOPE!!! (and renee that "one sunday" doesn't count!)

**she LOVES to clean the bathroom....not real crazy about vacuuming, but does it anyway!!!
**she will even continue to sort buttons from an estate sale, even AFTER she has found a HUMAN TOOTH among them!!!

**she has amazing talent, patience and creativity!! We are soooo incredibly lucky to have her!!!

So, all that being said........we'd like to share with you....our first ever Scrap*Funattic Assistant Manager!!!! However, we like to call her our "Ass. Man!"!!! muuuahhhh hhaaaahhhaaa!!!!!

Congratulate her when you're in next time!!!

ps) tuesday happy now?!?! :) ha ha!

....and ONE of the wonderful things about renee-nee is that she won't mind at ALL that i used THIS picture for THIS post!!! :)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend REcap!!

seems i start every post off with "OKAY" "HOLY MOLY" "OMG" or "HEY HEY"!! i need somethin new to start off with......somethin original.......

PDS......!!!!!! Do you know what that stands for!?!?!? "Potentially Dangerous Situation"!! Seriously - heard it on the radio yesterday from a meteorologist......Renee and i JUST about wet our pants laughing so hard.......we had some CRAZY weather yesterday and that was what he was was a POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS SITUATION!!! Soooooooo, this weekend WAS in fact A.......


Crazy, fabulous, busy, spectacular, fun filled, overwhelming, get the point!!!! If you weren't able to make it out to the garage sale this weekend, i took VIDEO and Dana took photos for you! So you could REALLY see what it's like!! (cross your fingers that i can figure out how to upload this video with MY NEW video camera......!)

Speaking of Dana, let's take just a minute to introduce her to ya!! For those of you that DON'T know Dana, which seems like very few......we also refer to her as the "KlaassenaTOR"!! (cuz you know we canNOT have someone runnin' around the attic WITHOUT a nickname!!!) Dana is our "mortar"!!! She's going to be fillin' in for us around here when we need an additional hand!! She was SUPERB on Saturday (sick and all....didn't know that!)....running back and forth with buckets for the customers, and even loading your trunks!! She's OVER THE TOP, and we love her!! So, now you'll know if you happen to be in while she's helpin out!!

Okay - back to the weekend recap!! WOW - it was awesome!! We had people in EVERY MINUTE of the day!! As you see in the video the girls were TUCKERED out!! We worked HARD for the money!! We sold (approx.) 1/3 of the merchandise!! That's a RECORD!! That's SO awesome!! I LOVE IT!! However - there is STILL PLENTY - PLENTY - P L E N T Y of schtuff left!!! I PROMISE you will NOT be disappointed if you stop by to see!! Bags, kits, paper,bellies, ribbon, tools, alterable items, ALBUMS, refills, CARDS, STAMPS STAMPS and MORE STAMPS!!! And, for the most part these items are EXCEPTIONALLY priced!! Seriously!! Customer after customer would leave with BAGS FULL of treasures and only spend like $30.00!!! Seriously - there are nickel items....quarter....1.50 - some real treasures!!! The garage sale will run THROUGH the end of business on Thursday the 30th of April.......FRIDAY there will be no more garage sale!! :( So - you'd best be gettin out here!!!!

This week at the store......what's comin'!??! Wednesday - My Minds EYE!!! Can't WAIT for that!!! of course it's MY day off, so it might not make it out until THURSDAY, but none the less, it will be here!! EPSON paper is BACK IN STOCK!!! (if you had special ordered it - we're holding it for you!) National Scrapbook Day is coming up!! Right after our Garage Sale - we're diving RIGHT back into the chaos!! (that's kinda how WE like it isn't it!?!?)......i'm working on some fabulous things for Saturday......stay tuned for that.....gotta hold you in suspense!! HOWEVER you should make plans NOW to come out!!! You could come out for a FREE make n could come out for the WONDERFUL sales that we'll be running - or heck you could come out for ALL of the above and then stay for the PJ crop from 5:00pm- 5:00am!!! (don't laugh.....Danelle and i will be doing that!!!.....) So i PROMISE to give you PLENTY of notice of the upcoming festivities, just check back!!!!

