Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I know, I know - WHERE are WE? Why haven't we posted ANYTHING in FOREVER!??!

Just wanted to say - DONNA WUNDERLICH - we hope you had a GREAT BIRTHDAY!!!!!

CROP CAMPERS - we're packing up for ya!! IF there's ANYTHING that you'd like for us to bring - post a comment or call us at the store and we'll get it for you!!! 316-733-0029!!

We're gearing up for Crop Camp and are SO ready!!!

On a more sad note - we have one of our "family" members leaving the attic..............Kellly Huscher has decided to take a better job offer - being a full time MOM to her three kiddos!! We will miss her dearly and wish her the VERY best. Her last "official" day will be Saturday - so if you come in - wish her luck!!!

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Happy Happy WEEKEND to ya!! I've been getting some "slack" for not bloggin - I'm SORRY!! This one will be short and sweet!! We've been SUPA busy getting stuff ready for the garage sale!! It starts tomorrow morning at 9:00AM!!! We have NO classes this week - and are open late on Tuesday and Thursday - till 8:00pm - so come by!! I'm tellin ya - these ladies have some AWESOME "TRASH"!! There are AMM totes, Quickutz dies, albums - TONS OF PAPER!! Stickers - organizational bags - STAMPS - kits - books - magazines - LOTS AND LOTS OF BELLIES (embellishments!).............there's just TOO much to even begin tellin ya!!! And ALL of it is priced to SELL!! So, get in!!!

We had a Private Surprise Birthday Party at the store on Saturday - it was an 80's theme - I can't WAIT to post pictures from that soon!!!

Theresa - thank you so much for the pink file cabinet - I can't wait to use it - I will leave you a check next time you're in!! Sorry I missed you!!!!

Okay - that's all for now - but I PROMISE I'll get back with you soon!!! Have a FABULOUS week!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hello and Good morning to our LOYAL blog readers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How are you today!?!!?? Any flooding going on, after yesterdays AWESOME weather!! And, yes, if you read Sarah's blog - I was sitting at my desk LOVING EVERY SINGLE RAINDROP THAT I HEARD!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE that weather!!!

Anywhoo - this blog entry is about the GARAGE SALE that is going to be taking place here at the store NEXT WEEK!!!

IF you're interested in participating in our (INDOOR) Garage Sale, you need to have your stuff up here by SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!! YES, I extended the time for you to bring your goodies - cuz I'm working Saturday and will be able to process your "junk" that day!!! So, you still have time!!! $10.00 is all it's gonna "cost" ya to participate!!! Have it all priced and leave the rest to us!!! We're getting loads of calls about "how to price" and "what to price" - a price sticker of any kind would be sufficient - you do not need to put your NAME on anything - we'll get you a bar code that will be on all of your items. You should price things at your LOWEST dollar that you're willing to accept!!! We are not going to be negotiating pricing at the time of the sale, so price accordingly!!! YES, it is alright to bring "Close to My Heart" items - "Creative Memories" - as long as it is SCRAPBOOKING/STAMPING related - bring it ON!!! After the sale is over - you have until 5:00PM on FRIDAY to pick up what remaining items you have left - or they will be donated to our local schools!!!

You also need to let us know at the time of registration for the sale whether you'd like to receive 100% store credit or 70% cash back from the sale.

I'll post more FUN stuff later!! I've been SO BUSY playing with the new DIGITAL stuff that we've been learning that it's taken over my blog time! But, I'm anxious to post what I've been working on!!! So, more on that later!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Teffie - This is for you :)


Monday, October 15, 2007

Welllllll, how was your weekend???? I hope you enjoyed the wonderful weather we had - cuz it looks like AUTUMN is here!! What am I talkin' about - this is KANSAS - it could be snowing tomorrow and 110 degrees the next!! But, I AM LOVING this weather!! If you read my sisters blog , you'll see that she HATES this weather!! ha ! we couldn't be ANY more opposite of each other!!!

