Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy bERTday sweet boy!

Okay - SO NOT scrapbook STORE related....but it IS a scrapbookin' moment!!! I'm spending the ENTIRE afternoon with my sweet boy!! He turns SIX today!! WOW!!!

exactly 6 years ago - mom and i were painting and wallpapering my kitchen ALL DAY LONG!! That's the key girls - that evening, as mom THOUGHT she was goin home to rest her achin' body - NOPE!! We were in the hospital welcoming Hayden Patrick into the world!!!

Where does the time GO!?!?

When i dropped him off at school this morning, as he walked away, i heard him telling ANYONE who would listen...."todays my berfday!!" ... hmmmmm where does he get THAT from!?!?!

Happy Birthday Sweetie!!!