Friday, May 23, 2008


WHERE does ALL the *T*I*M*E* go!??!?! Do you ever feel that there HAS to be someone sitting up there with Father Time - just laughing while they're spinning the hands of the "MAIN CLOCK" faster and faster!! I feel that time has just been SUCKED out of all of my days this week!! I didn't get ALL that i wanted to accomplish done this week - but with the help of our wonderful attic gals - we sure did come close!!!

We've been busy spring cleaning and re-arranging and re-stocking and sprucing the store up for YOU!!! We've moved LOTS more into our clearance section too!!! We've also been busy working on our National Scrapbooking day sales!! Going on all day tomorrow - here's the low down!! (and you're the FIRST to know!)

*ALL Thickers - buy one - get one 1/2 off!
*ALL Cuttlebug dies and embossing folders - buy one - get one FREE!!!
*ALL (instock) Cricut Cartridges - $10.00 OFF!
*Bazzill Cardstock is buy TEN get FIVE free (from 9:00am - 1:00pm)
*Cats eye chalk and Stickles - buy 2 get 1 free (from 1:00-5:00pm)
*The first 20 people to cash out through the register will get a GOODIE BAG!! (and they are pretty darn good too!!!)
**don't forget to print your coupon from our newsletter too and bring it in with you!!! (visit our website for your coupon if you didn't receive our newsletter last night!)

We got in the NEW Fancy Pants Album - they are SUUUUPPPPPEEEERRRR cute!!!

*our sugar coated cardstock and the bobunny dot-dot cardstock are all back in stock! (amy - we're holding yours for u!)
*we got the EXTRA ENORMOUS new ribbon pullEZ purses in!! These things are HUGE!! You have to see them!!
*we got the Doodlebug embossed WHITE cardstock - soooo pretty!!!
*we got some fun new fonts and colors of thickers in today and yesterday!!!
*ohhh - we also got some FUN new die cut titles from Pam at Scrapbooks etc. in Topeka - they are SUPA cute as well!
While you're in - let Renee know how cute the "hanging ribbon" is!! This was a great idea she "lifted" from her favorite store in St. Louis!
Now - we're working out all the details for ganza - AND our 2 year anniversary celebration as well!! whew - busy busy!!! Don't forget we'll be closed on Monday for Memorial day - hope you all have a safe and happy holiday!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

So, our good friend SHANNON from Maple Memories asked us to post this for you!!! She has TWO spots that just opened up for their HOSTED WEEKEND!! DON'T MISS THIS!! It's FABULOUS!!!! Check this out!!!
There are only 2 spots left!!!
The cost is $130 and includes:- 48 hours of uninterrupted crop time (4 pm Fri - 4 pm Sun)- All meals, snacks, and beverages provided by Maple Memories (From Friday to Sunday)- Sleeping accommodations- TERRIFIC Prizes and make-n-takes.
Each guest will also receive a Gift Certificate towards a future stay at Maple Memories!!! - Lots of fun and new friends!!
This is the weekend crop you've been looking for!! It's a great opportunity for those of you that have been interested in a retreat weekend, but may not know enough other scrapbookers (or other paper crafters) to join you!! The owner is on-site during a Hosted Weekend. Make some time for yourself this year!!

What our guests have to say about Hosted Weekends:
"I've been to several weekend scrapbooking events and this was by far the best! Great food and great company." --Scrapbooker, Wichita, KS
"What a wonderful place!! The house, food, atmosphere and friends were all fabulous! And the bonus was we got tons done in our scrapbooks too!" --Scrapbooker, Belle Plaine, KS
"Thanks for a wonderfully fun and restfull weekend. You will be overrun with business! Beautiful job!" --Scrapbooker, Wichita, KS
What a fabulous, (working), relaxing weekend. I'll be back for sure." --Scrapbooker, Catherine, KS
Shannon Achilles
Maple Memories Craft House
McPherson, KS

Monday, May 19, 2008


All right already!!! SORRY!!! I know - i know - where have we been?!?! Well - grab a beverage and i'll tell ya (and show ya!) where we've been!!!

