Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hello and Good morning to our LOYAL blog readers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How are you today!?!!?? Any flooding going on, after yesterdays AWESOME weather!! And, yes, if you read Sarah's blog - I was sitting at my desk LOVING EVERY SINGLE RAINDROP THAT I HEARD!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE that weather!!!

Anywhoo - this blog entry is about the GARAGE SALE that is going to be taking place here at the store NEXT WEEK!!!

IF you're interested in participating in our (INDOOR) Garage Sale, you need to have your stuff up here by SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!! YES, I extended the time for you to bring your goodies - cuz I'm working Saturday and will be able to process your "junk" that day!!! So, you still have time!!! $10.00 is all it's gonna "cost" ya to participate!!! Have it all priced and leave the rest to us!!! We're getting loads of calls about "how to price" and "what to price" - a price sticker of any kind would be sufficient - you do not need to put your NAME on anything - we'll get you a bar code that will be on all of your items. You should price things at your LOWEST dollar that you're willing to accept!!! We are not going to be negotiating pricing at the time of the sale, so price accordingly!!! YES, it is alright to bring "Close to My Heart" items - "Creative Memories" - as long as it is SCRAPBOOKING/STAMPING related - bring it ON!!! After the sale is over - you have until 5:00PM on FRIDAY to pick up what remaining items you have left - or they will be donated to our local schools!!!

You also need to let us know at the time of registration for the sale whether you'd like to receive 100% store credit or 70% cash back from the sale.

I'll post more FUN stuff later!! I've been SO BUSY playing with the new DIGITAL stuff that we've been learning that it's taken over my blog time! But, I'm anxious to post what I've been working on!!! So, more on that later!


Yami said...

No flooding out here....*finally*! We flooded a lot last winter....nearly lost my scrap room TWICE! It's been fixed and I'm much happier!!!
I love, Love, L-O-V-E the rain, too!!!

Kathy said...

Wish I could participate. Dang it! Didn't get my goodies ready in time. Will have to wait til next time. Thanks for doing this for everyone. GREAT idea!
See you soon.