Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend REcap!!

seems i start every post off with "OKAY" "HOLY MOLY" "OMG" or "HEY HEY"!! i need somethin new to start off with......somethin original.......

PDS......!!!!!! Do you know what that stands for!?!?!? "Potentially Dangerous Situation"!! Seriously - heard it on the radio yesterday from a meteorologist......Renee and i JUST about wet our pants laughing so hard.......we had some CRAZY weather yesterday and that was what he was was a POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS SITUATION!!! Soooooooo, this weekend WAS in fact A.......


Crazy, fabulous, busy, spectacular, fun filled, overwhelming, get the point!!!! If you weren't able to make it out to the garage sale this weekend, i took VIDEO and Dana took photos for you! So you could REALLY see what it's like!! (cross your fingers that i can figure out how to upload this video with MY NEW video camera......!)

Speaking of Dana, let's take just a minute to introduce her to ya!! For those of you that DON'T know Dana, which seems like very few......we also refer to her as the "KlaassenaTOR"!! (cuz you know we canNOT have someone runnin' around the attic WITHOUT a nickname!!!) Dana is our "mortar"!!! She's going to be fillin' in for us around here when we need an additional hand!! She was SUPERB on Saturday (sick and all....didn't know that!)....running back and forth with buckets for the customers, and even loading your trunks!! She's OVER THE TOP, and we love her!! So, now you'll know if you happen to be in while she's helpin out!!

Okay - back to the weekend recap!! WOW - it was awesome!! We had people in EVERY MINUTE of the day!! As you see in the video the girls were TUCKERED out!! We worked HARD for the money!! We sold (approx.) 1/3 of the merchandise!! That's a RECORD!! That's SO awesome!! I LOVE IT!! However - there is STILL PLENTY - PLENTY - P L E N T Y of schtuff left!!! I PROMISE you will NOT be disappointed if you stop by to see!! Bags, kits, paper,bellies, ribbon, tools, alterable items, ALBUMS, refills, CARDS, STAMPS STAMPS and MORE STAMPS!!! And, for the most part these items are EXCEPTIONALLY priced!! Seriously!! Customer after customer would leave with BAGS FULL of treasures and only spend like $30.00!!! Seriously - there are nickel items....quarter....1.50 - some real treasures!!! The garage sale will run THROUGH the end of business on Thursday the 30th of April.......FRIDAY there will be no more garage sale!! :( So - you'd best be gettin out here!!!!

This week at the store......what's comin'!??! Wednesday - My Minds EYE!!! Can't WAIT for that!!! of course it's MY day off, so it might not make it out until THURSDAY, but none the less, it will be here!! EPSON paper is BACK IN STOCK!!! (if you had special ordered it - we're holding it for you!) National Scrapbook Day is coming up!! Right after our Garage Sale - we're diving RIGHT back into the chaos!! (that's kinda how WE like it isn't it!?!?)......i'm working on some fabulous things for Saturday......stay tuned for that.....gotta hold you in suspense!! HOWEVER you should make plans NOW to come out!!! You could come out for a FREE make n could come out for the WONDERFUL sales that we'll be running - or heck you could come out for ALL of the above and then stay for the PJ crop from 5:00pm- 5:00am!!! (don't laugh.....Danelle and i will be doing that!!!.....) So i PROMISE to give you PLENTY of notice of the upcoming festivities, just check back!!!!

I'm working on ganza stuff - KINDA!! been a tad bit pre-occupied lately!! but - i WILL have a countdown ticker up here soon - want it to be PERFECT - anyone have any suggestions?!?!? Also - we are ALMOST finished with the final sketch of the apparel for the event too!! I LOVE the lyrics submissions that have been coming in!! You ladies are SO CLEVER!! They are SO much better than the ones that renee and i were coming up with!!!

alrighty - i KNOW i'm forgetting something....i should keep a note pad on my nightstand, i always think of things to share with ya'll in the middle of the night!! i wanna leave you with THIS!!! you monday HAS to be better after seeing this!!! This is "RALPH" (once again, another nickname!) Lauren...Renee's daughter!!! SMILE!! have a fabulous monday!