I'm working on ganza stuff - KINDA!! been a tad bit pre-occupied lately!! but - i WILL have a countdown ticker up here soon - want it to be PERFECT - anyone have any suggestions?!?!? Also - we are ALMOST finished with the final sketch of the apparel for the event too!! I LOVE the lyrics submissions that have been coming in!! You ladies are SO CLEVER!! They are SO much better than the ones that renee and i were coming up with!!!

alrighty - i KNOW i'm forgetting something....i should keep a note pad on my nightstand, i always think of things to share with ya'll in the middle of the night!! i wanna leave you with THIS!!! you monday HAS to be better after seeing this!!! This is "RALPH" (once again, another nickname!) Lauren...Renee's daughter!!! SMILE!! have a fabulous monday!

I'm postin' - PROMISE - wait for me!! : )

hi everyone!! i'm in the middle (been posting for a WHILE!) of a FABULOUS recap from the weekend - so hang on - i'll be back!!

PS - there is a TON of good stuff left at the garage sale - make plans now to get in here and see for yourself!


Friday, April 24, 2009

OMG!!! Look at all this stuff!!


THAT doesn't BEGIN to covey the message i am trying to get to you all!! This garage sale is going to FREAKIN ROCK!!! I've had to REARRANGE the ENTIRE store to make room!!!! I wanted to take a photo to show you - but there is BARELY enough time for me to sneak away and post this "post" right now - if mom finds out i'm "sittin' down on the job" it's gonna be BAD NEWS BEARS!!!

Make plans now to come out!! There is plenty for EVERYONE!!!

*****note - we do not except checks so bring your CC and CASH!! :) AND have PATIENCE when you're shoppin - it's gonna get HAIRY!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


It's heerrrreee!! and it's FUN and BRIGHT and FUN!!! :)
AND we received the Alpha BLING IT ON!! They are RUB ON's and BLING in one package - realllly pretty!!
Just thought i'd letchya'll know!!
we've started setting up for the garage sale - we are STILL having people sign up - that's AWESOME!!! PURGE PURGE PURGE!!! get rid of that stuff you're not using anymore - pass it on to someone who WILL!!!
have a great day - tomorrow's spot to be AWESOME!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009


2 posts in one day - absolute CRAZINESS!!! okay - so renee nee and i have been working for the past hour on a little project for crop*a*ganzaville......we've decided we need to call in re-inforcements!! :)

Okay - here are the lyrics to Margaritaville......

Nibblin' on sponge cake,
watchin' the sun bake;
All of those tourists covered with oil.
Strummin' my six string
on my front porch swing.
Smell those shrimpThey're beginnin' to boil.
Wasted away again in Margaritaville,
Searchin' for my lost shaker of salt.
Some people claim that there's a woman to blame,
But I know it's nobody's fault.
Don't know the reason,
Stayed here all season
With nothing to show but this brand new tattoo.
But it's a real beauty,
A Mexican cutie,
how it got hereI haven't a clue.
Wasted away again in Margaritaville,
Searchin' for my lost shaker of salt.
Some people claim that there's a woman to blame,
Now I think, - hell it could be my fault.
I blew out my flip flop,
Stepped on a pop top,
Cut my heel, had to cruise on back home.
But there's booze in the blender,
And soon it will render
That frozen concoction that helps me hang on.
Wasted away again in Margaritaville
Searchin' for my lost shaker of salt.
Some people claim that there's a woman to blame,
But I know, it's my own damn fault.
Yes, and some people claim that there's a woman to blame
And I know it's my own damn fault.
okay - so you got think for me......REWRITE the lyrics for me!!! use your past ganza memories (if you've been!)....use your favorite crop memories...use scrapbookin' terms....HELP!! we've come up with some - but need some NEW MO JO!! :)
If ANY of your lines are chosen - you will win a lil somethin' somethin!!

Happy Earth day!! Get out there and kiss the ground today!! :) :)

So - what a weekend we had!! How was yours?!?! MAN OH MAN!! Mom was SUPA sick (something that was FINALLY able to keep her down!!) she came down with strep throat and was in a COMA all weekend long!! We had a whirlwind day on Friday and Saturday!! A HUGE thank you to the one and only RENEE BROWN!! She held down the fort on Friday AND worked the SOLD OUT crop on friday night!! WHAT A DAY!!!! Saturday was the SOLD OUT Disney album in a day class that went PERFECTLY!! And the What Matters Most class that was smooth sailing!!! Then the PJ crop!!! We had a smaller group (16) this time, and have to say it was a GOOD TIME!! Laughs, singing, and a little bit of a friendly banter with our Prego friend DANELLE!! Danelle spent the ENTIRE 12 hours working on ideas, projects and examples for our National Scrapbook Day event as well as her upcoming MASK class!!! (danelle - you need to come up with a PERFECTO name for this class!) ((and it canNOT be in spanish;)!! )) Here is a photo of those layouts!!! I just love watching her work - she'll work for hours, and hours, filthy as can be with inks and paint, all the while laughing and talking "dirty" to the schtuff she's working with!! It's quite a site!!! .....disclaimer!!: i did not have time to crop or edit these photos...don't judge!