I haven't been blogging much lately - no real GOOD reason - just getting caught up in my "real" life!!! Had a great birthday and have a clean house!!!

But, now to the real reason why you read this blog - NEW stuff and NEW gossip!!!! Here are some pics of some of the new arrivals that have made it to the store this week!!!
Daisy D's - Paisley Sugarplum and Snowflakes & Holly!

OKAY - I've been trying to blog ALL NIGHT LONG - having computer issues - so here it is short, simple, cut and dried..............Heidi Swapp NEW products - DCWV 12x12 STAX!! Halloween, Rock Star, All Dressed Up, all the embellies and ribbon!!! We've restocked our totes - we have some new acrylic blocks - they have grips for your fingers as well as some unique sizes!!! Restocked our dabbers, cats eye and stickles!!! More tomorrow!!!

ps - if you're looking for a good deal on some scrappin shirts - check out 2chicks blog - "the good stuff" - she's running a sale - for BLOG READERS ONLY!!!

Friday, October 12, 2007


Are you Sitting down?!?! Are you ready?!?!................ We have opened MORE seats for February Crop-A-Ganza!!!

We have contacted everyone that was on the waiting list, to give them first dibs. SO...... IT IS OPEN TO YOU!!!!! We only have 20 spots left, out of the 60 we opened! SO.... First Come, First Serve!

KICKER = These seats are in a different room. We have reserved a 2nd banquet room. It is located by the cafe. This room only has Round Tables that seat 2 per table! We will still do drawings in this room, give-a-ways, etc. The only difference is, it will be seperate from the larger banquet room!

If you have a friend that has already registered, and you would like to sit with them, that friend has the option to transfer over to the 2nd room, but we cannot add anymore to the original room. If this is the case, please let us know this when calling, so we can get your group together!

ONLY 20 SPOTS PEOPLE..... HURRY IN or CALL 316.733.0029 with your information and payment! (we must have full payment to accept the registration)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Okay everyone - Jana is going to be changing the name of her blog (formerly "life at ALMOST 40"!!!....................lets help her out!!! The winner will have an AWESOME "RAK" from the attic!!!
whats "rak" you ask?!?! (don't worry - so did i ;} ) it's "random act of kindness"!!!
Submit your suggestions for her new blog title to

HOLY SMOKES!! Where has the week gone?!?!?! I'm here Theresa - just MIA!!! Thanks for your they still have the PINK FILE CABINETS???

Thank you SO much to all of you that wished me a Happy "BirTday" (as sarah and I say it!) I had a GREAT day - and have had a great week!! I am SO blessed and SO happy with my LIFE!!! I appreciate all the kind words, thoughts and well "wishers"!!

Okay - so, I'm sitting at my "other happy place" - BUX.....this is the place where I go to "get away" - head phones in - coffee and laptop at my side and WRITE the newsletters!!! But, thought I should inform our LOYAL blog readers first!!!

We're going to be having our FIRST ever Garage Sale at the "attic"!! If you have STUFF that you'd like to get rid of this if for you!!! We're going to have the crop room cleared out and reserved for the Garage sale - the 22nd through the 25th of this month!! I have NO idea how this will go over! We've talked with several other stores across the country that have had HUGE success with this - so we thought we'd give it a try!! IF it's successful - we'll be doing it more often - just gonna have to test it out!!! I, personally, have FOUR laundry baskets FULL of "stuff"!! I know the rest of the girls have stuff that they'd like to put in it as well!! We're going to also put some of our store stuff in it - at ROCK BOTTOM prices!!! Including some of our fixtures!!! BUT, we'd like to open it up to the public!!!

