Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Okay - I have to say real quick - if you're new to our "blog stalking" - then you need to read down a few entries - cuz I've been on a ROLL lately and have been posting like twice a day - so I don't want you to miss anything!!!

I was logging on tonight to exclamate my WONDERFUL excitement and post a photo of my PACKED scrapbook junk and how I'm SO excited that I'm packed and ready to GOOOOO!!! I am soooooo excited about how well I've planned this out!!! So, I go to Renee's blog while I'm waiting on my photos to upload......and on her blog - she has HER photo of HER stuff posted!!! How wierd is that!?!?! So, anyway - here's the photo - it's official - I'm READY for Crop*A*Ganza!!! I know it looks like a LOT of stuff - but I have DOWN SCALED TREMENDOUSLY!!! Ask the ladies at Crop Camp - it SERIOUSLY took me at LEAST SIX trips in and out to get my stuff UNLOADED!!! But, my goal is to come back with LESS!!! Cuz, I'll have my page kits completed and put away in my albums and my bags will get packed INTO my rolling bags!!! (all I need to pack in my overnight back are two of my FAVORITE pairs of CROP CAMP sweat pants, toothbrush - Ganza shirts.....oh - and my slippers!!!)

But, while I was packing, I cleaned out my tool tote - you know - the thing that you NEVER leave without - I had THREE paper piercers, TWO staplers, THREE bottles of zip dry, FOUR paper piercers and SEVEN Scrap*Funattic pens!!!!!! HELLO!??!

Okay - don't forget these things: Phone charger, Camera charger, Memory cards, chapstick/lip gloss, favorite gum or mints..........album extenders and page protectors. These were just a few of the things that I remembered while packing!!!

Here's a photo of Sarah - FINALLY finishing up these @#(*(#* GLITTERY signs!! She looks a little crazy here doesn't she?!?! (you ain't seen NOTHIN yet!)

And these were just a few things that are REALLY making me happy tonight!!! (and I like being happy!) :)


Summer said...

OMG you are sooo ready to go that is awesome!!! The sign looks amazing! So much fun!!

B-squared said...

it's not #$%^@^ glitter steffikins -- it's pixie dust left by the scrapbooking fairies!

aday said...

OOOH Those are *%^&$ sweet as EVAH!!
I have my pile all ready as well. Just have a few panties to pack and I am loading the car tonight!!

I couldnt be more proud of everyone who packed page kits and did some organizing before hand.


SMyers said...

Seriously?! I am not THAT big of a dork... If only I had the camera on Steffanie so you all could see what SHE looks like! MISSION: Take silly pictures of Steffanie and post them on here! YAY!!!!