First of all - let me just say that we are SOOOOOOOO happy graduation is OVER!!! (at least in our neck of the woods!!) the last two weeks have been busy and VERY emotional!!! We've had all kinds of graduation projects goin' on!!! here are just a few of the pics from last week!!

I have to take a minute (again!) and brag on our girls!!! They have never backed down from a challenge!! They took on SOOO many projects last week and ROCKED em'!!! They embellished Graduation albums (from kindergarten through senior year!) - they did NUMEROUS senior memory boards!!! They created center pieces, guest books and card boxes for graduation parties!! They even created altered gifts to give to grads!! And - renee created these adorable note pads for a special someone today!! The picture didn't turn out very well - but these little tree's are adorable!!!

It was FULL, FUN AND EXHAUSTING!! But - they pulled it off and everyone left HAPPY and satisifed!!! It was sooooo emotional - seeing these mom's come in....they either had absolutely NO scrapbooking experience or did - but just didn't have the time or energy left to complete their projects....they had this look of desperation and fear on their face!! On top of all that - they were sad and happy for their grads!! It was a REAL reminder (for us anyway!) of how fast it all happens!! We took TWO lessons away from this last week.....1) - ENJOY your kiddos while you can!! and 2) START SCRAPBOOKING THOSE SCHOOL MEMORIES NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! :)

We've also been doing some spring cleaning around the store!!! I got the "itch" to clean and re-organize the store about a month ago - but just haven't found the know it takes me about one solid week to do all that work!!! So - Saturday - Krusty and I got at it!!! Come in and let us know what you think - no worries things are pretty much still in the same LOCATION - just jazzed things up a bit!!! I get realllllly bored looking at the same thing every day - so it's kinda like a whole new store!!! With Spring Cleaning - comes NEW items moved to our CLEARANCE section!! (oh - and our clearance section has moved too!!! it's now at the very BACK of the store!)

We FINALLY got our Glimmer Mist Display in today!! Renee was absolutely GIDDY!!! I had to get a pic. of her filling it today!!! That thing holds 72 colors of glimmer mist - and wouldn't you know it.....we have over 80 colors!!! But this display makes it SO much easier to locate the color you're looking for!! It's GREAT!!!

What else...OH!! The new Making Memories NoteWorthy Addie and Delaney line!! THEY are BOTH gorGEOUS!!! We got some more of the new HEIDI SWAPP merchandise in as well!!! We're swimming in Tool Totes of all sizes!! (thank you to my dear hubby for hanging the new hooks on the back wall for those bags!)

Here's the picture of the two layouts you will complete for Renee's FIRST "What Matters Most" class beginning in june - she PROMISES to have pictures for these by the end of the week!! I will re-post them when they are complete!!!
Sarah has been busy gearing up for Ganza - that is in ALMOST ONE MONTH!!! I'm getting with Christie this week to finish the design for the back of the shirt and complete the goodie bag selection as well!!!

On a personal note - i had visited with some of you at the store about the layouts i worked on while at Maple Memories.......long story short - i didn't have Internet access while i was there - therefore my idea of printing my own pictures from shutterfly didn't pan out!!! Sooooo, i had to upload them BACK to my hard drive in order to have them to print out myself (on my new 12x12 printer - which I AM IN LOVE WITH!).....well - shutterfly only RE-uploads them back to you at a very low resolution - meaning they were very blurry when enlarged bigger than a 4x4 square!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, thank GOODNESS for my PAGEMAPS sketches- i recreated (scrap lifted!) several layouts using LOTS of littlER pictures on a page!! Just wanted to share with you how I was still able to scrapbook my pictures - not waste my entire weekend and turned out with some pretty good layouts!!! I actually really liked it better - i was able to complete 16 pages - when normally it would have taken me at least 32 pages with all the pictures in 4x6 sizes!!!! So - this is just a sampling of some of those layouts - hopefully giving SOME of you some inspiration!!! THESE PICTURES HAVE NOT BEEN ALTERED!!! I DIDN'T CROP THEM EITHER!!! Just so you know - i wanted to just get the blog updated tonight and if i would have stopped to edit them I'd STILL be editing them!!!! :)


LOVE me some Fancy Pants FELT!

Stickles and Thickers - like Chocolate and Vanilla - they are perfect together!!

