Monday, August 20, 2007

Good morning!! I know, I know - I left ya'll hanging!! SO SORRY about that!! Truth be told, spent TOO much time and money at Target!!! Came home - RAN through the night time routine, you know - cereal for dinner at 8:00pm - baths at 8:30 and BED by 8:45!! It CAN be done!!! Then I proceeded to spend the REST of the night "playing" with all of my scrapbook "crap"!!! ( i know i shouldn't say that - but after EIGHT hours of "playing" it became CRAP to me!!!)......I also was up till 2:00AM watching my new sinful addiction - that new VH1 reality show with Brett Michaels?!?! HEEELLOOOO!! When you want to feel smarter than the "average" person - watch that show!!! I couldn't turn it off!!! So, needless to say - I overslept this morning - but got the kids up - more cereal and off to school!! ha ha!! So, sorry I left you all hanging - I'm sure you were checking the blog every five minutes WAITING on my update!!!

But, here's what I got for Ganza, for myself, at favorite candies.......can't scrapbook - productively - without them!!! My jelly bellies - which I ONLY eat at a crop (for some reason!) helps me get my mojo back!!! And, FINALLY - I bought myself a PINK IPOD NANO!! Been wanting one FOREVER, had a shuffle - just wasn't ENOUGH space for all my, now I have hours and hours of tunes to get me through the weekend!!! Did you see the pretty pink blingy house that it lives in?!? AND, the PINK headphones?!?! Gotta love those - they will DEFINITELY ensure that I have a PRODUCTIVE crop!!!

Okay - lets get RIGHT down to's a list that is ongoing that I have compiled just from my personal experience(s) at don't wanna forget these things!!!!
***your slippers!!!
***a larger trash can or your "tag along" - thats the cupholder with the trash can attached to it! ( i always bring my black plastic trash can with me - it cuts down trips to the big trash can to dump my little trash bag!)

***Lamp.....whether you have an ott light or an ipod lamp - you'll want to bring it!!! That's one of very few downfalls of having it at the Best Western...the lighting is not the greatest. So, if you have one - bring it - if you need one - we do carry the ott lights!!!

***MUSIC!! Yep, this year you're gonna need to bring your own music!! The number of complaints last year about the music was tooooo much to compete with this year!!! I downloaded over $200.00 worth of music last year onto my ipod, and played it on our sound system for all of us to enjoy and we had more complaints than I wish to hear about this year!!! So, whether you want to bring your headset and listen to your own music - or bring a radio - or we have an ipod lamp. Got it on ebay - you hook up your ipod through it and it comes through some speakers!! PLUS its a lamp!!!! BUT, please - if you're going to listen to your music out loud.....please be considerate of others around you!! So, for example - would want to listen to your Marilyn Manson and Eminem on your HEADPHONES!!! ha ha!! :)

***Punches!! I know this is random - but I remembered that I forgot to pack my circle punch - so don't forget your punches!!

***Seat cushion!!! Whether you're going all out and purchasing a Komfy Cushion or have a seat cushion of your might wanna pack it!! Your tooshie can get a little sore sitting for so long!!!

***Ribbon Iron!! Yes, I do use my ribbon iron - so you can borrow mine if you forget yours!
***TV Tray!! Okay - a few crops ago - I was called a "red neck" because we have TV Trays at our house!! WHATEVER!! I can NOT crop without at least ONE of my tv trays - two is PERFECT!! But, you don't have a TON of space - so if you can spare enough room for a tv tray - that makes a little extra table space for you!!!

***Laptop!! I always do my journaling on my laptop. You can also store your sketches on there - so you don't want to forget that!!!

***Sewing machine!!! YEP, it's been "broughten" before!!!

Okay - that's your first list - each day I'm sure we'll add more!! Laurie has sent me her list!! And she always has some ROCKIN stuff that you might not have thought of!! So, I'll post that later on!!!

As I type this - Sarah and Hayden are stuffing the "table treats"!! So, I thought I'd post this picture for your entertainment!! Don't worry - we're not letting him "double dip"!!!

K - we're getting some calls to the store about food and the hospitality room!! I will post more about this in detail later on - but YES, we do have a hospitality room - there will be snacks, soda and food that is included in your crop fee. So, Sarah will post more about that later.

OUTLETS - YES, we do supply each table with an outlet!!! If you can bring an extension chord - just in case - that would be BEST! We have some - but last year we were short - so if you have one - bring it!! But, yes, each table gets TWO (i think - i'll check with dad on that one!) outlets - so your cricut - lamp - music - etc!! If you're with a group - it would be best to plan together!! So, you can make the most out of your space!!!

Okay - FINALLY - your challenge for the week!!! Ummmmmm, this is by the seat of my pants - cuz the sketch I wanted to use is on my husbands laptop - darn it!!!
I LOVE the stitching and and the blocks of paper piecing!! So, its simple -for those of you that don't have time to sit and scrap one of our challenges!! I can't wait to see what you have!! Bring it in or email it to me at!! I can't wait!! More posts later!!


Lan said...

Yummy! Those are some of my favorite snack candies too. I can feel the excitement in your posts, wish I could join you guys this year. Next year for sure.

3divasmommie said...

I LOVE YOUR PINK NANO!!!! Hey you were jammin' to my hump for the 100th time too!! Thanks for reminding me about my IPOD lamp. It is supa' fab!!

B-squared said...

don't worry steff -- i already downloaded a ton of oak ridge boys on my palm pilot so you will have some GOOD music to scrap too!

just please no more HSM2 songs! sometimes having a DV-R is NOT a good thing...

aday said...

I am soo jealous I havent invested in an IPod and I guess I should but gosh!

Liz S said...

Do we just get to dive into that bucket of M&M's, LOL. I'm really excited about Ganza, but am sssssoooo not ready.

Alicia, you're too frugal for an ipod, LOL.

aday said...

I KNOW!! Its ok you can call me frugal and cheap but not trashy, ok maybe that too :)

Sheryl said...

I wish I was going too! next time. I've been moving my daughter into her college dorm, talk about needing prayers!!! Now we have an empty nest and are wondering what to do when no piles of stuff appear on the living room floor overnight. Magic I guess!

aday said...

Sheryl we call those the ghost animals in our house. The previous owner was a big game hunter and kept all his trophy heads in the basement.

aday said...

OK I need a new post and a sneak peak PUHLEASE!!