Monday, April 6, 2009


where to begin??? anyone have a.d.d???? do you know what it feels like to have a MILLION things running through your head and you DO NOT KNOW WHERE TO STOP or HOW TO TURN THEM OFF!?!! (I DO!!) that's how i'm feeling RIGHT NOW!! so - i wanted to jump on here before our day started to tell you that i WILL be giving you a pretty BIG blog post later on, lots happened this weekend, both at crop camp and the store - and we're expecting some LARGE orders in this weekend!! i have photos from this wknd, both of fab layouts AND some FUNNY ones of us croppers/campers!! YES, i camped!!!

so - just a quick note - we are FULL for ganza - you read that right!! FULL!! less than TWO hours and we're FULL!! i'm going to sit down this week and double check my numbers and get on to the waiting list if there are openings, so if you or your friends didn't make it - get on the waiting list!! We've almost ALWAYS been able to fill the waiting list - so it's not a lost cause!!!

okay - gotta run and help renee unpack from this weekend - i'll be back! have a great windy day!