Monday, October 1, 2007

This is a LONG one!! Grab a beverage and read along!

What a MONDAY!! What a WONDERFUL *PINK* Monday!!! WOW!!! I said that out loud ALL DAY LONG!! WWWOOOOWWW!!! I never, ever, EVER thought we'd sell out in ONE HOUR for Crop*A*Ganza - NEVER!! You guys really pulled through and just made us realize HOW much these crops are needed in this area!!! WOW!!!

We've started a waiting list - and believe it or not - last time - we filled about 5 from that list!! Including ONE on the actual DAY OF ganza!!! So, have some hope!!! It could happen again!!

Would there be interest in having these every three months or so? Is the need THERE? To fill 180 every three months - or would it be on a smaller scale?? Let us know your thoughts!!

Here are just a few photos of how our morning began!!! husband came home from work around 7:00ish - and said that there was a car parked in the parking lot.....Vicki Beeman (i hope i'm spelling her last name right!) had been parked since 6:45 AM!!! - to sign her and friends up!!! I took the kids to school, passed by the store around 7:45ish and saw three cars in the lot.....came back - saw five cars!!!! When I came in to the front of the store - this is what I saw....

Dana and Roeder sitting on a MATTRESS - in their JAMMIES in front of the store - Dana with her umbrella - to protect her from the sun - while on her LAPTOP!!!! (i wanted SO badly to put the one of Dana and her "booty" pressed to the window - but she has some photos of me that she could use - so I will keep those to myself!)

Then I look over and see them holding up these notes to the window.......CAN YOU BELIEVE THEY WOULD EVEN THINK OF HOLDING FLOSSY HOSTAGE!??! Of course the funniest thing of all - was the "oven mit" in honor of Keri!!! (she just HAD to be at work this AM!!)

After awhile - the natives started getting a little rest-less - begging to go the "potty" - stomping of the feet - DEMANDING entry!!! It was HILARIOUS!! We all had a great laugh!!! It's THESE people that MAKE this TIME in our LIVES - SO MEMORABLE!!! Thank you ladies SO much for your dedication - commitment and LOVE!!!

The rest is pretty much history - the lines were pretty deep for the first thirty minutes!!! Kristy and I ran the registers - Renee tackled the phone - and Sarah was there making sure we didn't OVER BOOK!!! ( : } ) Kelly was there for support and Martin came in to get some buttons!!! So, for the most part - ALL of us were there at some point - except for mom (debbie) - who had to work at her OTHER job today!! (and was THANKFUL she missed all the chaos!)

This photo was AFTER we were FULL - this is the look of satisfaction, relief and TERROR to answer ANY more phone calls today!!!!

(the shirt that I'm wearing - with the pink sleeves - is the NEWEST "Crop like a RockStar" tee!! It comes in RED and PINK and we're getting them VERY SOON!!)

THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!! We are so ready to start the preparations for our next GANZA event!!! It's an "80's" theme!! So, get ready!!!

If you called in to register for Crop*A*Ganza - don't forget to STILL fill out your registration form and either fax it in to us or mail it in!!! **********************************************************************************

Here's your WEEKLY challenge!!! Not taken out of "PLAY" this time - but never fear - MORE will come from that magazine - I don't have my copy here at home - so I will next week!! (I have more coming by the way!) But, I found this layout on a website and fell in love with it!!! LIFT it and let me see your variation of it!!! I've got a bag with YOUR name on it, for the first person to get me a picture or the actual layout!!!

We are still having our KIT SALE this week - we have a special table set up right in front of the register for our sale kits - making room for our NEW kits on the kit wall!! So, check them out next time you're in!!! 25% off!!! PLUS - Tuesday is DOUBLE PUNCH TUeSDay!!!!

ALSO - tomorrow (or today - depending on when you're reading this - TUESDAY!) kicks off our FIRST DIGI class!!! Get signed up!!! You can check out the newsletter that I sent out tonight - if you don't subscribe to them by clicking HERE!! and read all about it! You WILL WISH you signed up for this class - and we're not accepting LATE entries once the class has started!!! FOUR SPOTS REMAINING!!! Check out JANA'S BLOG for some fun tips, peeks and more info on this class! (I'm SO excited about this class - I cannot WAIT to alter my photos!) You will complete ONE 12x12 layout EACH class!! This is the first layout that we will complete tomorrow night!! (you can choose your own paper!) If you're signed up for this class - BRING A PHOTO either ON your laptop OR on a CD!!!