For a $10.00 entry fee - you can bring your "stuff" in!! It needs to be already priced and IN the store NO LATER than Friday the19th!! We will barcode your items for you - all you need to put on EACH item is a PRICE!! This needs to be your BOTTOM dollar - no negotiating is going to be "goin on"!!! We will handle everything else from there!! So, just think - you clear it out - price it - bring it in - drop it off - we set it up - and sell it ALL week long for you!!! Now - you have your choice - you can either get 70% cash BACK - OR 100% store credit for your items that SELL!!! What doesn't sell - you have until FRIDAY at 5:00PM to pick it up (b/c we have a crop that night and need the crop room!)

So, if you're interested - give the store a call and make your reservation of $ i said earlier - we have NO idea what to expect so work with us in the beginning!!!! You mUsT register for the Garage Sale - we cannot except items the DAY of the GARAGE SALE!!!

Okay - have to get back to the newsletter before school gets out!!! I'll post more - have some pics to post from my birTday!!!

Monday, October 8, 2007


Thursday, October 4, 2007

okay - two posts in one night - it can happen!! i got to playing around with the photoshop pictures that i was working on and thought I'd share them. They're not MUCH - but i'm tickled that i did this in less than 2 hours!! the first time i tried photoshop i hated it cuz it took me forever to figure it out - it's pretty easy to navigate once you know a few basic principles!! i'm not ready for the next class though - wanna play a lot more before then - but i am feeling a little more excitement for this digital stuff!! it will NEVER replace the "hands on" part for me - and the sniffing of the product - but I see where some people are addicted to it!!!

This is the one i did for the class on tuesday of kord and sarah - i didn't finish the color on the 4 wheeler yet - but just had to show it off!

JANA - question for you - when wanting to add color back into a b&w photo - do you have to save the background copy in color first? is that why i couldn't add color onto his striped shirt???? does that make sense??
I remember trying to teach MYSELF how to journal on a picture - took me TWO hours - my butt was SO numb!!! Took jana 2 seconds to teach us!!! I think this is my favorite part of it all so far - although, do you notice the white "distressing" on the corners of the photo??? did that myself too!! jana taught us how to "diffuse" our photo!!!

Just wanted to share!! don't forget to read the posts from today below!

Happy (almost) Friday!!!! I have been away from the store for TWO days!! Much needed time off to pay attention to my HOME and FAMILY!! The house is cleaner and the kids are happier!!! The in-laws arrived and everyone is safe and sound - and CLEAN!! Just how I like it!!!

I ran up to the store to take some close up pictures of Jodies Cards for World Card Day and found some NEW stuff that I wanted to share with you all - because I will be SHOCKED if this stuff is still around on MONDAY!!!

FINALLY - we got the Daisy D's Rub On stitching in!! (renee - no worries - mom held some for you!! Since you won't be back until MONDAY!!)

FINALLY - URBAN LILY!!! I LOVE THIS LINE!! I'm SUPA excited to go through the entire BOX tomorrow - but just pulled these out and took a picture - they're SO yummy!!!! LOVE THEM!!!

We also got the NEW Fiskars hand punches in - they are pretty sweet too!!

This is just a SMALL preview of the NEW Maya Road ribbon that we got!! The Queen and Co. ribbon is ON it's WAY!!!

The NEW rub ons from We R Memory Keepers ROCK!! for only $9.99 - you get a FULL sheet of RUB ONS - AND three sheets of "glitter", three sheets of "flock" and three sheets of "foil"!! - these are SO easy and rub on like BUTTA!! You have to see them to believe them!!

This is a photo of the Halloween BUCKET that Kate is making in her class later on this month!! These are very similar to the adorable tins that SUMMER is selling in her "Etsy" shop!!!
Okay - the following are photos of things that are bringing SMILES to my face and heart!!!
The girls re-arranged and organized the RIBBON wall!! I am loving it!?! It really is PLEASING to the eye!! GOOD job ladies - we have the BEST gals evA!!
FINALLY, we have a NEW and WORKING DVD player for the kiddos!! AND it's PINK!! I am in HEAVEN!! Have had my EYE on this thing for MONTHS - and it was FINALLY in stock at Target-boutique!!!

