Wednesday, August 15, 2007

(this photo is of my YOUNGEST son - Hayden.....he INSISTS on carrying his NEW back pack everywhere we go - even though he doesn't go to pre-school until AFTER Labor day!!! But I bought him this shirt - and had to share!)

Okay - so it's 9:00pm on Wednesday night and I'm soooo dreading tomorrow morning. Is that terrible of me!?! I'm SO excited for Kord to start new friends, learn how to ADD and SUBTRACT, learn how to socialize and learn how to BEHAVE!!! Get smarter and wiser.......but I'm also so dreading it!!! I was asked today why I was so "worried" about all of this. Well, I think the TRUTH of the matter is - I'm a CONTROL freak!!! Or, as I like to put it....."I'm not controlling - I just have better ideas!" I don't like to think of my son, out there "all alone in the world"!! That's pretty much how I'm feeling right now! YES, I do realize that THIS is not a PERSONAL blog - this is a SCRAPBOOKING blog - BUT...I'M HUMAN!! So, forgive me this one time while I vent my sadness and worries to you - my BLOG STALKERS!!! ha ha!!!

There is just something about "school" in general that makes me un-easy. But, that is an entire SESSION that you would have to bill me for!! I just pray that God keeps Kord's "core" and soul untouched by the outside world!! He's not perfect, by ANY means, but he has such a sweet - innocense (i know that's not spelled right - but i'm not in the mood :) !!) about him - such a warm, empathetic, patient spirit and I don't want him to change!! So, just pray for HIM!! As a matter of fact - can we all just take a minute and pray for ALL the kiddos going back to school this week?!?! That would be AWESOME!!!

Okay - enough - back to scrapbooking........I took a few pics from the store today to show you what we'd been up to!! All of our wonderful, talented, amazing instructors and employees were to make a "bio" board of themselves - using their favorite products - we FINALLY got them hung EVENLY!! So, be sure to check them out next time you're in the store!! They are SO wonderful!! I love the extra added "home-iness" that they add to the "attic"!!!

AND, here's another teaser for you Ganza "goers"!!! First I have to say - I LOVE PAM GIES!!! She runs Scrapbooks Etc. in Topeka - LOVE HER!! I finally got to meet her last month on our way to KC - and she is just as sweet and charming in person as I had imagined her to be!! We get all of our custom school and other die cuts from her. Yes, we could take the time to cut our own die cuts.......but they would NOT COMPARE to hers!!! I asked her to "whip" something up for our goodie bags - with our Vegas theme.......I AM IN LOVE WITH THESE!!! PLUS, they are BLING-y!!! So, you have that to look forward to!!!

Hubby and I unloaded a TRUCK load FULL of goodies for Ganza this afternoon - the goodie bags are gonna ROCK, ONCE again!!!

If you're looking to getting more organized before ganza - you're gonna want to plan a trip to the store - we're having a sale in honor of Crop*A*Ganza preparations, so be looking for that!!!

OKay - my novel is over now!!! I'll post "the day of 1st grade" tomorrow!!!

PS - the fact that we had TEN comments on the blog today - REALLY made me SMILE!! THANK YOU LADIES!!! I am SOOOOOOOO appreciating your friendship!!! And for those of you who read it faithfully, but DON'T comment - I appreciate you too!!!!


*Chelle* said...

Oh, bless your heart Steff!! You're such a good and caring mommy!!

The bio's of you all look great and I can't wait to see them irl!! That little peek of the Ganza diecut is too cute!!!

Love it and keep it coming!!!:)

aday said...

Those die cuts ROCK!! I am officially packed with page kits and ready to go!! I am soo excited I cannot stand it we will be there at 4 just waiting to get in are you sure you all are ready for us Crop Camp Cuties??

Liz S said...

Hi Steff,

I love everything. Can't wait to see the rest of the stuff.

I am soooo not ready yet, still gotta pack everything.


Expressions by Jenn said...

Those bio's look awesome...I will have to check them out on my lunch...

ashliwolf said...

what a CUTE store! Where did that MOMMY shirt come from..have to have! Y'all rock!