Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hi again!! I know - two in one night - but I thought of some other things.

DON'T FORGET your sheets, or table covers. If you'd like to "cover" your table at night while you're away - that is the best way to do so!! Also - those of you bringing things that need to be plugged in.....if you think about it - bring a 3 prong adapter. We have some - but not enough for EVERY table!! I bought one at Target (the happiest place - blah blah blah!) :) - it was less than 4.00!!

Rooms - for those of you staying at the hotel. I was told today, that you can call Best Western after 4:00 on Thursday to "reserve" your room. Some of you were concerned that you wouldn't get a room of your choice - so Best Western is saying they'll have room reservations ready to assign by Thursday AFTER 4:00!! (LouAnn - this is for you and Jaki!)

This is very random - but did you all know that Heidi is moving to Bejing China!??! HELLO!?!? CHINA!?!?!? :( I KNOW!! SAD!!

Okay - back to Ganza!! If you were missing some specific colors from Bazzill cardstock - we should have our shipment on FRIDAY and all of our colors BACK in stock - so give us a call and we'll bring it with us!!

Also - check Renee's blog tomorrow - she's selling something that I'm SURE someone is DYING to have!!!! (you have to keep checking back, cuz I'm not sure how soon she's gonna post it!)

Hospitality Room - okay - we have a hospitality room!! NICE I KNOW!! There are snacks, soda and water there that are included in your fee!! Here's the low down for your information......included in your ganza registration fee is lunch on Saturday - dinner on Saturday and lunch on Sunday - THREE meals. AND snacks/soda/water. Breakfast is on your own - if you're staying at the hotel - they give you breakfast tickets when you check in - MAKE SURE YOU GET THEM when you check in.....those get you free breakfast in the rest. inside the hotel. (we will have some muffins for those of you just wanting something small). Dinner Friday night- on your own! I'm thinking Cracker Barrell??!!....okay - here's the difference from last year.......you will receive your name badge when you check in....KEEP THAT WITH YOU!! When it's time to eat - you will need to have your NAME BADGE so that we can punch you for that, as well as EIGHT drink punches! Once you have used your EIGHT drink punches - you can purchase water and soda from the hospitality room for .50!!

BLOGS!! For those of you that aren't able to attend Ganza this summer - you can check out our blog - Jana's blog and Renee's blog - we are going to be having "LIVE BLOG REMOTES" from ganza - so that you can crop with us!! It'll be just like you're there with us!!! We don't want anyone to feel left out!!!! So, check those out too!!!

OKay - that's enough for tonight - sorry it's so random - just "spitting" it out as it enters my lil brain!!! Toodles - sleep good!! HA! :}


3divasmommie said...

CHINA?!? What the heck? Thats so far away....

3divasmommie said...

hey steff....check out my blog!!!

B-squared said...

don't forget your cameras either! cuz you know with a roomful of women, anything can happen and you may need photographic proof for blackmail (ahem, I mean scrapbooking) purposes!

two days and counting!


aday said...

TOTALLY saw about Heidi on 2Peas on a highjack post. That seems soo soon SEPTEMBER!! hello!!

Steff & the gang!!! said...

DUDE - whats a HIGHJACK post?!?! DUH! - feel out of it?!

aday said...

A big HUGE drama filled post about the incident with Stacy J and the year to remember Heidi class girls and a reply to an email from Stacy J that she did a reply ALL and shouldnt have. MAJOR DRAMA So someone posted what Heidi posted on another board. Its called a hijack because Heidi didnt really post it on 2 Peas