FALL!!! ahhhhh!!!

Here is a picture of the TWO FREE make-N-take cards that Jodie and the girls will be doing this Saturday!!! CUTE!!
World Card Day is Saturday - come out and join us!!! Here is a little preview of the AWESOME cards that JODIE made!!! I love them!! CUTE!! We have TWO classes - 10:00-12:00 and 2:00-4:00 - both classes will consist of TWENTY DIFFERENT CARDS!! FUN FUN!!!

This is a preview of a card that she made for the Christmas Card class she will have coming up - so SIMPLE - yet ADORABLE! Why couldn't I THINK OF SOMETHING LIKE THAT!?!?

Oh - our DIGI class was on TUESDAY!! A*W*E*S*O*M*E!! That's all I can say about JANA!! She really has her work cut out for her - we are all so eager to learn and I think we all left pretty happy with our first class!!! It ran a little late - but we really did cover a LOT!! Here are some pics from it! I haven't had a chance to work with what I was playing with since Tuesday - but when I get done I will!! I'm not AS scared of PhotoShop Elements as I used to be!!! Kristy is a lot more savvy than I thought she was - I can't wait to see how her layout turned out!!! I'm anxious to meet again in two weeks!!!

LOOK everyone - it's Jennifer being VERY serious and LEARNING some STUFF!! She did VERY well, and is a TON smarter than she THINKS she is!! (wouldn't you agree Laurie?)

OH - our weekly challenge winner was Brynn!! She completed the layout before SUNRISE the next day!!! I love the way it turned out!! She mentioned that she hadn't stitched much (or was it not at all before?!?)!! GOOD JOB!! I was busy when you came in Brynn, so next time - hit me up and I'll get you your "goodies"!! Thanks so much for participating!! I still want to see your entries, for those of you who are doing the challenges with us!!! I was so happy to see all the response to Sarahs post about the mini crops!! I can't divulge too much information - (out of the three of us - I am the WORST with secrets!) - but for those of you on the waiting list for ganza - don't lose faith - we're working on somethin'!!! that's ALL i can say!

Mini Crop

Ok, Ok... Wow! Apparently, you all are in need of some mini weekend get-a-ways, huh?! I LOVE your responses. Let me get with the other Attic Gals, and Flossy of-course! Be looking for some more info.....

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Long Weekend Crop Ideas?!?!?

This is Sarah btw!!! Ok.... So, I was thinking! A few of you have requested that we do another Long Weekend Crop, like Scrap*Pink Weekend.... Shoot your thoughts! Another Friday 5:00 - Midnight/Saturday 7:00 - Midnight?! Something like that?! Do we have a "Themed" one? What is a price that would be reasonable? Do you want shirts? Goodie Bags?

Huh? Huh? Huh?

Just gimmie your thoughts, and maybe us Attic ladies can cook something up in the next few weekends!!!!!!


Monday, October 1, 2007

This is a LONG one!! Grab a beverage and read along!

What a MONDAY!! What a WONDERFUL *PINK* Monday!!! WOW!!! I said that out loud ALL DAY LONG!! WWWOOOOWWW!!! I never, ever, EVER thought we'd sell out in ONE HOUR for Crop*A*Ganza - NEVER!! You guys really pulled through and just made us realize HOW much these crops are needed in this area!!! WOW!!!

We've started a waiting list - and believe it or not - last time - we filled about 5 from that list!! Including ONE on the actual DAY OF ganza!!! So, have some hope!!! It could happen again!!

Would there be interest in having these every three months or so? Is the need THERE? To fill 180 every three months - or would it be on a smaller scale?? Let us know your thoughts!!

Here are just a few photos of how our morning began!!! husband came home from work around 7:00ish - and said that there was a car parked in the parking lot.....Vicki Beeman (i hope i'm spelling her last name right!) had been parked since 6:45 AM!!! - to sign her and friends up!!! I took the kids to school, passed by the store around 7:45ish and saw three cars in the lot.....came back - saw five cars!!!! When I came in to the front of the store - this is what I saw....

