Monday, April 13, 2009

April day left!

So - today is the day - the final day (unless you're a SERIOUS procrastinator and you wait until TOMORROW!) to get those taxes completed and mailed off!!! Now - when you get that refund back, and you have NO idea WHAT you're gonna spend it on - i'm sure WE can help you figure something out!!!
okay - so where are we!??! okay - i've been making a list of things to share with you - so forgive my randomMANness!!! :) We were cleaning out some cabinets yesterday and came across some EXTRA layout of the months from this month - the APRIL layout - EASTER!?! do you remember that one? i would LOVE to attach a picture of it - but with the COMPUTERS at the store crashing, i lost the store photos!! So - you can go back to older posts and check that out!
disclaimer....not quite sure WHY my photos are coming thru so teeenie tinnnnny - but owell!
Our Bazzill order is due to arrive this week, FINALLY and it's HUGE!! we shouldn't be running out of your favorite cardstock ANY TIME soon!! This includes the stitches, flowers and borders.
Fancy Pants is arriving TODAY!!

Bellies and Kraft Kuts

AND the mixed media albums too!!

Our Go Manual class is QUICKLY filling up!! (ALICIA....if you're still wanting your spot - let me know!!!) So, if you're contemplating attending - you'd better make a deciSION!! It's May 15th from 9:30-1:30. $40.00
FINALLY we are getting some new kits up on the kit wall!! geeshz, it's been a while and the poor kit wall was lookin' a little STALE, but no worries, we've finally caught up on some office schtuff and are FINALLY able to get some new ones up there for ya!! DOG, EASTER, and BIRTHDAY are some of the new themes!

PJ CROP THIS SATURDAY 5:00pm-5:00am - there are about 6 spots open for this!! Call and sign up if you're interested!! Don't forget - if you'd like to have your seat "reserved for you" - please call on SATURDAY MORNING and let the girls know - we'll save it for ya!!! $10.00

The Friday Night Crop still have about 4 openings left!! THIS FRIDAY 5:00pm - midnight!! Come out and join RENEE as she crops with ya!!!

epson inks, all of those have FINALLY been restocked - however we are - STILL WAITING ON THE PAPER!! :( I KNOW!! ahhhhrrrrggghhh!!!

Those of you that were interested in the DSLR camera bags (zebra and giraffe) - we've been told they will begin shipping MAY 15th......sooooo - if you were hoping for a mothers day gift......:( - however you COULD have them come in and purchase a gift certificate for it!?!? Just a thought!!!

Zip-a-File bags.....we had carried these in the past, and haven't for awhile - but were asked to carry them again , so if you're a fan of these - they are back in da house!!

NEW STUFF!! The new creative options tubs are here - NEW colors.....Turqouise and LIME GREEN!! FUN spring colors!! :)

OKay - so it seems that there has been a KRAZE for masks lately - sooooo since heidi has retired so many of hers, we have TIM HOLTZ masks - and they are FUN and awesome!! Danelle is gonna play around with those on saturday at the pj crop....she doesn't know that yet - but i bet she does now!! (we've held one of each for ya!) - we also restocked the heidi masks we COULD still get - including the mini's!

Ahhhhhh BUTTONS GALORE AND MORE - FINALLY our shipment, the MOTHER LOAD of all buttons have ARRIVED......

Ohhhh, the new EK border punches shipped yesterday!!! you are gonna LOVE these.....we are ordering more cuz i'm sure they're going to sell FAST......

this one is my favorite!!! KKKAAAAAAUUUUUTTTTEEEEE!!!

We've got restock in of ALL the Creative Options Front Loading systems - ALL sizes!!!

The Amy Butler Tool totes are here ....

AND ribbon purses are back

......and guess what just shipped yesterday........the NEW color!

ScrapOnizers......they've been around for a little while, new to US!! These are an EXCELLENT way to organize your supplies and bellies!! Christie, we thought of you with your Armoire (no laughing - i can't spell that word and spell checker doesn't recognize it - but YOU know what i'm talkin about!!), these would be perfect, they don't take up a lot of space!!! We have ALL of the sizes in stock!

The MINI clip it up is here!!! This is basically JUST the's been restructured, more sturdy (jana, this one wouldn't break!)

The Bags are back in stock too!! Both sizes!

And finally - the We R Memory Keepers CHOMPER is here!! Corner Rounder - Renee's been playin with it and says its MUCHO better than the ATB Paper Gator!!!

Garage sale - less than TWO weeks away!!! We have a TON of registrants, and can take more if you're thinking about it - spread the word!!! Help these ladies get rid of their SCHTUFF and get them 100% store credit!!
okay - i HAVE to go - the UPS man just got here! (also known as my boyfriend)!!!