Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Promotion!! :)

Okay - with all the NEGATIVITY in today's economic market....we thought we'd share some POSITIVE news with all of ya'll!!!

As you may or may not (and if not, shame on you!) but "we" (Scrap*Funattic) have had a very successful THREE years (coming up on 3 years!). However, there is NO way we could have been AS successful without (well, without a TON of factors,,,,,YOU, wonderful employees, supportive family, YOU, oh and YOU!)....however, we'd like to take a minute to focus on ONE PERSON that has contributed GREATLY to our success!!!!

The one, The only, BABS BROWN!!!! Also known as, Renee-nee, or Renee Brown!!! let's recap exactly WHAT "Brown" has done for us!!!

**works well in just about ANY situation, screaming girl scouts, grumpy senior boys, scared senior moms, blushing brides, frantic mother in laws, dazed new moms.....you name it!! She can create a "Peach" for your scrapbook page, fuzzy and all!!! She can concoct the most believable ice skate, complete with laces!!! There is no task she isn't willing to take on!!!

**she has NEVER once been late, NEVER not ONCE!!!! She has NEVER called in sick....NOPE!!! (and renee that "one sunday" doesn't count!)

**she LOVES to clean the bathroom....not real crazy about vacuuming, but does it anyway!!!
**she will even continue to sort buttons from an estate sale, even AFTER she has found a HUMAN TOOTH among them!!!

**she has amazing talent, patience and creativity!! We are soooo incredibly lucky to have her!!!

So, all that being said........we'd like to share with you....our first ever Scrap*Funattic Assistant Manager!!!! However, we like to call her our "Ass. Man!"!!! muuuahhhh hhaaaahhhaaa!!!!!

Congratulate her when you're in next time!!!

ps) tuesday croppers....you happy now?!?! :) ha ha!

....and ONE of the wonderful things about renee-nee is that she won't mind at ALL that i used THIS picture for THIS post!!! :)