I am LOVING bunching my ribbon!

okay - do you "get" the "O"?!?! Do the pictures make sense as to why i did the "O" like that?!

Journaling ON my pages - thank you so much to JANA!!

Have i mentioned how much i LOVE fancy pants FELT pieces!?!?

i'm loving this FELT FUSION from Queen & FUN!

Okay - so that's it in a nutshell!!! On top of all that - i saw IRONMAN (the movie!) - HIGHLY recommend it!! It was AWESOME!! I LOVED IT!!! :) Thanks for missing us, thanks for checking in on us, and thanks for taking the time to read our posts!!! We love you guys and are sooooo glad you are HERE!!! Have a great week!! HAPPY SUMMER!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

We hope you get to ENJOY the entire day - doing whatever you please!!!!
we will!!....the store will be closed today so that we can ALL spend the day with our families!!!
Have a terrific day!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008



Well, we survived Maple Memories!!! In one word - it was


I have NOT ONE complaint!! (i can't say that i've ever said that!!) It was PERFECTION!!!!


Unfortunately i didn't get any photos!! :( - I KNOW!!! I was SO caught up in everything when we first arrived that I didn't even THINK about taking pictures - we toured the house - unpacked and the rest was history!!! Mom was under the weather most of the weekend - but she still managed to complete SIXTEEN pages!! There was a small group of us that went - and it was NICE!! We all had a great time!!! I felt so relaxed and rejuvenated when we came back!!! It was different than going to an organized crop!! Mom and I went up a day early - we had booked a half day at a local spa - Creative Hairlines ( - so we arrived around 7:00ish on Thursday evening - ate some dinner at a local deli - delish!! Then we went back to the house and kinda unpacked our crop stuff - then turned in early for bed.....woke up Friday morning for our 9:00 am spa appointment - we were able to WALK to the spa - it was only two blocks from the house!!! We had an ABSOLUTELY fabulous experience at this spa!! They took SUCH good care of us!! We had facials, full body massages, pedicures and manicures!!! We spent the entire day with NO MAKEUP on!! (i personally LOVE those days!! - anyone else?!?!) - we were finished around 2:00ish - and walked up town to eat lunch - and do a little shopping - then spent the rest of the afternoon scrappin!! (mom took a much needed nap - with NO GUILT!!!) The rest of the group (minus a couple!) arrived later that night and we had dinner at a fabulous Italian rest!! It was DE-VINE!!!! We stayed up SUPER late and slept in!! Did a little bit more shopping on Saturday - but over all had a very nice weekend!!! :) I would HIGHLY - HIGHLY recommend Maple Memories!! Shannon (with a little help from her family!) have EXCEEDED our expectations!! You will NOT be disappointed if you book a week or weekend with her!! You have the entire house to yourself and it was just AWeSOMe!!!! Here's her website again if you're interested!!! Thank you Shannon for extending a special weekend for us "cupcakes" - we thoroughly enjoyed EVERY minute of it!!

Ok - on to store stuff!!! We have rece'd some new stuff in!!! The American Crafts Corduroy albums are here - LOVE THESE!! They are D-ring and wonderful!!! We also got a huge order from Colorbox albums as well - so our album inventory is FULL!!!!! We got our first Stampendous order!! We have decided to try these stamps, stickers and pails out - we'll see how well they do!! They really are cute - Kristy is working on a little something for display right now - and i'm hoping to get one or two made for Teacher Appreciation week!!! (the pails are clear!!) Our Epson inventory is restocked - we are now carrying printing ink for the R1900 printer too!!! We got in some cute little chipboard books from EK - CUPCAKES and CASTLES!!!! OHHH - we have some new totes too!! These are really cute too!!! We're also going to try and sell some new Digital Discs that are being offered from Epson!! We've restocked the Fancy Pants!! It went REALLY fast the first time!! LOTM for May is officially SOLD OUT!!! It went really fast!!! (sorry I'm many thoughts - slow fingers and sooo little time!)
I'm hoping you all had a great MAY DAY - and please have a WONDERFUL MOTHERS DAY - we will be closed on Mothers Day - so enjoy your weekend!!!