Thursday, August 23, 2007

Okay - earlier I mentioned that I would get the "DL" on the Heidi issues with Big Picture Scrapbooking.....I haven't been taking the class with the rest of the group - I'm a "tad" my lovely Kristy (thank you so much my dear!) researched it for me.....apparently - in a nutshell there are SOME people in the class that are not happy - as you read below.........

(this is from Kristy):.......It was sent to the BPS Heidi class after they complained about getting very old product in this quarters kit, ghost clocks 4 packs, credit cards, old stamps things that most all of them already owned. I think the tone of the email was dismissive on SJ part, like so what, be glad we let you take the class. It only cost you 300.00 the whole thing is posted at the smack blog... here is the content with email adds removed:

(this is the email that was sent out from Stacy Julian - apparently only intended internally - and was sent "reply to all"!?! oopsies!!):....."I'm am not familiar with the original "concern" but I think you Paula have done an excellent job of responding point by point. I think this workshop is slowly weeding out people bent on being unhappy at any cost (personal opinion here) and I just want to go on the record with a great big Thank YOU to Heidi, to Advantus and to everyone that is making this course happen. We are doing something here that has never been done and I personally think that rocks. I'd much rather take risks and try new things that do what's safe and likely not "change" anyone or anything. so there. sj"

Okay - now - I just want to say (not that ANYONE cares what Steffanie Thompson in po-dunk KS thinks......but still - I paid my $300.00 just like everyone else!).....I have not stayed "current" with the class like some of the crazies out there that have time for this stuff!! (it's easier to call them crazies, cuz then I feel a little more normal being so CRAZY right now)!!!!.....But, I am "satisfied", I guess with the class. I love Heidi......I'm not taking this class to get FREE STUFF!!! I am taking this class to learn more about Heidi Swapp,to learn more about how she "thinks", "works", "designs", where she gets her inspiration, and quite honestly - how she stays SO SUPA organized with FIFTEEN kids!!!! So, I feel that those people that have been so "rude" to Heidi - are not being fair! We are ALL HUMAN!! She has a LOT going on in her life right now - HELLOOOOOO she's moving to CHINA for goodness sake - she HAS TWO CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF ONE!! (well, Capri JUST turned ONE!) can't we all just GET ALONG!?!

Sorry- off the soap box!! I just feel sometimes that people are just too quick to think that EVERYONE owes THEM something?!?! Sorry!! Have a wonderful day - and if you get a minute - check out Heidi's blog - and lets all pray for her -wow, it's amazing that she's still getting out of bed every day!!!! What would YOU do in her shoes!?!

******* just an FYI - I have NOT had time to blog about this TODAY - I typed it last night, knowing I would be SSWWAAMMPPED today!! And I have been!!! Guess what all came in today!?!!........................................AMM totes - ALL our BAZziLLLL finally!!! Lots of stuff we've been out of for a while........but we got some NEW buttons!?!?.........ALL of our OPEN UP ALBUMS from Melissa Frances came today!!AND some new ones!!!....yes, we're bringing ALL of it to GANZA!?!?.............................................AND....drum roll PLEASE?!! GLITZ arrived today!! HOORRAYYYY!!! (Jodi - I put the create-a-card cd in your box in the employee room, next time you're out!!)...................and the scrapbook trends september issues came - both cards, magazine and the holiday idea book!! okay- i gotta pick up the kiddos and then i'm off the "wild wild best western"!?!?!!?!! Talk at cha later!!


jodie said...

Okay...I'm sooo jealous that I'm not able to join you guys at Ganza this year!! Your posts have been so hilarious and I know it's going to be a BLAST!! I'm going to be cropping in my basement tomorrow night right along with you..hello...tons of cards to finish for World Card Ipod is ready & so are my snacks!!

aday said...

I want some of that glitz on me!