We cropped until 5:00am - all the while the rain is POURING outside - it was AWESOME!!! Fastforward to Sunday - renee's "Class Act" Senior album in a day class went very well - there are some VERY happy mom's with Seniors about to graduate and they have ONE less thing to worry about!! Kudo's to all of them!!

So - here's what's SHIPPING/ARRIVING this week.....(before ya'll get excited and CALL daily to see if IT'S arrived yet......i'm not putting the dates that they are due to arrive, cuz you NEVER know for sure in this - have no fear - i WILL post when they all arrive!!! know im lookin' out for ya'll!!)

Basic Grey!!!....Renee just told me that she's SUPA excited about the Lime Rickey comn' - cuz this would be PERFECT for her CIRCUS pictures this weekend!

Basic Grey is bringin' BLING in!! :)

My Minds Eye!!!
Mom's Fav!

My Fav!

Everyone's FAV!

October Afternoon!!!!!!
(fright night - NOT new - but i SO ordered it for all of US boy scrappers out there!)

I finally had a chance to play around with the AWESOME new punches from EK Success.....these are SUPER FUN!!!
The GARAGE SALE begins this SATURDAY at 9:00AM!! So - i had mom run a report to see how many registrants we had for the garage sale - HOLY MOLY!! this is the MOST we've EVERY had for our garage sale!! EVER!!! I'm gonna have to REARRANGE the store to fit it all in, im afraid!! (i can do that - we all know that!) ........ So - make plans RIGHT NOW to join us this weekend- the early bird gets the worm!! As the schtuff starts rollin' in - i'll take a photo and let you see just how much i'm talkin about here people!! It's a scrapbookers DREAM this garage sale!!! Call your craftin friends and make it a date!!! Early bird gets the worm my friends!!! AND it's not to late to sign up to bring your stuff!! You have until FRIDAY at 6:00 to have it here.
Scrapbook 101!! THIS TUESDAY!! perfect class for the beginner or the scrapper that's been "mia" for awhile!!! Come join monica for 2 hours of one on one direction, question n answers, and a great layout!

May 2nd - National Scrapbook Day!! WOW!! we've been brainstormin' and workin up some ideas!! Cuz you know - we like to come up with our own schtuff to offer're NOT gonna want to miss this event!! May 2nd - all day long - celebratin' national scrapbook day - then a PJ crop that night....(with only a few seats remaining i might add!)

A little lookin' out and shout out to our friend Klaassenattor we're thinking of you today, good luck and we'll have a glass of wine waiting for you when the day is over! :)
sooooo what do you think of the new look!?!? gettin' ya in the mood for margaritaville!??! cropaganzaville?!?! i'll update the list later! :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy bERTday sweet boy!

Okay - SO NOT scrapbook STORE related....but it IS a scrapbookin' moment!!! I'm spending the ENTIRE afternoon with my sweet boy!! He turns SIX today!! WOW!!!

exactly 6 years ago - mom and i were painting and wallpapering my kitchen ALL DAY LONG!! That's the key girls - that evening, as mom THOUGHT she was goin home to rest her achin' body - NOPE!! We were in the hospital welcoming Hayden Patrick into the world!!!

Where does the time GO!?!?

When i dropped him off at school this morning, as he walked away, i heard him telling ANYONE who would listen...."todays my berfday!!" ... hmmmmm where does he get THAT from!?!?!

Happy Birthday Sweetie!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

April day left!