Dana and Roeder sitting on a MATTRESS - in their JAMMIES in front of the store - Dana with her umbrella - to protect her from the sun - while on her LAPTOP!!!! (i wanted SO badly to put the one of Dana and her "booty" pressed to the window - but she has some photos of me that she could use - so I will keep those to myself!)

Then I look over and see them holding up these notes to the window.......CAN YOU BELIEVE THEY WOULD EVEN THINK OF HOLDING FLOSSY HOSTAGE!??! Of course the funniest thing of all - was the "oven mit" in honor of Keri!!! (she just HAD to be at work this AM!!)

After awhile - the natives started getting a little rest-less - begging to go the "potty" - stomping of the feet - DEMANDING entry!!! It was HILARIOUS!! We all had a great laugh!!! It's THESE people that MAKE this TIME in our LIVES - SO MEMORABLE!!! Thank you ladies SO much for your dedication - commitment and LOVE!!!

The rest is pretty much history - the lines were pretty deep for the first thirty minutes!!! Kristy and I ran the registers - Renee tackled the phone - and Sarah was there making sure we didn't OVER BOOK!!! ( : } ) Kelly was there for support and Martin came in to get some buttons!!! So, for the most part - ALL of us were there at some point - except for mom (debbie) - who had to work at her OTHER job today!! (and was THANKFUL she missed all the chaos!)

This photo was AFTER we were FULL - this is the look of satisfaction, relief and TERROR to answer ANY more phone calls today!!!!

(the shirt that I'm wearing - with the pink sleeves - is the NEWEST "Crop like a RockStar" tee!! It comes in RED and PINK and we're getting them VERY SOON!!)

THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!! We are so ready to start the preparations for our next GANZA event!!! It's an "80's" theme!! So, get ready!!!

If you called in to register for Crop*A*Ganza - don't forget to STILL fill out your registration form and either fax it in to us or mail it in!!! **********************************************************************************

Here's your WEEKLY challenge!!! Not taken out of "PLAY" this time - but never fear - MORE will come from that magazine - I don't have my copy here at home - so I will next week!! (I have more coming by the way!) But, I found this layout on a website and fell in love with it!!! LIFT it and let me see your variation of it!!! I've got a bag with YOUR name on it, for the first person to get me a picture or the actual layout!!!

We are still having our KIT SALE this week - we have a special table set up right in front of the register for our sale kits - making room for our NEW kits on the kit wall!! So, check them out next time you're in!!! 25% off!!! PLUS - Tuesday is DOUBLE PUNCH TUeSDay!!!!

ALSO - tomorrow (or today - depending on when you're reading this - TUESDAY!) kicks off our FIRST DIGI class!!! Get signed up!!! You can check out the newsletter that I sent out tonight - if you don't subscribe to them by clicking HERE!! and read all about it! You WILL WISH you signed up for this class - and we're not accepting LATE entries once the class has started!!! FOUR SPOTS REMAINING!!! Check out JANA'S BLOG for some fun tips, peeks and more info on this class! (I'm SO excited about this class - I cannot WAIT to alter my photos!) You will complete ONE 12x12 layout EACH class!! This is the first layout that we will complete tomorrow night!! (you can choose your own paper!) If you're signed up for this class - BRING A PHOTO either ON your laptop OR on a CD!!!

This is a pretty "decent" photo of Summer and I on Saturday at Scrap*Pink!! We had a GREAT time and I'm so blessed to be able to be around SO many talented and good hearted women!!! (yes I wore these feathers in my hair all weekend, and again today!! LOVING them!)

Okay - I'm sure there are LOTS and LOTS of other things that I'm forgetting to tell you - but if I don't get my chillin' to bed - its gonna be a ROUGH morning!!! more later!

you read that right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we have started a waiting list if you're wanting to get on - call us!!!