Thursday, October 11, 2007

HOLY SMOKES!! Where has the week gone?!?!?! I'm here Theresa - just MIA!!! Thanks for your they still have the PINK FILE CABINETS???

Thank you SO much to all of you that wished me a Happy "BirTday" (as sarah and I say it!) I had a GREAT day - and have had a great week!! I am SO blessed and SO happy with my LIFE!!! I appreciate all the kind words, thoughts and well "wishers"!!

Okay - so, I'm sitting at my "other happy place" - BUX.....this is the place where I go to "get away" - head phones in - coffee and laptop at my side and WRITE the newsletters!!! But, thought I should inform our LOYAL blog readers first!!!

We're going to be having our FIRST ever Garage Sale at the "attic"!! If you have STUFF that you'd like to get rid of this if for you!!! We're going to have the crop room cleared out and reserved for the Garage sale - the 22nd through the 25th of this month!! I have NO idea how this will go over! We've talked with several other stores across the country that have had HUGE success with this - so we thought we'd give it a try!! IF it's successful - we'll be doing it more often - just gonna have to test it out!!! I, personally, have FOUR laundry baskets FULL of "stuff"!! I know the rest of the girls have stuff that they'd like to put in it as well!! We're going to also put some of our store stuff in it - at ROCK BOTTOM prices!!! Including some of our fixtures!!! BUT, we'd like to open it up to the public!!!

For a $10.00 entry fee - you can bring your "stuff" in!! It needs to be already priced and IN the store NO LATER than Friday the19th!! We will barcode your items for you - all you need to put on EACH item is a PRICE!! This needs to be your BOTTOM dollar - no negotiating is going to be "goin on"!!! We will handle everything else from there!! So, just think - you clear it out - price it - bring it in - drop it off - we set it up - and sell it ALL week long for you!!! Now - you have your choice - you can either get 70% cash BACK - OR 100% store credit for your items that SELL!!! What doesn't sell - you have until FRIDAY at 5:00PM to pick it up (b/c we have a crop that night and need the crop room!)

So, if you're interested - give the store a call and make your reservation of $ i said earlier - we have NO idea what to expect so work with us in the beginning!!!! You mUsT register for the Garage Sale - we cannot except items the DAY of the GARAGE SALE!!!

Okay - have to get back to the newsletter before school gets out!!! I'll post more - have some pics to post from my birTday!!!


Summer said...

DUDE I am syked for this!!! I don't really have anything to sell right now. BUT I am looking for things to buy for my scrapbook room like FIXTURES!!! I SOOOO need to see those!!!

thnsw said...

They still have pink file cabinets as of last night.

JennK said...

cool idea....i need to see if i have stuff to sell...

~BuzyKeriBee~ said...

OMG!!! This is too cool.... Where can you get the FILE CABINETS??? Just blog me... Those of you who wish to read my blog Click on my name and come and see.
I love the idea of the garage sale... this is too cool!!! I'll be calling!!!