Tuesday, May 6, 2008



Well, we survived Maple Memories!!! In one word - it was


I have NOT ONE complaint!! (i can't say that i've ever said that!!) It was PERFECTION!!!!


Unfortunately i didn't get any photos!! :( - I KNOW!!! I was SO caught up in everything when we first arrived that I didn't even THINK about taking pictures - we toured the house - unpacked and the rest was history!!! Mom was under the weather most of the weekend - but she still managed to complete SIXTEEN pages!! There was a small group of us that went - and it was NICE!! We all had a great time!!! I felt so relaxed and rejuvenated when we came back!!! It was different than going to an organized crop!! Mom and I went up a day early - we had booked a half day at a local spa - Creative Hairlines (http://www.creativehairlines.com/) - so we arrived around 7:00ish on Thursday evening - ate some dinner at a local deli - delish!! Then we went back to the house and kinda unpacked our crop stuff - then turned in early for bed.....woke up Friday morning for our 9:00 am spa appointment - we were able to WALK to the spa - it was only two blocks from the house!!! We had an ABSOLUTELY fabulous experience at this spa!! They took SUCH good care of us!! We had facials, full body massages, pedicures and manicures!!! We spent the entire day with NO MAKEUP on!! (i personally LOVE those days!! - anyone else?!?!) - we were finished around 2:00ish - and walked up town to eat lunch - and do a little shopping - then spent the rest of the afternoon scrappin!! (mom took a much needed nap - with NO GUILT!!!) The rest of the group (minus a couple!) arrived later that night and we had dinner at a fabulous Italian rest!! It was DE-VINE!!!! We stayed up SUPER late and slept in!! Did a little bit more shopping on Saturday - but over all had a very nice weekend!!! :) I would HIGHLY - HIGHLY recommend Maple Memories!! Shannon (with a little help from her family!) have EXCEEDED our expectations!! You will NOT be disappointed if you book a week or weekend with her!! You have the entire house to yourself and it was just AWeSOMe!!!! Here's her website again if you're interested!!! http://maplememories.com/default.aspx Thank you Shannon for extending a special weekend for us "cupcakes" - we thoroughly enjoyed EVERY minute of it!!

Ok - on to store stuff!!! We have rece'd some new stuff in!!! The American Crafts Corduroy albums are here - LOVE THESE!! They are D-ring and wonderful!!! We also got a huge order from Colorbox albums as well - so our album inventory is FULL!!!!! We got our first Stampendous order!! We have decided to try these stamps, stickers and pails out - we'll see how well they do!! They really are cute - Kristy is working on a little something for display right now - and i'm hoping to get one or two made for Teacher Appreciation week!!! (the pails are clear!!) Our Epson inventory is restocked - we are now carrying printing ink for the R1900 printer too!!! We got in some cute little chipboard books from EK - CUPCAKES and CASTLES!!!! OHHH - we have some new totes too!! These are really cute too!!! We're also going to try and sell some new Digital Discs that are being offered from Epson!! We've restocked the Fancy Pants!! It went REALLY fast the first time!! LOTM for May is officially SOLD OUT!!! It went really fast!!! (sorry I'm rambling......so many thoughts - slow fingers and sooo little time!)
I'm hoping you all had a great MAY DAY - and please have a WONDERFUL MOTHERS DAY - we will be closed on Mothers Day - so enjoy your weekend!!!


heather~dawn said...

CRAP! I didn't realize the cupcake board books were in! Oh well, guess I will have to get one Friday!!

JennK said...

OHHHHH cupcake book....I didnt see that!!! I need one too....

Michielle said...

Sooo glad that you had a great time at the retreat!! (sorry that your Mom was under the weather). Glad that you're back!!! Hope you have a great weekend!!