Thursday, October 4, 2007

okay - two posts in one night - it can happen!! i got to playing around with the photoshop pictures that i was working on and thought I'd share them. They're not MUCH - but i'm tickled that i did this in less than 2 hours!! the first time i tried photoshop i hated it cuz it took me forever to figure it out - it's pretty easy to navigate once you know a few basic principles!! i'm not ready for the next class though - wanna play a lot more before then - but i am feeling a little more excitement for this digital stuff!! it will NEVER replace the "hands on" part for me - and the sniffing of the product - but I see where some people are addicted to it!!!

This is the one i did for the class on tuesday of kord and sarah - i didn't finish the color on the 4 wheeler yet - but just had to show it off!

JANA - question for you - when wanting to add color back into a b&w photo - do you have to save the background copy in color first? is that why i couldn't add color onto his striped shirt???? does that make sense??
I remember trying to teach MYSELF how to journal on a picture - took me TWO hours - my butt was SO numb!!! Took jana 2 seconds to teach us!!! I think this is my favorite part of it all so far - although, do you notice the white "distressing" on the corners of the photo??? did that myself too!! jana taught us how to "diffuse" our photo!!!

Just wanted to share!! don't forget to read the posts from today below!