So - today is the day - the final day (unless you're a SERIOUS procrastinator and you wait until TOMORROW!) to get those taxes completed and mailed off!!! Now - when you get that refund back, and you have NO idea WHAT you're gonna spend it on - i'm sure WE can help you figure something out!!!
okay - so where are we!??! okay - i've been making a list of things to share with you - so forgive my randomMANness!!! :) We were cleaning out some cabinets yesterday and came across some EXTRA layout of the months from this month - the APRIL layout - EASTER!?! do you remember that one? i would LOVE to attach a picture of it - but with the COMPUTERS at the store crashing, i lost the store photos!! So - you can go back to older posts and check that out!
disclaimer....not quite sure WHY my photos are coming thru so teeenie tinnnnny - but owell!
Our Bazzill order is due to arrive this week, FINALLY and it's HUGE!! we shouldn't be running out of your favorite cardstock ANY TIME soon!! This includes the stitches, flowers and borders.
Fancy Pants is arriving TODAY!!

Bellies and Kraft Kuts

AND the mixed media albums too!!

Our Go Manual class is QUICKLY filling up!! (ALICIA....if you're still wanting your spot - let me know!!!) So, if you're contemplating attending - you'd better make a deciSION!! It's May 15th from 9:30-1:30. $40.00
FINALLY we are getting some new kits up on the kit wall!! geeshz, it's been a while and the poor kit wall was lookin' a little STALE, but no worries, we've finally caught up on some office schtuff and are FINALLY able to get some new ones up there for ya!! DOG, EASTER, and BIRTHDAY are some of the new themes!

PJ CROP THIS SATURDAY 5:00pm-5:00am - there are about 6 spots open for this!! Call and sign up if you're interested!! Don't forget - if you'd like to have your seat "reserved for you" - please call on SATURDAY MORNING and let the girls know - we'll save it for ya!!! $10.00

The Friday Night Crop still have about 4 openings left!! THIS FRIDAY 5:00pm - midnight!! Come out and join RENEE as she crops with ya!!!

epson inks, all of those have FINALLY been restocked - however we are - STILL WAITING ON THE PAPER!! :( I KNOW!! ahhhhrrrrggghhh!!!

Those of you that were interested in the DSLR camera bags (zebra and giraffe) - we've been told they will begin shipping MAY 15th......sooooo - if you were hoping for a mothers day gift......:( - however you COULD have them come in and purchase a gift certificate for it!?!? Just a thought!!!

Zip-a-File bags.....we had carried these in the past, and haven't for awhile - but were asked to carry them again , so if you're a fan of these - they are back in da house!!

NEW STUFF!! The new creative options tubs are here - NEW colors.....Turqouise and LIME GREEN!! FUN spring colors!! :)

OKay - so it seems that there has been a KRAZE for masks lately - sooooo since heidi has retired so many of hers, we have TIM HOLTZ masks - and they are FUN and awesome!! Danelle is gonna play around with those on saturday at the pj crop....she doesn't know that yet - but i bet she does now!! (we've held one of each for ya!) - we also restocked the heidi masks we COULD still get - including the mini's!

Ahhhhhh BUTTONS GALORE AND MORE - FINALLY our shipment, the MOTHER LOAD of all buttons have ARRIVED......

Ohhhh, the new EK border punches shipped yesterday!!! you are gonna LOVE these.....we are ordering more cuz i'm sure they're going to sell FAST......

this one is my favorite!!! KKKAAAAAAUUUUUTTTTEEEEE!!!

We've got restock in of ALL the Creative Options Front Loading systems - ALL sizes!!!

The Amy Butler Tool totes are here ....

AND ribbon purses are back

......and guess what just shipped yesterday........the NEW color!

ScrapOnizers......they've been around for a little while, new to US!! These are an EXCELLENT way to organize your supplies and bellies!! Christie, we thought of you with your Armoire (no laughing - i can't spell that word and spell checker doesn't recognize it - but YOU know what i'm talkin about!!), these would be perfect, they don't take up a lot of space!!! We have ALL of the sizes in stock!

The MINI clip it up is here!!! This is basically JUST the's been restructured, more sturdy (jana, this one wouldn't break!)

The Bags are back in stock too!! Both sizes!

And finally - the We R Memory Keepers CHOMPER is here!! Corner Rounder - Renee's been playin with it and says its MUCHO better than the ATB Paper Gator!!!

Garage sale - less than TWO weeks away!!! We have a TON of registrants, and can take more if you're thinking about it - spread the word!!! Help these ladies get rid of their SCHTUFF and get them 100% store credit!!
okay - i HAVE to go - the UPS man just got here! (also known as my boyfriend)!!!