Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Scraproom Prize Give Away!!!

I am OBSESSED with bunting now (and have been for years) ESPECIALLY because it is sooo trendy!!  I went a LOOKIN for a cute pic for today's post and this one (source) Shouted my Name!  And when I clicked on it the person was named Attic24!  How perfect is thaaat?  Don't you just love those little quinky dinks of life??!!?!  I do!  What is all of this fanfare about, are you asking???  Well, I have FINALLY drawn a name for a SWEET Attic prize for our Scraproom Pictures submission contest.  Thank you to ALL who participated (in fact I have more coming!  YAY!).  I will do another drawing the end of next week- so keep 'em coming laTies (as my Crosby would say!).  Remember this is NOT a competition, but a RANDOM drawing...send one picture of your crop space, closet, bag, WHATEVS! to me at and you will officially be entered to WIN!! 

***Oh and this JUST will get FIVE entries into next week's contest if you send me a VIDEO of your space!!!***

This time's WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER is................

Tiffany "Beyonce" Pettit!!!!!

Congratulations Tiff you are ONE lucky ATTIC CHICK!!!

There will be a prize at the store with your name on it next time you are in town!!  besosbesos, dc


Tiffany said...

WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!! Thanks Curtis and the ladies at the Attic!

JennK said...

Can we re-enter each time?