This is a pretty "decent" photo of Summer and I on Saturday at Scrap*Pink!! We had a GREAT time and I'm so blessed to be able to be around SO many talented and good hearted women!!! (yes I wore these feathers in my hair all weekend, and again today!! LOVING them!)

Okay - I'm sure there are LOTS and LOTS of other things that I'm forgetting to tell you - but if I don't get my chillin' to bed - its gonna be a ROUGH morning!!! more later!


jojo said...

Hi guys, just wanted to let you know that today is my birthday! It was complete because...1) I got into cropaganza and 2) I got to go to the attic (drove from Hutchinson). I can't think of a more perfect way to spend the afternoon of my birthday....oh well, of course I bought PAPER and that was the icing on the cake! Thanks for helping to make my day great!

cr8vimpressions said...

That is amazzzzzzzzzzzzing!! Just about as bad as getting tickets to a rock concert! WOW. You are right up there with the wii or i-phone --don't have either -- but me and my groupies do have a spot at CAG:)! Glad I called when I did -- whew!!! Who'd a thunk it would get this crazy. Next time you will have to hire security for crowd control. Maybe you should open up a call center -- like ticket master to handle the madness. Told you I didn't think quarterly crops were neccessary -- O.K., so you need to prove me WRONG!!! Either that or you'll have to move it to the Kansas Colliseum or something. Thank you ladies for all you do and feeding our hunger for these weekend crops!

Brynn said...

So-I didnt get into the Crop*A*Ganza craze-but I did complete the challenge!! Yea!! Its the first time Ive sewn on a page too! I intend to bring it in at opening.

Glad you all had a fun, and profitable weekend. Its great that you are contributing to the cause. .....makes me remember Page for the Pink kits and the lady in the picture.....

~*BuzyKeriBee*~ said...

WOW.. I am such an emotional person... This blog brought a tear to my eye... LORD... (blowing nose)
ANYWAY.. I too am soo excited about the 80 CAG... I think we should have crops like this as much as everyone can handle it..LOL What's money anyway... we make it.. we have it.. WHY NOT SPEND IT ON SOMETHING worth it... ;o) Happy birthday JOJO... that is tooo cool. Bryn huny.. WHAT? NO MASSAGES this time??? I am glad to see NO animals were hurt especially FLOSSY....I will have to introduce her to my "Pink Elephant" her name is Bubbles.... she will be at CAG as well... OK... GREAT JOB LADIES and I KNOW I CAN speak for all of the others that YOU.. SCRAPFUNATIC is the reason we are the way we are... If it wasn't for YOU ladies (and Rocky and Dad.. an anyone else I forgot) we would all be scattered and maybe passing here and there at other crops. With these crops like this, everyone knows everyone. It’s like a "FAMILY".. WE ARE all FAMILY and that is what makes this so special...
"Have you taken your happy pill yet you ask?" YES!!! heheheheheh I actually have.
HUGS to you all...

wild4scraps&stamps2 said...


Christy said...

So for those of us that are ON the waiting list...we need to have another weekend like scrap pink! I had SO much fun! I think you need to find a bigger place! In wichita! :o) Can't wait to hear about the NEXT crop!

mom2cms said...

I would love to see a crop every 3 months, and I don't think you would have any problems filling them up. We all need time away from our every days lives and you guys make that time so much fun.
Thanks for all you gals do!


Brynn said...

I AM MASSAGING! We're doing things different this time. I will be there, and Amy too, but I would have needed to get in to crop with the rest of ya! No worries-we'll keep you taken care of.

Anonymous said...

I am super excited about CAG!! I cannot wait to show off the Attic girls to my buds going with me... well only one was brave enough to spend a weekend with me and sticky tabs :) I'd have to agree with Keri, even though I'm not a big part of the family, the Attic makes it more like hanging with your fam than with a bunch of strangers!!
I think it would be awesome if you hosted CAG events more often!! I'd definitely be there... waiting for the door to open just to get a spot!